Syria and Venezuela - International Business

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Information about Syria and Venezuela - International Business
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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: imaginati0n



this presentation is basically about two countries and some information in case if anyone would like to make business in there

International Management Theory SYRIA & VENEZUELA Tamer Mercan

Syria Venezuela

General info Syria • • • • • At the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea Lebanon and Israel on the west Turkey on the north Iraq on the east Jordan on the south Venezuela • • • • On the Northern coast of South America. Colombia to the west Guyana to the east Brazil to the south

General info Syria • • • Damascus 23 million people Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian, French Venezuela • • • Caracas 32 million people Spanish

Religion & Ethnicity Syria • • • • • • Sunni muslim 74% Alewite muslim 12% Christan 10% Duze 3% Jewish 1% Arabs 90% Kurds, Armenians and others 10% Venezuela • • Roman Catholic 96%, Protestant 2% Others 2% Ethnicity Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people

Family & Culture Syria • • • Strong sense of family loyalty, duty, and obligation Strong sense of culture Siesta is regarded as sacred Venezuela • • • Nepotism an accepted practice, considered a good thing Cornerstone of the social structure Living together

Taboos Syria • • • Pointing any part of foot at any person Homosexuality is against the law Lewd or indecent behavior Venezuela • • • Making an O.K. sign Beckoning or pointing with the index finger Putting one’s feet on the furniture

Personal Space & Touching Syria • • • Same gender often will walk hand in hand An arm’s length of personal space Touching the arms and shoulders Venezuela • • • standing close to one another Same genders are flexible Men and women is limited

Business Syria • • • • A suit is common • Mr. and or Mrs. followed by the • last name It is best to use a person's title • and their surname Present and receive with right • hand Venezuela High quality dark colored suit The giving of business cards Business card in Spanish side facing the recipient Arriving on time

Business Syria • • Negotiates bargains and barters Venezuela • It is best to be honest and remain calm • Relaxed and informal affair • Gifts is acceptable • • • Interrupting someone acceptable No gift for first meeting Nicely wrapped and Flowers and fine wine or chocolate


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