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Information about symbiosis2

Published on October 11, 2007

Author: Mertice


Relationships in Nature:  Relationships in Nature BIO108 Visit For 100’s of free powerpoints Symbiosis:  Symbiosis Living together A partnership Two different species Both partners benefit – mutual benefit Animal Kingdom:  Animal Kingdom Nile crocodile & crocodile bird Hermit crab & sea anemone Buffalo & oxpecker Shark & remora fish Crocodile & Bird:  Crocodile & Bird Nile crocodile Usually eats animals Allows bird to walk around its mouth Crocodile bird Cleans parasites in croc’s teeth Removes and eats scraps of food Eats harmful leeches and parasites Hermit Crab & Sea Anemone:  Hermit Crab & Sea Anemone Hermit crab protects the crab Sea anemone Gets leftover food Buffalo & Oxpecker:  Buffalo & Oxpecker Buffalo Lets the bird eat Oxpecker Eats ticks and other parasites off skin Warns buffalo of danger Shark and Remora Fish:  Shark and Remora Fish Shark Lets the fish eat Remora Fish Eats parasites Gets the shark’s leftovers Lichen:  Lichen Slow growing plants Partnership: fungi & algae Neither could live alone Relationships:  Relationships Phoresis Commensalism Mutualism Parasitism Phoresis:  Phoresis Loose association One organism is smaller than other Larger organism used for transport Dung beetles and cow dung Commensalism:  Commensalism “eating together at the same table” Only one member benefits sharing space, defense, shelter, food Neither will die if relationship is ended Shrimp & sea cucumber Mutualism:  Mutualism Both organisms derive mutual benefit Intimate and obligatory Neither can survive without the other Example – host and parasite Tickbirds and rhinos Clownfish & sea anemone Parasitism:  Parasitism Not symbiotic Causes harm to host

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