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Published on February 26, 2014

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This round consisted of 16 questions which were on pounce and part of the technology & business quiz which was conducted as a part of Symbhav 2014 on 23 February 2014!

Biz Ipsa Loquitor The College Corporate TechBiz Quiz Potpourri – Mixed Bag 16 Questions on Pounce Clockwise

1. • Garm Hava is a 1973 Hindi-Urdu film directed by Mysore Srinivas Sathyu, based on the partition of India. • Sathyu recently played a role which possibly shares some similarity to the subject matter of Garm Hava. • What role are we talking about?

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• He plays Yusuf from Pakistan in the Google India advertisement, Reunion.

2. • Nick Woodman chanced upon this idea when he realized that surfers couldn„t take photos while they were catching the waves. • Surfers were using disposable cameras strapped to their wrists with a rubber band. It would often fly off in the middle of the action and hit them in the face. • In order to fund his idea, Nick and his now-wife sold 600 belts made of sea shells in the US for as much as 50 times the price for which they purchased it originally in a Bali market. • What did Nick create which are now sold through his Woodman Labs? • [Image on next slide]

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GoPro • He created his product being a visual arts major, despite having no engineering background. • Nick recently became a billionaire as Foxconn took a stake in GoPro.

3. • The Angarias is a Delhi based setup having a network all around India. The word “Angaria” comes the Guajarati word for “courier”, used synonymously with others such as challaniya in Hindi – typically charge a 0.5 percent commission for the transaction. • Angaria trade is centered around the diamond business in Mumbai and in Delhi grain traders, cloth merchants and other wholesale traders also use them. • A recent announcement is proposed to hit them hard. • What do they do?

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• They are couriers of undocumented cash transactions for wholesale business across the country. • Recent announcement referred to is the RBI announcement to take back the notes prior to 2005.

4. • This entity being the brainchild of Pierre Lacroix has its name being derived from the French word for rice and an abbreviation of Lacroix, the creator’s name. • In 1796 Napoleon granted the entity a license to produce _______________ for his troops. • The introduction of the rice _______ was such an immediate and staggering success that the company changes its very name to show that the product would be defined in that way from now on. • What are we talking about?

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• Riz La+ is "Riz" being the French word for rice and "La+" an abbreviation of Lacroix.

5. • He was gifted from former President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela with, the highest award of the Republic – a copy of the famous sword of Simon Bolivar, which is a relic of Venezuela and the copy is equal to the highest award of the country. • German knife-maker Boker introduced a series of knives in his honour. • Who?

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• Mikhail Kalashnikov. • Creator of the AK-47.

6. • Fact 1: • Southern California resident Cecilia Abadie was given a ticket for speeding and for using a _________. • Fact 2: • The law in question was originally drafted to keep people from watching TV while driving. • Put the two together and give me an answer.

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• Cecilia Abadie was pulled over and given a ticket for speeding and wearing the Google Glass spectacles while driving on 30 October 2013. • A San Diego court commissioner ruled that he had found no proof the device was operating at the time. • She was cited for breaking a California law barring motorists from watching TV while driving.

7. • Taken from popular, but inaccurate story: • “ The _____________ has been interpreted erroneously as a symbolic representation of the phrase, Oh dear God.” • Just fill in the blank/blanks.

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• Jägermeister

• Official origin: • “Only a legendary stag’s head would suffice, one with a beaming cross between its antlers. The stag that appeared to a wild hunter and converted him to Christianity. The same hunter who would later become the patron saint of all hunters: Saint Hubertus”. • “This stag remains today, as it always has been, the Jägermeister trademark. A symbol of the preservation of our quality and tradition.”

8. • National Geographic in 2011 released a multimedia effort called “ Seven Billion ” , aimed at looking at “ the human being ” since there were seven billion of those cavorting around the planet. • The findings were fascinating: “it came to the conclusion that the most common face on the planet looks an awful lot like the gentleman depicted”. • “He’s a guy, he’s Han Chinese, he is 28 years old and there are 8,999,999 others out there that look a lot like him”. • [Question Continued]

• How has this likeness of Chinese Han gained traction in the recent past?

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• This image is often used on forums to represent Satoshi Nakamoto; it stems from the image of the "most typical person."

9. Connect to a personality:

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Rohini Nilekani

• Recently Hugh Laurie managed to get himself one. • Other people to have been bestowed with the prepaid, lifetime "crown card" include celebrities such as Jay Leno, Jennifer Hudson, George Lucas and Robert Downey Jr. • What is this card all about? 10.

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• Burger King gave a card to Jennifer Hudson, a former Burger King employee, as she rose to fame, and bestowed a card on Robert Downey Jr., who mentioned the fast feeder in interviews for "Iron Man." George Lucas got one for his love of the chain and his history of partnering with BK on his blockbuster movie releases. • The chain has also given cards to certain former employees and others who are considered "good friends" of the brand. One such person is Greg Garcia, who created "My Name is Earl" and worked at a Southern California Burger King during the writers strike to gather material. After writing about his experience in GQ magazine, Burger King sent a lifetime card and a box of branded materials to the show.

11. • Industry ID (Where Industry ID would indicate Travel/Entertainment/Petroleum/Telec om), Issuer ID, Account ID and Checksum, totaling 16 are all part of what?

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• Digit 1 (Industry ID): • 1 and 2 are Airline cards • 3 – Travel and Entertainment (ex. Amex) • 4, 5 – Banking and Financial (ex. Visa, Mastercard) • 6 – Merchandising and Banking (ex. Discover, Diners Club) • 7 – Petroleum • 8 – Telecom • 9 – Misc.

12. • Founded in London in 1972 by Stephen Marks, this high street British fashion brand chanced upon its signature name/label when the name was being used on faxes between the United Kingdom and Hong Kong offices. • This label was then introduced across the company as a highly recognizable name to stand alongside the fashion brand. • Name the brand and the signature name/label.

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13. • This company (X) took over the production of an award (Y) in 1998, after Pierre Viot, then president of Y, met the co-president of X. • The award (Y) is made in-house in their high jewelry department by the hand of one of their master craftsmen. • The solid one-of-a-kind crystal is perfectly beveled along the edges in the shape of an emerald-cut diamond. The _______ ____ with its delicate heart shaped stem dances upward and shines like the sun. • The process includes: cutting the design in wax, making the form in gold, and shaping it to perfection before carefully assembling it to the crystal so that the award is ready to be delivered. • What is the company (X), the award (Y) and where would it be presented? [Images on next slide]

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14. • Aliko Dangote heads a 20 billion Dangote Group a conglomerate having businesses in cement, sugar, co nfectionary, brew eries, soft drink, telecommun ications industries. • What is his claim to fame?

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Aliko Dangote – The richest man in Africa

15. • Shareholding pattern of which entity? (as of September 2012)

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16. • A while back, LandProp Services, the real esate arm of holding company, X bought Strand East. Strand East is intended to be a 6,000-person town X is building on a 27-acre industrial plot adjacent to London's 2012 Olympic Park. • While the town would not necessarily mimic X‟s style, the village will test the repeatability of the X's urban schemes in countries suffering from housing shortages. • Give me X. [2 Images on next 2 slides]

• Artistic Representation:

• Plan to be followed:

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