SWOT template for Construction Projects

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Information about SWOT template for Construction Projects
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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: sarahjvfox

Source: slideshare.net


A template for reviewing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a construction project.

Developed by Sarah Fox

SWOT Template to Refine Client Brief BUILD™ is a framework to ensure you act in the best interests of your clients. The key purpose of analysing the context for the project is to get all relevant information to help you agree an appropriate strategy for protecting those interests. This checklist is used in the Briefing stage of BUILD™. Overview The SWOT analysis should relate to the whole life-cycle of the project and covers issues internal to the project strategy (SW) and external (OT). For further information see the business balls website. Objectives The objectives of this stage in the process, with which this template is intended to assist, are:      S W O T to act in your client’s best interests; to obtain the right information at the right time; to clarify your client’s perspective(s) and criteria for success; to ensure consistent information across the project team; to focus on what’s critical for your client. Strengths Does it meet client priorities? Is it tested or approved? Does it meet best practice guidelines? What is the client’s previous experience/knowledge? Is there a synergy with client business needs? Is it an effective use of resources, assets, and team? Weaknesses Is it innovative or untested? Does the client have doubts or the project have vulnerabilities? Was the strategy included in ITT? What are the time, cost, and quality issues? Are the systems/processes reliable? Opportunities Is it acceptable to stakeholders? What is the impact of market changes? Does the strategy cover the life-cycle of project? What is the insurance or risk transfer situation? Is there wide public support? Does it meet government strategies? Threats What is the potential for disputes? Is there a lack of support by project team? What about changes to PESTLE aspects? Is there competition? What is the likely impact of risk events? Are there other obstacles to success? Page 1 © Enjoy Legal Learning, 2014

BUILD™ Begin with the Brief A successful project requires great foundations S Strengths current advantages/assets to use meet’s high % of client priorities tested or approved meets best practice guidelines previous experience/knowledge synergy with client business needs effective use of resources, assets, team O Opportunities future advantages/assets to grasp acceptable to stakeholders market changes covers life-cycle of project insurance or risk transfer wider public support meets government strategies Weaknesses current challenges to note W does not meet all client priorities innovative or untested doubts or vulnerabilities not included in ITT time, cost, quality issues reliability of systems/processes Threats future challenges to mitigate T disputes lack of support by project team PESTLE changes competition risk events other obstacles Sarah Fox of Enjoy Legal Learning developed this template. She is a professional speaker, innovator and trainer who cuts through the complexities of construction law. She provides confidence to those who use construction contracts through workshops that clarify and simplify the law. She is also author of the 500-Word Contract™. To find out how Sarah can transform your technical training, contact her via her mobile: 07767 342747 or by email: sarah@enjoylegallearning.co.uk Page 2 © Enjoy Legal Learning, 2014

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