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Information about Symfony 1.1 - Fabien Potencier

Published on June 17, 2008

Author: dpc


symfony symfony 1.1 goodness Fabien Potencier

Who am I? •  Founder of Sensio –  Web Agency –  Since 1998 –  45 people –  Open-Source Specialists –  Big corporate customers •  Creator and lead developer of symfony

symfony •  PHP Web framework •  Based on –  10 years of Sensio experience –  Existing Open-Source projects •  MIT license •  Documentation is Open-Source •  Great community

Maintainability Standardization Faster & Better

« entreprise » version

Version 1.0 released early 2007 – Maintained for 3 years (early 2010) – ~1 release a month (1.0.16 now) • Bug and security fixes, compatibility with new PHP versions fixes • No new features (even small ones) • Upgrading is simple and safe

Version 1.1 to be released this month – Maintained for 1 year – Same release cycle as 1.0 Roadmap – Version 1.2 Q4 2008 – Version 1.3 Q1 2009

symfony is a set of cohesive but decoupled classes

symfony platform

http://localhost/index.php?name=Fabien! Hello Fabien http://localhost/index.php! Hello World

http://localhost/index.php?name=Fabien! http://localhost/index.php/hello /Fabien! http://localhost/hello/Fabien! Hello Fabien

sfEventDispatcher // sfPatternRouting! $callback = array($this, ’filterParameters‘);! $dispatcher->connect(’request.filter_parameters‘, $callback);! // sfWebRequest! $event = new sfEvent($this, ‘request.filter_parameters’);! $dispatcher->filter($event, $parameters);! •  sfPatternRouting and sfWebRequest are decoupled •  « Anybody » can listen to any event •  You can notify existing events or create new ones

Some events application.log application.throw_exception context.load_factories request.filter_parameters user.change_culture controller.page_not_found response.filter_content view.cache.filter_content *.method_not_found

symfony platform

the symfony MVC framework is based on the symfony platform

symfony 1.1 new features and enhancements

CLI •  Rewritten from scratch –  OOP –  Arguments and options management –  Extensible –  Built-it help

Tests •  Better m2m support in fixtures •  File upload support •  CSS3 selectors •  New shortcuts (isUserCulture, isRequestFormat)

m2m fixtures

m2m fixtures

m2m fixtures

File upload support

CSS3 selectors

Forms •  OOP •  Flexible and customizable •  MVC based (Validator, Widget, Form) •  Easy to embed forms •  Secure •  Fully integrated with Propel and Doctrine •  Useable without symfony

Propel Form The model is introspected to generate form classes

Native multi-format support •  A request has a format (HTML by default) css, js, xml, atom, json, … •  Same controller and model •  Different templates (layouts/partials/components) •  Easy to implement a new format (iPhone)!

xml text/xml, application/xml, application/x-xml json application/json, application/x-json css text/css js application/javascript, application/x-javascript


Sensio S.A. 26, rue Salomon de Rothschild 92 286 Suresnes Cedex FRANCE Tél. : +33 1 40 99 80 80 Contact Fabien Potencier

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