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Published on December 14, 2013

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Table manners in Vietnam • The youngest person in charge of distributing the bowls, utensils and napkins. If the bowls have a little water or dirt in them, as the youngest at the table, please kindly wipe it away.

Table manners in Vietnam • Eat and drink to your full. However, in Vietnam it is customary to leave a some food left in the communal bowls.

Table manners in Vietnam • If you can use chopsticks please use them for eating. If you drop one or both on the ground, pick them up and give them to someone, and take a new pair. Chopsticks should never be placed sticking straight up in a bowl of rice.

Table manners in Vietnam • Once food is done and everyone has stopped eating, in Vietnamese culture this is a time to continue chatting and to have tea. If there is still food left in the bowls, it is customary to leave the food there.

Table manners in Vietnam • Be prepared for small food gifts as the meal goes on. It is customary for the Vietnamese to serve their guests (usually choice pieces of meat or fish) during the meal. If you find a piece of chicken sitting in the bottom of your bowl just say “thank you”.

Clothing custom in Vietnam • “Áo dài” (literally long dress) is the type of dress that Vietnamese women wear practically for all occasions. Formal dresses are distinguished by the quality of fabric materials and the decoration that is normally artistically painted on them.

Clothing custom in Vietnam • Other traditional clothes are less popular, such as “áo Bà Ba” (blouse), “áo Yếm” (a variation of historical undergarment for Vietnamese women), “áo Tứ Thân” (literally four-piece dress)

Clothing custom in Vietnam • Vietnamese people typically wear lightweight clothing. Conical hats, also known as “nón lá”, are worn to protect the face from the sun. Today, most of the Vietnamese population wears Western-style

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