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Information about SynapseWebSolutions GDS integration services

Published on April 25, 2018

Author: Synapsewebsolutions


Slide1: Follow Us /synapsewebsolutions GDS Integration Services: an Introduction GDS Integration Services, SynapseWebSolutions offers, are mainly about GDS API Integration. Few of the top features and advantages of GDS include: • Easier travel booking • Quick and easy connectivity • Access to B2B as well as B2C • Easier maintenance of information • Easy connectivity and one window interface • Enhanced reach to travel agencies and agents • Exposure of global inventory for hotels, cars, airlines, buses, etc. • Targeting travel agents & agencies with fare comparison, compare & buy apps, best commissions and fares With GDS System, in place, it is quite easier for travel agencies & large corporations to connect with their customers and offer value added services. /synapsewebsolutions /SynapseWS Slide2: Follow Us /synapsewebsolutions GDS integration services: boost the ROI of your travel business! GDS Integration services offered by the GDS API Integration experts at SynapseWebSolutions are geared towards helping travel agents and companies simplify online reservations for their customers worldwide. While initially, GDS integration systems were aimed towards improving airlines reservation system, today GDS are used for railway & bus tickets booking, cars, insurance, cruises, airline flights, and hotel rooms booking. With GDS API Integration, those from travel industry can enjoy easier access to a broad range of online channels of sales and travel products besides improving their online sales and business strategies. This is the era of globalization and, with GDS, you can easily make your travel business go global! /synapsewebsolutions /SynapseWS Slide3: Follow Us /synapsewebsolutions GDS integration services from the experts at SynapseWebSolutions! /synapsewebsolutions /SynapseWS Our GDS integration services have already benefited countless clients from travel and hospitality industry. We are eager to serve you and help you also achieve greater heights of success in your travel and/ or hotel business. That is why; our GDS API integration services are geared towards helping you get access to a broad range of online sales channels as well as travel products, so that your online strategy for sales can be improved accordingly. We work with top providers of GDS including Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Travelport, and Abacus to provide you the following benefits: • Easy and quick connectivity • Real time pricing • Multiple channels for utilization & distribution • Content is updated automatically • Live inventory control Slide4: Follow Us /synapsewebsolutions GDS Integration Services: Why should you hire SynapseWebSolutions? GDS Integration services offered by SynapseWebSolutions are amongst the best in the industry! Hire us for your GDS API integration needs anywhere in the world for the following reasons: Rich experience in GDS integration. Proven track record in catering for the IT needs of travel & hospitality industry. Skilled, competent and experienced professionals with exposure to various GDS integration systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Travelport, and Abacus. 100% customer satisfaction assured. Reasonably priced GDS integration services anywhere in the world. We offer GDS Integration solutions including flights GDS Integration, hotels GDS Integration, car rental GDS integration, bus ticket booking, etc. /synapsewebsolutions /SynapseWS

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