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Published on October 30, 2008

Author: lambsway


Welcome to Sycamore Education Training:  Welcome to Sycamore Education Training Turning Over A New Leaf In Technology Sycamores as a Tool of Change:  Sycamores as a Tool of Change Zaccheus used a Sycamore as a tool for change! So he ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree in order to see Him, for He was about to pass through that way. Luke 19:4 NASB The largest tree in Connecticut The Pinchot Sycamore in Simsbury, CT Agenda:  Agenda Basic features – helpful Classroom features - vital REQUIRED! Worth looking into Why Are We Doing This?:  Why Are We Doing This? Replace STI Automate grading, attendance, discipline Improve communication Goals:  Goals All teachers to use class web sites All teachers to use Pass-A-Note All teachers to use Attendance & Discipline Secondary teachers will use for Grades Elementary teachers encouraged to use for Grades System Requirements:  System Requirements Recommended: Windows XP, or Vista Internet Explorer JRE 1.5.0 (Java) Available, but not supported by our school: Linux, AppleOS FireFox, other browsers Disable Pop-up Blocker:  Disable Pop-up Blocker Enable pop-up windows for Sycamore In Internet Explorer Tools/Turn Off Pop-up Blocker Tools/Pop-up Blocker Settings… Add Add Tool bar add-ons from Yahoo! & AOL Add As Trusted Site:  Add As Trusted Site In Internet Explorer Tools/Internet Options… Security tab Trusted Sites Sites Add Buttons may be hidden if this step is skipped Logon:  Logon Navigate to Click on ‘Logon’ School ID is XXXX Enter User ID Enter Password Tip: Create a shortcut or a favorite to Home:  Home Header Menu Tabs News Tip: Do NOT click on ‘My Desktop’ button; this is defective and will be removed soon. Home Page Tabs:  Home Page Tabs News Calendar Documents Photos Data for the whole school – not specific to your class You may access or use these, but you cannot update them News:  News Flash News Today’s Events Attendance Others On-Line Weather School:  School News – view or search school news Calendar – view school calendar Documents – view school documents Photo Albums – view school photos Favorites – view school web links Front Desk:  Front Desk Employees – directory of school staff Department – list of school departments Directory – directory of families & students Facilities – list of school facilities & their schedules Info Center:  Info Center Cafeteria Databases Online Forms Event Registration Knowledgebase Comm Center:  Comm Center Blogs Chatrooms – not working Discussions Boards – setup by administrators Topics – setup by anyone Districts – not used Address Book:  Address Book By Last Name By Company Reports Breakroom:  Breakroom Post Cards – not implemented yet Classified Ads System Help:  System Help Manuals – first place to look for info Messages User News FAQ – second place to look for info My School:  My School Service Logs Discipline Logs School Schedule Workflow Timecard – not used Expense Reports – not used My Accounts:  My Accounts Cafeteria – not used My Organizer:  My Organizer Desktop – helpful view of key info Personal data in calendar, etc. Utilities Options – controls news on right side Categories – addresses or calendar groups Password Passwords:  Passwords Something you will remember! Acronyms & Abbreviations are great Use numbers & symbols substitute 3 for E, 1 for I or L Change password monthly Pass-A-Note (PAN):  Pass-A-Note (PAN) Email:  Email Can be configured to be your email reader, like Outlook My School/Classes:  My School/Classes Class Web Site:  Class Web Site Header Menus Tabs News Calendar:  Calendar Documents:  Documents Photos:  Photos How to Find & Upload an Image:  How to Find & Upload an Image Use a search engine to find an image Right-click on image and select “Save Picture As…” Click on “All Photos” Click on “New Album” or an existing album Click on Upload Photo Enter filename or use Browse to find file Enter Title (optional) Click on “Upload” News:  News My Classes—dropdown list Flash News Teachers Students Current Assignments Visitors Organizing News:  Organizing News Creating News:  Creating News Classroom:  Classroom Same as home page, plus web links for class Front Desk:  Front Desk Directories Staff Students Directory – families, volunteers, donors Comm Center:  Comm Center Chatroom Requires host PC and $5 download Discussions Teacher-defined discussion boards/blogs Great for book discussions! Teachers Desk:  Teachers Desk Seating – seating chart Cafeteria – not used Attendance – daily task (next slide) Attributes – to be determined Lesson Plans – notes on lessons to be taught Attendance:  Attendance Click on date Click checkbox to mark absent or tardy Click on “Submit Attendance” to send to office Lesson Plans:  Lesson Plans Grade Book:  Grade Book Categories Create categories & their weights Assignments Create & grade assignments Grade Overview Traditional gradebook view of assignments and scores Student Summary Breakdown of current average by category Button to post grades Grades are incorporated into official average Viewable to parents & administration Slide42:  Grade Book Grade Posting – Used to post grades for each quarter’s report card Semester Grades – Cumulative report card Reports Subjects:  Subjects Elementary only Categories:  Categories Define categories before you can create assignments Assignments:  Assignments Create Grade Graph Post – creates a printout of grades for a single assignment New Assignment:  New Assignment Grade Assignment:  Grade Assignment Post Grades:  Post Grades Communication:  Communication Check List – handy Flash News Memo Maker – printed report from news Pass-A-Note Email Parents Administration:  Administration Directories for info on Student, Families, and Teachers Configuration Change page color Change logo Parents’ Perspective:  Parents’ Perspective Students’ Perspective:  Students’ Perspective HELP!!!:  HELP!!! System Help on menu Try a colleague – especially Joy or Kristine Super Users Kathy Smith Chris Adams What’s Next:  What’s Next Experiment with Sycamore – we can always delete your changes Early July 2008-2009 school year begins Practice, Practice, Practice… Build your initial site for next fall Setup some assignments Try grading some assignments Mark some kids absent & tardy Give out some demerits & merits

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