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Published on December 9, 2017

Author: joconnor103

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Case Presentation Module 5: Case Presentation Module 5 By: Jason O’Connor Professor Corcoran SWKO-6901 9 December 2017 Brief History of Mikey: Brief History of Mikey 52 year old Caucasian Male Suffers from quadriplegia (tetraplegia) due to accident in 2015 Unemployed Lives alone, and his confined to his bed Ex-wife is primary care-taker Presenting Problems : Presenting Problems Mikey is a Quadriplegic Mikey has had major issues and complications with his DSS and SSI benefits Recently Divorced from his Wife Lives in an old Colonial House on the outskirts of town, very rural CT area Not receiving any professional in-home health care Recently transported to near by ER, and than transferred to Specialty Hospital Modality: Modality Home visits at Mikey’s residence when able Communication and updates via Email, text, and phone Obtained permission from Client to communicate with various agencies on his behalf Present Goals: Present Goals *No treatment plan and no counseling services provided* Responsible for short term goal completions and helping Mikey with his DSS benefits and NMSS program acquisitions SNAP, HUSKY, Energy Assistance with Oil and Electricity, Gift Cards for Disabled Adults, SSI, Food Bank Maintain communication while Mikey is at the Specialty Hospital Challenges With Mikey: Challenges With Mikey Strained and conflicting relationship with ex-wife Medical Condition makes it very hard to complete tasks and goals Issues with original DSS and SSI application have delayed and caused many problems with benefits Isolated Now located at Special Hospital Future Plans: Future Plans CFC, Community First Choice Home Care Energy Assistance with Oil Continued Home Visits to maintain communication and updates of condition Need to first wait for Mikey to be Discharged, unconfirmed date

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