Switzerland and Pakistan, Business and Culture Comparison

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Information about Switzerland and Pakistan, Business and Culture Comparison
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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Krystal_Aguilar



In this presentation we compared the geography, culture, and business guidelines of Switzerland and Pakistan. Knowing the culture before doing business with a differing culture will be helpful when confronted with business situations.

Switzerland & Pakistan Presented By: Krystal Aguilar Ashley Chennault Chiho Nakayama Brianna Stock Philip Wall

Geographic Location

Switzerland Geographic Location

Geographic Location

Pakistan Geographic Location

Cultural Facts

Switzerland Cultural Facts

Pakistan Cultural Facts ● Islamic Republic of Pakistan - individualistic country ● “Land of the Pure” in Urdu and Persian ● Official languages - Urdu and English ● Established on August 14, 1947 in the eastern and northwestern regions of British India, where there was a Muslim majority ● One of the top 25% tourist destination for its World Heritage sites ● 2nd highest rate of deforestation in the world

Cultural Values

Switzerland Cultural Values Hofstede’s Framework Key: PDI - Power Distance IDV - Individualism MAS - Masculinity UAI - Uncertainty Avoidance LTO - Long Term Orientation (Confucianism)

Pakistan Cultural Values Hofstede’s Framework Key: PDI - Power Distance IDV - Individualism MAS - Masculinity UAI - Uncertainty Avoidance LTO - Long Term Orientation (Confucius)

Cultural Values Compared

Business Guidelines

Switzerland Business Guidelines In-Person Meetings and Negotiating: ● Formal, to some almost stiff ● Value punctuality ● Direct communication ● Expect to debate ● Many different languages spoken at once ● Strive for win-win situations

In-Person Meetings and Negotiating: ● Strives for punctuality ● Prefers formal meetings ● Communicates indirectly ● Greets participants in descending order ● Aims for win-win outcomes Pakistan Business Guidelines

THANK YOU Danke ‫.شکریہ‬ (shukriya)

Questions How would you approach a deadline in Switzerland? How important is the power distance and hierarchy in making business contracts in Pakistan? Which country would be more similar to America in terms of doing business with? How do you think Pakistan would rank in long-term orientation?

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