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Published on May 8, 2014

Author: SygicBusinessSolutions



Enhance the efficiency of any fleet
Sygic Fleet Navigation is an offline turn-by-turn navigation application with a comprehensive set of features for company fleets and professional drivers.
It can be easily integrated into any fleet and workforce mobility solution thanks to the SDK available for Android, Windows and Linux.
Example of users
Since 2006 Sygic Fleet Navigation has been used across various industries like Local distribution, Delivery services and Logistics, Transportation, Utilities and Communal services.
Fleet managers can enhance the operational efficiency of their whole fleet with precise routing, a first class user experience and a comprehensive set of features designed for volume licensing.
System Integrators can add value to their solutions with easily customizable navigation utilizing a set of 60 API functions ready to meet requirements of various fleets.
Your whole fleet can be easily equipped with a professional navigation solution allowing seamless integration with 3rd party fleet systems.
Sygic Fleet Navigation helps to increase your drivers’ productivity by reducing the kilometers being driven, enhancing fleet safety and improving your service and delivery times. Fleet Navigation For safe, efficient and dependable drive Table of content Fleet Navigation Fleet Navigation use across various industries Product overview  Map coverage, available languages, hardware compatibility  Features  Basic features  Map view  Route planning  Truck attributes  Navigation features  Extra features  Fleet related features Customer references Fleet Navigation  GPS navigation software with SDK  The 1st navigation SDK for Android  Easy integration into other applications  Fleet Navigation with SDK offers over 60 easy-to-use API functions to help create customized solutions  Solution trusted by 1000+ enterprise customers  Used by more than 100,000 drivers on 5 continents Fleet Navigation Use across various industries  Send the full job list as an itinerary and add/change waypoint in real time  Track vehicle arrival to the customer  Driver and route status - monitoring  Save money on phone calls – communication with drivers via navigations Local distribution and delivery  Set over 20 truck-related road attributes  Identify an exact GPS position of delivery point via send GPS coordinates function  Avoid traffic jams with live traffic info  Enhance communication with driver thanks to Text-to-speech function Long haul transport and logistics  The dispatch is able to send customer‟s pickup address into navigation  Navigation using taxi lanes  Effective distribution of orders knowing actual GPS position of every driver  No need for driver to manipulate with navigation device Taxi dispatch  Mobile service and maintenance, craftsmen  Visualize and navigate to content in the map (utility means such as wiring, or pipelines)  Notify dispatch and customers about ETA of drivers  Window in window feature - use navigation and application on one device Utilities Police, ambulances, firefighters  Navigate to restricted areas thanks to emergency maps  See the position of “workmates” in the navigation map  Add / move bitmap (place of fire, etc.) in the map  Get exactly where needed in critical situations thanks to precise address system Rescue forces  Design specific waste removal/route cleaning routes on server and navigate drivers along them  Visualize assets (e.g. containers) on the map and navigate to them  Highlight POI on the map Waste removal and road cleaning services  Design specific routes for drivers thanks to Route Designer  Keep operations running efficiently at all times thanks to pre- computed routes ETA function notifies driver about time of arrival to the next stop Public transport Product overview Map coverage, available languages, hardware compatibility Rely on the latest maps from global and local map providers User interface and voice guidance in more then 37 languages Europe Europe Middle East Asia Bulgarian Lithuanian Arabic Azerbaijani Catalan Norwegian Farsi Hindi Croatian Polish Hebrew Chinese Czech Portuguese Chinese Traditional (HKG) Danish Portuguese (Brazil) Chinese Traditional (TWN) Dutch Romanian Indonesian English Russian Kazakh Estonian Serbian Kurdish Finnish Slovak Malay (Bahasa) French Slovene Thai German Spanish Urdu Greek Swedish Vietnamese Hungarian Turkish Italian Ukrainian Latvian Fleet Navigation Device memory Min 128 MB memory Storage Map stored on SD card Supported processors ARM, x86, x64, min 600 MHz 3D chip Not required Screen resolution Min 240 x 240, up to 1024 x 768 Supported platforms Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Android, Linux Programming languages for SDK C#, C++, .NET, Visual Studio, Java Hardware compatibility Product with rich set of features Basic features, map view, route planning, truck attributes, navigation features, extra features, fleet related features Turn-by-turn voice instructions include street names, so the driver‟s eyes are free to stay on the road. Works with GPS, no internet is needed Maps, points of interest and software for route calculation, are all stored on user„s device. Basic features Basic features Easy integration to any fleet solution Fleet Navigation with SDK offers over 60 easy-to-use API functions to help create customized solutions. Truck, taxi and emergency maps Map view  Customizable navigation screen  Graphic optimized for tablet & HD display  Current road/street (3)  Current city (2)  Next road/street to take (1)  Map zoom in/out (4) 1 2 4 3 Navigation features  Next maneuver (3)  Distance to next change of direction (2)  Current speed (5)  Current speed limit (1)  Distance to destination (4)  Heading to destination  Speed camera warnings 1 2 3 4 5  Avoid toll roads on part or on entire route  Avoid roadblocks, motorways  Navigate to address, POI, postal code, GPS coordinates, home  Import of interesting locations  POIs on route  Easy address search that accepts typos  Street-first or city-first address entry Route planning Estimated time of arrival Multiple waypoints for loading and unloading plan ahead for the entire day and set-up routes with multiple waypoints for loading and unloading Route planning Truck attributes Maps with truck attributes Warning when entering truck restricted road. Truck parking and petrol stations stored on the device as points of interest (POI) allow drivers to easily locate a place to rest or refuel. Set truck parameters and specify hazardous materials Drivers can enter attributes such as hazardous materials restrictions into the navigation system to avoid roads that are not suitable for specific trucks or cargo.

Toll cost estimation In certain countries the navigation summarizes estimation of the toll costs for computed route. Speed profiles for better ETA Calculated ETA is different for each time of day. Truck attributes Navigation features  Real-Time Traffic information  Exact Address Numbers  Text-to-speech capabilities (“turn left on Washington street”)  Spoken Street Names  Lane Assistant Real time traffic screenshot  Road incident sharing with other drivers  Country information  SOS/Help information Extra features  Fleet Navigation may run inside your application both in Windows and Android operating systems  As needed, the navigation screen can be “hidden” by your application or brought on top Fleet related features Make the most of your application by using standalone or plug-in Fleet Navigation  Drivers can be navigated to Single destination, List of stops, or Exact route  Route can be planned in advance and new waypoints can be added to the existing itinerary anytime  Exact route, when drivers have to follow an exact route sent from the dispatcher Fleet related features Enhance task distribution by assigning jobs to drivers from application to navigation  Content that can be visualized on the map: pictures in map, POIs, lines, traffic events, custom traffic events, workmates  Suitable for field services, communal services, utility services, taxi companies, Fleet related features Maximize drivers„ work efficiency by adding job related visual content to existing maps  These API functions enable conversion of text messages to speech, flash messages in the upper right corner of navigation screen, and display important messages  Suitable for taxi companies, rescue forces, field services, etc. Fleet related features Enhance drivers‟ safety by communicating with drivers directly via navigation Workmates feature  Workmates simplifies the coordination and communication between dispatching and the mobile field workforce.  Drivers are able to see the position of their “Workmates” on their device‟s navigation screen.  Suitable for, rescue forces, taxi companies, etc. Correct small inaccuracies in the map Allows drivers to easily address missing or inaccurate road restrictions in the navigation map, such as speed limits, road closures, etc. directly in the navigation map itself. API function for text-to-speech output Enables text-to-speech conversion of any message sent from enterprise servers to drivers, directly from the mobile application itself Driver‟s log Driver‟s log Keep a record of all driven routes and see an overview of mileage on a particular day Customer references “Sygic has been the first choice of navigation solutions for the Vehco Group in recent years. The reason we chose Sygic in the first place was because of our feeling that Sygic was at the cutting edge of innovation in the navigation field e.g. supporting many different Operating Systems and truck/vehicle attributes…With hindsight, we are very pleased that we chose Sygic as a partner for our solution. A product being developed in the same high rate as our own.” Ted Berggren, Purchasing Manager, Vehco "The partnership between Digitax Automotive Electronics and Sygic allows to provide a complete and flexible solution for fleet management, tracking and job dispatching.“ Valerio Marchetti, Digitax Development Engineer “Deliver my thanks to API developers for easy and quick use of C# API DLLs.” Tomi Nousiainen, STD Systems Oy, Finland Customer reviews Contact Sygic HQ Karadzicova 14 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia phone (office): +421 2 321 153 54 e-mail: URL:

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