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Published on March 16, 2008

Author: Heather

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Use of the Figures to Facilitate Tutorials/Discussion   To assist you with the preparation of lectures, tutorials and student discussion, the figures from the book are available here as part of a PowerPoint presentation.. Each slide is annotated with some ideas and guidance on the use of the material in lectures and as aid to structure tutorials as a follow up exercise are provided. To supplement this you may also like to look at the selection of 35mm slides available to illustrate lectures, tutorials with specific themes in the course you are teaching. Slide2:  Fig 1.1 The Classification of Tourists Slide3:  Fig. 1.2 Leiper’s Tourism System Slide4:  Fig 1.3 The growth of international tourism since 1950 Fig 1.4 A framework for tourism management:  Fig 1.4 A framework for tourism management Slide6:  Fig 2.1 Grand Tour Routes in Europe 1661 - 1700 Slide7:  Fig 2.2 Grand Tour Routes in Europe 1814- 1820 Slide8:  2.3 The resort life cycle Slide9:  Fig 2.4 The development of selected leisure destinations in the eastern USA by the mid C19th (source: An Historical Geography of Recreation and Tourism, J.Towner, 1996. © John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Reproduced with permission Slide10:  Fig 2.5 The growth of tourism in Spain Slide11:  Fig 3.1 Concept map for understanding tourist behaviour (source: Tourist Behaviour, P.Pearce, 2005 © Channel View Publishers). Reproduced with permission. Slide12:  Fig 3.2 Determinants of tourism demand Slide13:  Fig 3.3 Maslow’s Hierarchy of individual needs Slide14:  Fig 3.4 Plog’s psychographic traveller types Slide15:  Fig 3.5 The relationship between needs, motivations, preferences and goals in individual holiday choice Slide16:  Fig 4.1 A typical tourism supply chain Slide17:  Fig 4.2 The characteristics of adventure tourism Slide18:  Fig 4.3 The role of transport in tourist travel Slide19:  Fig 5.1 Hypothetical example of the impact of railway technology on the growth of coastal tourism in Victorian and Edwardian England Slide20:  Fig 5.2 Tourist travel from origin to destination area and return Slide21:  Fig 5.3 A tour with an itinerary, visiting different areas Slide22:  Fig 5.4 The UK rail passenger industry structure (source: Page, 2002; © Mintel Slide23:  Fig 5.5 Map showing the Megabus routes Slide24:  Fig 5.6 Schematic diagram of the steamer routes operated by the Peninsular and Orient (P&O) Steam Navigation Company in 1890 Slide25:  Fig 6.1 The dimensions of the air transport sector Slide26:  Fig 6.2 Hub and spoke operation Slide27:  Fig 6.3 Hub and spoke service with point-to-point services Slide28:  Fig 6.4 The main costs in operating an airline Slide29:  Fig 7.1 Accommodation as a product Slide30:  Fig 8.1 How tour operators link the elements of a holiday together to produce, assemble and distribute the package to the consumer Slide31:  Fig 8.2 Planning horizon for a tour operator’s summer programme Slide32:  Fig 8.3 A hypothetical W flight pattern for charter aircraft Slide33:  Fig 8.4 Structure of inclusive holiday brochures Slide34:  Fig 8.5 The travel agent-client purchase process Slide35:  Fig 8.6 The future of travel retailing Slide36:  Fig 9.1 Tourism and regeneration Slide37:  Fig 9.2 The three levels of a product Slide38:  Fig 9.3 Gunn’s model of a tourist attraction Slide39:  Fig 9.4 A garden as a visitor attraction product Slide40:  Fig 9.5 The product life cycle Slide41:  Fig 11.1 The policy making process in tourism Slide42:  Fig 11.2 The structure of tourism administration in the UK Slide43:  Fig 11.3 The Scottish Tourism Framework for Action 2002-2005 Slide44:  Fig 11.4 The VisitScotland brand essence wheel. © VisitScotland, reproduced with permission Slide45:  Fig 11.5 The destination marketing process for National Tourist Organisations Slide46:  Fig 12.1 Inter-regional passenger flows by air on the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines April 2004- March 2005 Slide47:  Fig 12.2 Top fifteen intra-European country pairs in 1999 Slide48:  Fig 12.3 Potter’s impact of tourism framework Slide49:  Fig 12.4 The economic impact of tourism spending in an urban area Slide50:  Fig 12.6 The social and cultural impacts of tourism Slide51:  Fig 13.1 International tourism development in developing countries Slide52:  Fig 13.2 Tourism growth and development – snowball concept Slide53:  Fig 13.3 The ‘amoeba’ concept of tourism

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