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Published on January 19, 2008

Author: Raffaele

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Learning Objectives:   By the end of this program participants will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the control measures to be followed , as detailed in the safe working procedure, when working in and around excavations. To begin we will consider the OAC model for managing safety Slide2:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Slide3:  Set your work objectives to include; “...tasks/ activities are to be completed on time and in a manner that does not cause harm to the employees, customers, other non-employees, or the company/ organisation.” Three key questions to start with are… What can cause harm? What are you doing about it? Is it enough? Remember the process is simple but it is NOT to be considered simplistic. Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Slide4:  The OAC e-learning package can be accessed free at www.confinedspaces.com;   Click here to open the "Work Safety - Manage Safely" e-learning program. (Work Safety - Manage Safely)   also A 5 Minute Safety Seminar (PowerPoint) is available from www.web-safety.com;   Click here to link to Safety Exchange - Then open the 5 minute Safety Seminar. Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Slide5:  Know where the harm is; Identify the key hazards associated with excavations and the outcomes of an excavation safety failure. Source of Hazards (non-exhaustive list)   Access Air quality Collapse of sides or roof Plant & equipment Soil contaminants Underground services Weather conditions Outcomes of exposure (non-exhaustive list)   Asphyxiation Crushing Electrocution Explosion Trips and falls Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Slide6:  Controlling the Hazard - Options In priority order; Eliminate where possible, Use control measures, Protect all those exposed to the hazard Insert eliminate image Insert control image Insert protective Clothing image Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Slide7:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Systems and Equipment Proper design, construction and maintenance. Employ competent staff. Maintain competence. Inspections and tests. Pre-use visual checks. REMEMBER to: Locate and mark any underground services in the vicinity of the excavation before the excavation work starts. Slide8:  Excavation Stability   Qualified and competent person to establish need for excavation supports before any excavation starts. Consider the effects of the excavation on any nearby structures. Excavation/ structure supports to be available before excavation starts. Batter back the sides and ends of the excavation to a safe angle, Qualified and competent people to install, alter and dismantle excavation support systems. Use guards barriers and/ or stop blocks. Store excavated material, plant, vehicles etc. away from the excavation. Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Insert excavation Support image Slide9:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Insert cofferdam image Caissons and Cofferdams are to be… Designed, Constructed , Maintained , Altered, or Dismantled by suitably qualified and competent people. Slide10:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Other Excavation safety considerations Provide a suitable means of access to the excavation. Qualified and competent persons to inspect excavations, caissons or cofferdams; A)  At the start of each shift before anyone commences work, After any event, including weather, likely to have had an effect on the strength or stability of the excavation, After any accidental fall of rock, earth or other material. Keep a record of every inspection. Slide11:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations REMEMBER: Confined Spaces procedures will apply where an actual or potential IDLH 1 atmosphere exists Air quality in Excavations   Provide a sufficient supply of fresh or purified air. Prevent the ingress of hazardous fumes from engine exhausts or other sources. Determine the likely effects of soil contaminants. Monitor the air quality, as necessary.  Provided an alternate breathable air source if the atmosphere in the excavation is found to be outside the breathable limits. 1 IDLH = Immediately dangerous or hazardous to health Slide12:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Business Activity Managers Safety Managers Managing Director Employees Duty Holders Ensuring compliance. Providing professional safety advice. Complying with the requirements. Responsible for… Co-operating with the requirements. Slide13:  Safe Working Procedure - Excavations Documentation   Inspection logs, such as… Excavations, Cofferdams, and Caissons.

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