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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: WalnutQuizzes



This is the preliminary round (with answers) of the technology & business quiz which was conducted as a part of Symbhav 2014 on 23 February 2014!

Biz Ipsa Loquitor The College Corporate Tech-Biz Quiz • Researched by Raghav Chakravarthy & Sachin Ravi. • Conducted by Sachin Ravi.

• Hat tip to Subhodeep Jash and Suvajit Chakraborty for their contributions!

Preliminary Round Answers. • Usual fillers. • 30 questions. • 6 tie breaker questions to resolve ties.

1. • He is a promoter and director at RNT Associates Private Limited, a company he personally owns, set up in 2009 as a consulting firm for international collaborations, mergers and acquisitions. • Who is he?

2. • Of late, Ultra Orthodox Jewish families through their rabbis are trying to ban X from their members home. • One explanation as to why X makes them upset: • “It‟s not something they can control” said one member of the Hasidic community who lives in Williamsburg. • “Anything they can‟t be in control of makes them nervous.” • “The rabbis overseeing divorces say X is the number 1 cause of destruction of Jewish homes and business” read the headline of a January article in Der Blatt, the Yiddishlanguage newspaper published by members of the Satmar Hasidic group. • Just tell us what is X.

3. • It is called a “Caxirola”, it's a brightly coloured plastic, hand-held maraca based on the African caxixi that was invented by Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown. • What is it exactly?

Brazil's official World Cup instrument vis-avis Vuvuzela of the previous World Cup.

4. • This establishment got strategic design company Elephant to design “ flippd ” , its recently launched lifestyle label. • Which establishment?

*5. • How did we better know the sales director of Tecom Investments?

• (Late) Mrs. Sunanda Pushkar

6. • These are the other titles from .GEARS Studios. What is their most famous title?

• Dong Nguyen

7. • ___________, the female empowerment nonprofit founded by ____________ is joining forces with Getty Images to present better images of women in stock photographs. • Taking on "institutional sexism," the goal is to create a stock-photo library of 2,500 new pictures that portray women of all ages in a better light. • The name of the non-profit is very closely associated with the founder. Name both.

8. • The _________ Corridor is a term for the areas of Western North America that were settled between 1850 and approximately 1890 by members of the _________. • Fill in the blank.

• Mormons • a.k.a the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

9. • Post on twitter by?

• Hymenocallis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Amaryllidaceae. • The genus name Hymenocallis, means "beautiful membrane", which refers to the curious shape of the flowers. They consist of six narrow curved petals attached to a shallow cup which is formed from the fused stamens. • What is this the supposed inspiration for? *10.

11. • Aroma Traders owned by 39 year old Chaman Lal, a is an establishment in Delhi's Sadar Bazaar. • His product which is made from China net retails at Rs. 3/- and is expected to sell in even greater numbers over the course of 2014. • What is the product in question?

• Caps made for the AAP. • The supply chain saw 6-7 lakh AAP caps being distributed in Delhi since AAP was formed in October 2013. • Lal, an AAP supporter, is proud of his business for reasons other than business. • AAP caps are a small-margin venture. They sell for 3 each, and Lal's margin, he says, is 25 paise.

12. • For all their razzmatazz , Italy‟s richest person derives his/her fortune from neither automobiles nor designer garments accessories or even politics and arms. • As of March 2008, this person, born in Dogliani had a personal wealth of $19 billion, surpassing Silvio Berlusconi. • The person derives his/her fortune from his/her eponymous company. • Who?

• Michele Ferrero

13. • Unique branding by which company?

14. • While serving 22 months in a California federal prison, X’s cellmate was Tommy Chong, one half of “Cheech and Chong,” who was serving 9 months in jail for selling bongs. It was Chong who encouraged X to write a book after laughing at his stories. • X said he read Tom Wolfe ’ s The Bonfire of the Vanities and modeled his writing after Hunter S. Thompson as well. His books ended up netting him an advance from Random House of more than $1 million, and he also received more than another $1 million from the film rights. • Who is X?

*15. • What?

• Derive from the given flag, a word that is an English corruption of a Persian/Arabic word. • It is used to connote a very rich or powerful person. 16.

• Mogul. • The word mogul is an English corruption of mughal, Persian or Arabic for "Mongol". It alludes to emperors of the Mughal Empire of the Indian subcontinent that existed between 1526 and 1857 who possessed great power and storied riches capable of producing wonders of opulence such the Taj Mahal.

17. • Whose filmography (5 credits)? • Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve (Documentary)(2013) • Testing Milton Friedman (TV Series documentary) (2012) • Free Markets (2012) • Overdraft (Documentary)(2012) • Inside Job (Documentary)(2010)

• Raghuram Rajan

18. • These are 3 other publications from the group. Name the most famous publication. The name of the group is same as the name of the publication.

19. • How is this BSE listed entity associated with something that is almost „omnipresent‟ for a while now?

• Mandhana Retail Ventures is the Global Licensee for „Being Human‟ merchandise.

*20. • The story began in 1979, when Sir Bill Gammell founded the company. In 1988, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange. • Its entry into India was through acquiring Command Petroleum Ltd. in 1996, an Australian-quoted company with interests in South Asia. • Which company?

21. • Identify the logo.

22. • “The fixtures would consist of five one-set matches lasting a duration of three hours in total, with teams comprised of between six and 10 players and total salaries for each franchise costing between US$4million and $10million.” • This concept has been branded as revolutionary by Novak Djokovic. • What concept and who is behind it?

• Tennis Premier League. • Proposed to be started by Mahesh Bhupathi.

23. • • • • Charles X is known internationally as the inventor of the (almost) eponymous X which he developed between 1823 and his death in 1843. Once having been owned by Dunlop Rubber, Traditional Weatherwear collaborated with leading fashion houses such as Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Liberty. The coats became particularly popular with Japanese women. In 2007 X was bought by Tokyo firm Yagi Tsusho. In January 2011, the company opened its first fashion store in London. Give me the inventor’s name (X) which is the brand name as well.

• Charles Macintosh; the mackintosh raincoat.

24. • In 1997, at the invitation of Logitech CEO Pierluigi Zappacosta, he wearing a wig and false moustache, successfully impersonated a management consultant and tricked Logitech managers into adopting a mission statement that he described as "so impossibly complicated that it has no real content whatsoever.“ • On November 16, 2011, he announced his candidacy for President of the United States on his blog, running as an independent. • Who?

• Scott Adams

*25. • He was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829 and a leading trader of cotton and opium to China. • The Flora Fountain was named after his daughter-inlaw. • His family has built many monuments in India, including the Gateway of India and the present headquarters of Bank of India. Name him?

• David Sassoon • Right: Tomb of David Sassoon, Lal Deval, Moledina Road, Pune, India.

26. Ms. Sulabha is said to have inspired what?

• Sula. • She is the mother of Rajeev Samant.

27. • Recently this book written by Mr. Jitendra Bhargava, the former director of the company was called back from the stores by its Publisher Bloomsbury India. • Name the company whose downfall was documented?

28. • Feel good condoms made from Graphene are being developed at the University of Manchester. • Graphene is being used due to its strength and tenacity so that these condoms increase pleasure during the act and therefore traction for people to use it. • Which organization has funded this research project at the UoM?

29. • This app developed by Dexati required a certain person to run through all of the states including: • 1. Gujarat 2. Maharashtra 3. Uttaranchal 4. Rajasthan 5. Kerala 6. Karnataka 7. Andhra Pradesh 8. Bihar 9. Utter Pradesh 10. Tamil Nadu 11. Assam 12. Madhya Pradesh. • What is the name of the application?

• Modi Run

*30. • Cordial, Rocks, Collins, Flute, Snifter, Hi ghball and Coupe are all types of what?

• Thank you! • Hope you enjoyed the preliminary round! • Finals to start soon.

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