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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Umberto


Slide1:  Revisiting the PDHPE K-6 syllabus Slide2:  The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus is based on a broad notion of health. It encompasses all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health. Slide3:  Aim To develop in each student the knowledge and understanding, skills and values and attitudes needed to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives.   To adopt a responsible and productive role in society. pg 8 Slide4:  Rationale Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others. Promotes physical activity. Emphasises informed decision making, leading to effective and responsible action. pg 6-7 Slide5:  What comes under the PDHPE umbrella? Road safety education Child protection education Families Games Gymnastics Relationships Dance Physical activity Friends Safety Sun protection Slide6:  Overview of learning in PDHPE K-6 pg 9 Strands:  Strands The syllabus is organised into 8 interrelated content strands Active lifestyle Dance Games and sports Growth and development Gymnastics Interpersonal relationships Personal health choices Safe living Skills:  Skills The content is interrelated to five skills Communicating Decision-making Interacting, Moving Problem-solving Slide9:  Outcomes and indicators Outcomes Knowledge and understanding Skills Values and attitudes Indicators A statement of behaviour that students might display as they work towards the achievement of syllabus outcomes Overview of K-6 content :  Overview of K-6 content pg 36-37 Slide11:  Stage overviews Each dot point is expected to be taught within that stage. Each dash point is an example Content can be taught together from different strands (interrelated content and skills) pg 38 – 45 Slide12:  Activity Identify two sub headings from two different strands that can be taught together as part of a unit of work. Slide14:  Foundation Statements provide a snapshot of the knowledge, skills and understanding that each student should develop by the end of each stage of primary school. Foundation Statements Fundamental movement and physical activity Healthy choices Self and relationships Slide15:  Skills – Communicating, Decision-making, Interacting, Moving, Problem-solving Slide16:  Activity Locate and read the outcomes that involve physical activity pg 18-19 (i.e. Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Sports, Active lifestyle) Read the PDHPE Foundation Statement for your Stage. Discuss and compare with someone from another Stage Slide17:  How does it all fit together? Outcomes Specific statements of desired student achievement intended by the syllabus Indicators A statement of the behaviour that students might display as they work towards the achievement of the syllabus outcomes. Content What is expected to be taught between Kindergarten and Year 6. Foundation statements Stage statements provide an overall description or snapshot of student achievement that is typically expected at the end of a stage. The statements also identify how content is sequential and builds upon prior learning.

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