Synthetic sapphire in aviation hydraulics

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Information about Synthetic sapphire in aviation hydraulics

Published on February 18, 2019

Author: ValentinShakov


1. Technology of using synthetic sapphire in aviation hydraulics Airlines * * PharmaSapphire 1 Resident

2. How much do YOU cost problems with hydraulics? 2

3. * Among the airlines: PJSC “Siberia Airlines”, LLC “Globus”. Based on analytical reports of the West Siberian Interregional Office (CS MTU) of the Federal Air Navigation Agency from 2013 to I half of 2018 1 1 1 1 1 2 11 11 21 26 39 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 navigation equipment engine control devices GTE construction auxiliary power failure glider damage / damage oil system exhaust system failure air conditioning failure failure (chassis failure) aircraft control system failure hydraulic system failure Number of incidents Typesofevents Distribution of incidents on the boards of S7 Airlines during 2013-2018 related to the failure of aircraft equipment * there is also hydraulics here of all S7 Airlines incidents are related to hydraulic failures *25% 3

4. Aviation equipment failure is a stress for the crew that can lead to mistakes Stress 4

5. One of the main indicators taken into account when compiling the safety rating of airlines is the number of accidents and the number of incidents in the current year. Reputation blow (JACDEC 2018) 5

6. Aviation equipment failures incur airline costs associated with flight cancellations / delays, unplanned landings, return to the airport of departure, etc. Profit falls 6

7. Causes of hydraulics failure 07.08.2017 Flight GLP3316 Sochi - Novosibirsk B-737-800 VQ-BRK Globus LLC (S7 Airlines) 20-30 minutes after takeoff, hydraulic system “A” failed The reason is the internal destruction of the hydraulic pump, due to overheating and fatigue failure of one of the nine working pistons of the cylinder block Wear Overheat Destruction Failure 7

8. How can we fix this? Damn pump! 8

9. The following friction pairs are used: steel-steel, steel-bronze, steel-brass Weight up to 21 kg Price from 4,000 to 25,000 USD Repair - up to 80% of the cost Warranty period up to 3 years For example, change the aviation pump 9

10. 10 The destruction of the pump looks like this

11. Engine-driven pump Power Transfer Unit Up to 200 units of various types of valves Electric-motor pump Ram Air Turbine Airbus A-320 6 hydraulic power units Airbus A-380 12 hydraulic power units as well as dozens of actuators We propose to improve the reliability and efficiency of the main components of the hydraulic system 11

12. We suggest using sapphire More precisely, an artificially grown single crystal based on alpha-Al2O3 x2 times stronger than titanium carbide and steel Resistant to high temperatures Works great at high pressures. And all this can be achieved only with the right processing technology x10 times more durable 12

13. What are we doing ? We create technology and know-how. Assembly in unitsSapphire processing 13

14. And so we facilitate the design 1643.5 grams 821.7 grams Steel-Bronze-Brass Sapphire How do they all As we offer 14

15. Weight matters It is estimated that for the transportation of 1 additional kilogram, airlines spend an additional 200 liters of fuel per year. "About 30% of operating expenses goes to fuel" * * according to Deputy General Director of S7 Group of Companies, Dmitry Kudelkin 15

16. One small detail in scale application can help save up to 100 kg on the hydraulic system on one airliner or 100 kg x 200 l / year x € 0,65 / liter = € 13 k per year Sapphire friction pair Ultralight Super wear resistant Warranty life of modern pumps is 3 years Most likely in 3 years, you will have to buy a new one For one Airbus A-320 6 pieces x € 21.5 k = € 129 k / 3 years Highly reliable Reduce hydraulic failures to 0 Peace of mind pilots - priceless 16

17. license Competitors Strategic partners Growing need in more efficient hydraulic systems Hydraulics with sapphire technology First on the market from 2019 17

18. According to the Markets and Markets analytical report 3.06 3.56 4.79 4.84 Aviation Pump Market, billion $ Aviation valves market, billion $ 2017 2023 +5%/year - the expected average annual growth rate of the aviation components market 18 Market

19. Skolkovo Resident Trademark The technology has been successfully applied to: Invested in the project $ 35,000Current project status 19 5 patents Russia 3 patents Eurasia Patents Europe (Germany, France, Spain) 1 application USA

20. Production (Building and equipment) 3,5 m 0,8 m Promotion 1,2 m Life Support Company (payroll, office rent, taxes) We offer a 50% share of the company for € 5.5 million. Offer

21. Reviews 21 "Plunger pair", which has the basis of the rubbing parts Al₂O₃ (aluminum oxide), corundum ceramics or monocrystalline leucosapphire, is a Perspetean scientific potential and has a great future in various industries. Especially in the field of engineering." Lukin E.S. Academician of AIS and MAI of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Chemical Technology Ceramics and refractories. DI. Mendeleyev's "Leuko-sapphire metering pumps allow to get a huge economic effect, since such devices are widely used in many areas of science and technology." H.S. Bagdasarov Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences "... our enterprise JSC Riga Pharmaceutical Factory for the last few years has been successfully using your products, in particular, sapphire single crystal metering pumps, which we purchased in the amount of 8 pieces at different times." Petersons G. Technical Director of JSC "Riga Pharmaceutical Factory" "... the pumps manufactured by PharmaSapphire Ltd. were installed on the bottling machine of medicines in ampoules of the company" ROTA "in the amount of 4 pieces. These pumps worked without comment more than two years before the sale of the equipment.“ D.G. Volchenkov Chief engineer of the pharmaceutical factory "Polisan"

22. Vitaly Savenkov Founder and Leader Author of 8 patents over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-precision machines over 24 years experience in managing a technology company +7 909 676 51 28 Evgeny Spiridonov Scientific consultant, Doctor of Technical Sciences Head Department of "Hydraulics" South Ural State University +7 351 267 92 52 Valentin Shakov Lead Engineer Graduate of the BMSTU department "Hydraulics" +7 916 840 56 44 Andrey Puzanov Technical Consultant, Ph.D. Associate Professor of "Instrument Engineering" Kovrov State Technological Academy named after V.A. Degtyareva +7 910 775 96 71 Team 22

23. Vitaly Savenkov +7 909 676 51 28 Valentin Shakov +7 916 840 56 44 23

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