Sydney Easter Holidays - Tips and Ideas for Families

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Information about Sydney Easter Holidays - Tips and Ideas for Families

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: rainamichelle


Sydney Easter Holidays Tips and Ideas for Families: Sydney Easter Holidays Tips and Ideas for Families © Hoodaki 2014 About The City: About The City Easter is round the corner. Why not travel to Sydney and enjoy your holidays with its myriads of attractions? If you are looking for Easter-specific holiday tips and ideas for families, then the following sections would prove a useful asset for travelers heading for the Australian destination. © Hoodaki 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show: Sydney Royal Easter Show Well, there is no talk of Easter in Sydney without this particular show. Although a bit pricey, Sydney Royal Easter Show is worth a visit for the overwhelming size and plenty of fun attractions it has to offer. © Hoodaki 2014 More About Sydney Royal Easter Show: More About Sydney Royal Easter Show An annual show held in Sydney Olympic Park, it comprises an agricultural show, an amusement park, a fair, and many shops, restaurants and commercial stands. It is a unique kind of show, combining the elements of each of its components while offering an array of thrilling exhibits, ranging from livestock and produce to arts and crafts, to a horticultural display. © Hoodaki 2014 More About Sydney Royal Easter Show: More About Sydney Royal Easter Show Make your Sydney holidays a memorable experience with a visit to Sydney Royal Easter Show, which has everything for a complete family fun. Kids would love fun attractions, such as show bags, a rodeo and wood chopping. © Hoodaki 2014 Sydney Easter Parade: Sydney Easter Parade If you think Sydney Royal Easter Show is too expensive, then you will definitely like to participate in Sydney Easter Parade, which is absolutely free for the locals as well for the tourists taking flights to Sydney for holidays. © Hoodaki 2014 More About Sydney Easter Parade: More About Sydney Easter Parade The Parade begins in Hyde Park at 2 pm, going all the way along Market, George and Park Streets, to end at the point where it started, with lots of games, music and giveaways. What a fun way to enjoy Sydney Easter Holidays ! Moreover, you can also actually appear in the Parade, but you need to get registered several days before the parade begins. Join more than 3,000 Sydneysiders to have a great day filled with lots of fun for the whole family. Enjoy Sydney holidays! © Hoodaki 2014 Sydney Family Show: Sydney Family Show A scaled-down version of Royal Easter Show is held every year at its old home Moore Park, which is a large area of parkland in the southeastern suburbs of Sydney. © Hoodaki 2014 More About Sydney Family Show: More About Sydney Family Show The Sydney Family Show, as it is famous nationwide, offers plenty of animals shows and fun attractions for kids and the whole family, including the Duck Fashion Parade, the Pig Race, Pony Rides, Pig Musical Chairs and the free snake and reptile shows. © Hoodaki 2014 More About Sydney Family Show: More About Sydney Family Show The best thing about this entire show is that entry is absolutely free for all, including travelers coming here for Sydney holidays from different parts of the world. However, you may need to pay for the rides and other amenities. © Hoodaki 2014 Other Fun Things To Do: Other Fun Things To Do There can be a number of other thrilling attractions and things to do for the whole family. Climbing the Harbour Bridge or Harbour Pylon, visiting an unusual museum, such as the Powerhouse Museum or the Tramway Museum, spending a day with exotic animals at Taronga Zoo, and playing in the sand at a family-friendly beach are just a few tips and ideas for families on Sydney Easter holidays. © Hoodaki 2014 Contact To Hoodaki: Contact To Hoodaki 3rd Floor, 3 Princes Street, London W1B 2LD Phone: +44 20 7318 8140 Website: Blog: Like us on: Facebook Follow us on: Twitter Follow us on: Google+ Follow us on: LinkedIn © Hoodaki 2014

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