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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: Amy00Good

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Powerpoint on healthy tailgating strategies

TAILGATING: THE HEALTHY WAY Presentation By: Melissa Henehan and Amy Good

One of the highlights of fall weekends is football, and a big part of football is tailgating. -- So load up the cooler, pack the picnic basket and get ready for an afternoon of food, drink and football!

Statistics      More than 20 million Americans tailgated in a stadium parking lot in 2006 – with some studies suggesting the number to be closer to 50 million. Source: American Tailgaters Association (ATA) and Sports Insight Magazine, November 2006. 30% of tailgaters never see the inside of the stadium. Source: ATA. The number of sports fans who regularly tailgate has risen 12 percent annually during the past five years. Source: ATA. According to the American Dietetic Association, the average sports fan partakes in tailgating five times during a football season. 90% and 100% of tailgating involves some sort of grilling and beverage consumption, respectively. Source: Sports Insight Magazine, November 2006.

Popular Tailgating Foods/Beverages       Chili Potato Salad Chips and Dip Chicken Wings Beer Pop

Fun Fact: **For every 3500 calories consumed, 1 pound is gained! **If we eat 500 calories per day above our maintenance levels, we’re on track to gain a steady one-pound of fat each week.

Its safe to assume, when tailgating… - - … we are consuming more calories from food and beverages, food choices are poor, etc. -- HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO TAILGATE THE HEALTHY WAY

Tips For Your Tailgating Party…  Healthy Appetizers: Tortilla roll-ups made with flour tortillas that are filled with lettuce, salsa, refried beans and low-fat cheese.  Hummus with pita chips or a yogurt veggie dip.   Main Meal: Pack lean meat or tuna sandwiches on whole-grain bread or three-bean chili.  Add lots of fruit, vegetable pieces or a salad and whole-grain bread with the chili.   Sweet Ending:  Angel Food Cake

Tips when at other tailgating parties…     Choose smaller portions of high-calories items. Fill your plate with vegetables, low-calorie dips and salsa or fruit salads. Remember alcohol affects your appetite, so if you're drinking you may end up eating more than you planned. Plus, alcohol contains its share of calories, too. Include physical activity  Toss around the football  Walk around

Tips for your tailgate…    Establish a time limit for the food to set out during the tailgating party and then put it away, out of site. This will help prevent constant grazing throughout the day and keep the food from spoiling. Plan your menu ahead of time and look for recipes that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to make. Watch your portion size. Use smaller plates or use this tip: keep foods from touching each other if using a normal size plate.

Healthy Tailgating If you usually serve:       Try this instead: Fried Chicken Wings calories  120 Bratwurst 281 calories  112 Supreme Pizza calories  Nachos with Cheese calories  346  Potato Chips155 calories  Beef Chili 287 calories Grilled Chicken 80 calories Turkey Sliders**150 calories Vegetable Pizza 86 calories Chips and Salsa170 calories Hummus 27 calories Pumpkin Chili124 calories

Chips and Dips        Guacamole and salsa are great alternatives. The avocado in guacamole offers healthy monounsaturated fat as well as potassium. Salsa, especially when made fresh, is very low in calories and contains a good amount of vegetables. Try serving baked instead of fried chips. Popcorn, a whole grain, is also a refreshing addition to the snacking table. Add some peanuts or other nuts, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate to lightly salted popcorn for a trail mix loaded with antioxidants. Spooning dip onto your plate will help in reducing the amount you eat. ** Think twice before reaching for that handful of chips—are you actually craving chips or are they just easy access?

Chili  Making it Healthy:  Use ground turkey or chicken instead of hamburger.  Base recipe of chili uses tomatoes, beans, and peppers.  Go heavy on the beans and use a variety like kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and lima beans.  OR: corn, zucchini, carrots, or potatoes  Adds to the taste, and you consume more vegetables!

Beer  Many beers contain 150 – 200 calories   REMEMBER: count calories from beer with calories consumed from food! It can really start to add up… Try this:    Drink in moderation – Don’t Binge; game day can still be fun! Instead of drinking beer, make mixed drinks (Spiced Apple Cider – great for the fall!)** Stick with low calorie beer       Budweiser Select, 55 calories Miller Genuine Draft, 64 calories Michelob Ultra, 95 calories Natural Light, 95 calories Miller Light, 96 calories A rule of thumb: choose beers under 100 calories

Freshly-Cut Raw Vegetables and Fruits   Flavorful tailgate snacks that are low in calories and fats Provide an abundance of nutrients   Choose fruits and vegetables that do not require heating    Dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A and calcium Broccoli florets, sliced bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, oranges, apples, kiwi and grapes. Pack vegetables and fruit in a cooler filled with ice to prevent spoiling Sprinkle fruit slices with lemon juice to prevent

Dessert: Fruit Kabobs    Use your teams colors Thread on skewers; keep cold to serve. Suggestions to create your color combinations: Blue or Navy: Blueberries  Gold or Yellow: Pineapple  Green: Grapes or Kiwi  White: Honeydew Melon  Orange: Cantaloupe, Orange, Mango  Red: Watermelon, Strawberries, Cherries, Raspberries  Purple: Grapes  Black: Blackberries 


USDA’s ChooseMyPlate.gov  Key Recommendations:  Make at least half of your grains whole.  Make half of your plate fruit and vegetables.  Switch to fat-free or lowfat (1%) milk.  Go with lean protein.  Enjoy your food, but eat less  Avoid oversized portions  Drink water instead of sugary drinks **Go to choosemyplate.gov for more information on a healthy diet.

Portion Size  Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions. This can mean significant excess calorie intake, especially when eating highcalorie foods.

Food Safety for Tailgating     Defrost at home. Defrost meats at home in the refrigerator or in the microwave—never at the tailgate. Raw meat juices can contaminate other foods. Separate the raw from the ready-to-eat. Pack raw meat products sealed in plastic wrap in one cooler and all other foods in a different cooler. Bring two sets of plates and cooking utensils—one set for handling raw foods and a second for cooked foods to avoid transferring bacteria. Ice right. Keep foods cool by packing them with plenty of ice (enough to keep the temperature in your cooler below 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Cook your burgers right. A meat thermometer is the only reliable way to ensure foods are safe to eat. Cook tailgating favorites like hamburgers and bratwursts to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and chicken breasts to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Never partially grill meat or poultry to finish cooking later.

Grocery Shopping for the Tailgate: the EASY and Healthy way  NuVal Compare overall nutritional value in one simple number between 1-100.  The higher the NuVal Score, the better the nutrition.  Look for NuVal scores on shelf tags throughout the grocery store.  Meijer and Giant Eagle 

Using NuVal: which is more nutritious?  Whole fruit or cup of fruit?  Added sugars and preservatives in the fruit cup give a score between 2 – 33.  Creamy peanut butter or reduced fat peanut butter?  Reduced fat has .5 g less fat, BUT 100 g more sodium, 8 g more carbohydrates, and 1 g less fiber than regular.  Creamy peanut butter score = 23  Reduced fat peanut butter score = 17

How does the NuVal score relate to tailgating?   By choosing the Meijer Reduced Fat Potato Chips over Meijer Original Potato Chips, you can go from a NuVal score of 7 to a NuVal score of 25 with the reduced fat option. By choosing whole wheat hamburger buns over white hamburger buns, you can go from a NuVal score of 23 to a NuVal score of 31 with the whole wheat buns.

Activity:  CALCULATE YOUR CALORIE NEEDS:  MALE: (9.99 x your weight in kg) + (6.25 x your height in cm) – (4.92 x your age) + 5  FEMALE: (9.99 x your weight in kg) + (6.25 x your height in cm) – (4.92 x your age) – 161  CONVERSION FACTORS:  Height in inches to Height in centimeters:  Height  Weight in inches x 2.54 = height in centimeters in LBS to Weight in Kg:  Weight in LBS / 2.2 = Weight in Kg

…Ask yourself, ―Would I serve this at home if I was trying to eat healthy?”. If the answer is no, do not bring it tailgating…

References:        Hearty, Healthy Tailgating. Brooke Baker, MS, RD, LD, Extension Specialist, Family Nutrition Program. Football Tailgating Trivia 2007-2008: Tailgating Enters the High-tech Age http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=3817&terms=h ealthy+tailgating http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=6442453426&t erms=healthy+tailgating http://www.eatright.org/Public/content.aspx?id=3603&terms=h ealthy+tailgating www.choosemyplate.gov http://www.livestrong.com/article/374244-healthy-tailgatesnacks/

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