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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: MeditationDirectorie5



The subconscious mind does not need a reason to make things happen.
When an impression made upon it, with or without conscious awareness,
it will proceed to work upon it automatically.

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SYMBOL Meditation

The subconscious mind does not need a reason to make things happen. When an impression made upon it, with or without conscious awareness, it will proceed to work upon it automatically.

Thus we can very well use the power of our subconscious mind to get what we want. Symbol can be everything i.e. a tree, a ship, or even a picture of anything. Ones you understand how to talk to your subconscious mind about your wants, it responds to the symbols miraculously,

Simple experiments given in this article may lead you to a happy and fulfill life as per your wish.. Let us see how it works.

If you are very much confused and do not understand what exactly you want to convey to your subconscious mind, no problem. A simple picture of ‘key’ you can use to understand what exactly your needs are.

You have to sit in relax position or lie down, keep the symbol in front of you at eye level and simply concentrate on it for 15-20 minutes. It is better to do this exercise either early morning or before sleeping. If it is not possible, you can do it any time as per your convenience.

Once you start sending the symbol of a key to your subconscious mind, it starts searching subtle meanings of that symbol. Once it understands the meaning, immediately it starts working dynamically on it for you. Let us see some symbols with their possible subtle meanings useful for this experiment.

These symbols can be drawn on white paper with black pen. You can keep or stick this picture even in front of your bed and there is no harm in concentrating on it for more time.

This practice should be done for at least 15-20 minutes a day till you get the results. No maximum time limit. It may take a week or to for some people or may be a month. It varies from person to person.

“Arrow” is a good symbol to use in achieving knowledge.

If someone is in need of more than one thing then “Chain” is the best symbol for that.

You can put either pictures of your need in the chain or you can imagine it by closing your eyes i.e. if you need home, car and other things, keep things (pictures) one by one in the chain and start concentrating on it.

If you want to achieve courage, daring then picture of lion can be used as your symbol.

For mental peace either a pigeon or picture of a calm and beautiful lake can be used.

Spring is also a good symbol for those who are timid or not dare to communicate to the strangers.

To gain the power or the strength you can use an eagle as your symbol.

If you feel unsecured, you can use the door as a symbol, as it implies security.

Sun is also a very powerful symbol. It can be used to achieve various purposes. Especially during depression, negative thoughts this symbol works amazingly.

Thus now you are aware of the power of your subconscious mind and how to use symbol, get ready and start achieving your goals one by one.

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