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Published on December 17, 2008

Author: poppin

Source: slideshare.net


There’s a ring for a necklace at the top. And at the bottom, there is a recharge terminal, and earphone jack.

http://t9t9.com/344 Multi function player Samsung YP-S3 review   Recently, there’s something in Samsung yepp. After the pebble S2, the S3 was released with ‘real multimedia player’. What concept? When looking at the S series, I think they divide the target customers through analyzing them. MP3 players is for music. It must not be a burden. With those request, the pebble concept S2 was born like a simple key ring. Music has to be shared. I want to listen to music without an earphone. With those concepts, the S5. And Between the S2 and the S5, The S3 has shown up. The S3 has music, pictures, videos, text, FM radio, dastcast, and prime pack (game, etc.) For younger generation, there are Green/ Pink/White/Black/Blue of 5 colors.

9.8 mm slimness, 53g light multi player, 25 hours of playing time. Bar type shape, slim body, rounding finish. Rounding body design gives great grip. It looks closer to the T series, due to the rounding and bar type.

There’s a ring for a necklace at the top. And at the bottom, there is a recharge terminal, and earphone jack. As I saw from former MP3 players, the direction of the necklace and the earphone jack was the same, so it made a cable complicated, and there was inconvenience, when holding the cable. But, in this product, the direction is opposite, so it doesn’t bother users any more. Function wise, it supports various functions. In playing music, it supports MP3, WMA, and OGG. And in the video, it supports the converted SVI from the Samsung Media Studio(SMS). The playing time for music is 25 hours, and for the video, it’s about 4 hours. For the sound effect, it supports the DNSe 2.0 which is famous for the quality. Other than those functions, it supports text reader, FM radio reception/recording, datacast (RSS), and prime pack. (various games) o Compact package Certain time ago, the package design became compact and simple. It’s good for a give, I think. And the plastic box can be used as an accessory box. Compact doesn’t mean missing something. There’s an earphone, and USB jack.

The comparison of the finger and the package. You will see how small the package is. It is small as much as some person told me it’s like an earphone case. o Docking Speaker

Every time I felt when going home with music, the music was always cut, when opening the door. When I saw celebrities put their MP3 player on the docking speaker, I think that’s it. But, if the docking speaker is big, it can’t be used, is useless, because of the size. (Of course, there’s a speaker supporting the radio function) So I have been looking for a compact docking speaker. When using the S3 with the docking speaker, it’s real good. The docking speaker optional is made for some Yepp series. I’ve checked the S3, T10, P2, and PB2 can be used. Most of all, it doesn’t use power, because it uses the body power of the MP3 player. Certainly, it can be used for recharging docking speaker by plugging the 24 pin power. The strength of this product is that it can be used any time, any where, with the body power as an external speaker.

Docking speaker. It’s not flat in the center, but streamline shape. So stylish. It’s made of plastic, but because it’s glossy black, it looks more elegant. I was unsatisfied with the big Samsung logo. If it was smaller and unclear, I think it would be more elegant. But this thing is so small that this product is very useful. The docking speaker looking like a UFO. The connection cap for the T10 and S3 is provided. The P2, PB2 can be used as they are. The colors are black and white.

The size is small and light, and there’s volume control dial. The speaker is built-in directing below. At the right back side of the docking speaker, there is volume control dial to adjust volume easily. I think it would be much better, if there’s a select button for songs.

Because the compact size, and no cable, it’s really great for the desk decoration.

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