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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Nellwyn


FUNDACIÓN COMUNITARIA:  PUEBLA I.B.P. July 12th, 2005, Thailand. FUNDACIÓN COMUNITARIA SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE FOUNDAITON:  SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE FOUNDAITON STATE NGO DATA BASE. FUND STRUCTURING TO THE SPECIFIC DONOR NEEDS AND REQUIERMENTS. EFFICIENTLY FINNANCIAL MANAGMENT DONOR RECOGNITION. TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY Net Funds: 300,000. Donations: ½ million 1.- OPERATIONAL FUND:  1.- OPERATIONAL FUND Slide4:  2. UNRESTRICTED FUNDS 3.- ADVISED OR PARTICIPATORY FUNDS :  3.- ADVISED OR PARTICIPATORY FUNDS 4.- AREA OF INTEREST FUNDS:  4.- AREA OF INTEREST FUNDS 5.- DESIGNATED FUNDS:  5.- DESIGNATED FUNDS 6.- SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS:  6.- SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS 7.- NATURAL DISASTER FUNDS:  7.- NATURAL DISASTER FUNDS 7.- PAYOUT SCHEDULE:  In order to maintain the growth and value of the funds the Foundation grants only five percent of the market value of the permanent funds held. The Payout Schedule is: Payout Schedule Concept Percentage Annual Average Return of the Investment 10 Operation Fee of the Fund 1-2 Annual Average Inflation rate 3 Growth of the Fund 1 Payout Rate (Grant making money) 5 7.- PAYOUT SCHEDULE FUND ANNUAL FEE:  Exhibit 7: Administrative Fees. CHARLEVOIX COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION There are two charges for funds held with the Community Foundation: An investment manager fee, and our administrative fee. The investment fee is set by different investment managers. TYPE OF FUND ANNUAL FEE Unrestricted 2% Field-of Interest 2% Donor Advised 2% Scholarship 2% Scholarship (w/advisory committee) 1% Designated 1% Agency/Organization 1% Trusts Negotiable Less than $5,000 (a) Waive fee $5,000 - $10,000 Annual fee or $100, whichever is greater Pass-through Fund 2% revenue a) Generally, the minimum amount to establish a fund is $5,000. A fund may be created with less than $5,000 if it is the intention of the donor to increase it to the minimum level within a reasonably short period of time (one year). Source: Charlevoix County Community Foundation FUND ANNUAL FEE FUNDACION COMUNITARIA PUEBLA I.B.P. :  FUNDACION COMUNITARIA PUEBLA I.B.P. THANK YOU

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