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Published on March 20, 2009

Author: MPLTeenSpace

Source: authorstream.com

Slide2:  Book Two of the Shield, Sword, and Crown Series : Sword of Waters by Hilari Bell Slide3:  Portrait of a Youth by Giovanni Bellini Weasel found the Shield and Prince Edoran did the research to prove that it was the right one. Now all I have to do is find the sword and become a lady. No Problem. What am I saying I do not have a clue how to do either. Just because I am a girl does not mean I want to become another snotty court lady. Male half-length Portrait by Giorgione Bellini Slide4:  Mlle charlotte du Val d‘Ognes by Jacques Louis David When my mother and the Justice decided to work together to get rid of the Regent I thought that my problems were going away. Little did I know that living at court could be more dangerous than living with highway bandits. The jealousy between the other girls my age is almost out of control. Someone has even been breaking into my room and trying to set up ways to hurt my mother through me. Slide5:  Judith by Lukas Cranach My mom is now the Lord Commander of the Army. My father was an Navy Officer that was hung by the last Regent. If all of this is not confusing enough my mother now wants me to spend time with the prince. The prince is a spoiled brat and all he wants to do is to spend time in the Library to study some old and dusty scrolls. Even if I want to do all that I need to find out why my maid is trying to hurt me and my mother. Slide6:  Captain Bones Routs Black Dog by N.C. Wyeth After following my maid to an Inn I see that the inn owner only greets certain people and then lets them in and my maid is one of them. There is also Navy Officers and the last Regent’s clerk which I thought was not allowed in town anymore. What is going on and why do they want to hurt me or my mother? Slide7:  The Lacemaker by Vermer I am so bad at this being a lady thing. How are people suppose to sew these little stitches and why would they want to anyway? Surely there is better things I could be doing. I could go ride or I could go to my fencing lesson. It is not technically my lesson but I am teaching the prince. His instructor is so bad I am starting to see why the prince acts like he does. I would not know a single thing if all of my teachers were this bad. But I can’t teach the prince anymore. All we did is end up in the hay during a lesson it was innocent but I am in trouble anyway. How did they know we were there? Slide8:  The Continence of Scipio by Giovanni Tiepolo Since we got in trouble the only time I can see Weasel, who by the way was my friend first and not the princes, is in dance classes. I would not even go but I need to see Weasel and I guess the prince also. The kind of grows on you. He did save me when some of the so called court ladies set it up so my gown would fall apart at the dance. I do not even want to know how badly that would have looked for my mom’s sake. Slide9:  A man with a beer keg by Frans Hals The Cook by Jan Vermeer Thanks to Weasel showing me some of his old tricks I can now get away from the castle to help at the inn. I have been working to help clean there in hopes that I can find out what is going on. Is my mom in trouble or is she helping to cause the trouble? Slide10:  Pick up a copy of “Sword of Waters” which is the second book in The Shield, Sword, and Crown Series at your library today. http://apollo.sdln.net/F/?func=find-c&local_base=mit&ccl_term=sys%3D006897477 The Shield, Sword, and Crown Series by K. M. Grant Book 1 Shield of Stars - Book 2 Sword of Waters - Book 3 Crown of Earth (Oct. 2009 Release Date) Special Effects by: Luke Artwork provided by: SDLN Mitchell Public Library Card Catalog “ 20 Centuries of Great European Painting” Published by Sterling “A Treasury of Art Masterpieces” by Thomas Craven Published Simon and Schuster “An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art” Published with the Brandywine River Museum “Art Treaures of the Louvre” by Rene Huyghe Published Harry Abrams

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