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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: raphaelbriner


Swiss Ventures Survey! 60 startups 2014 Author: Raphaël Briner
 Promotors: Fathi Derder and Fabrice Delay 
 Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0 Twitter hashtag: #CH60

#CH60 Startups Survey Objectives of the survey Collect direct feedbacks 
 from experienced CEOs! Understand their expectations/considerations 
 from Switzerland regarding: ! • SMI Companies
 • Government
 • Funding

#CH60 Startups Survey Recognized startups +150 high-level startups invited by email 
 based on 3 listings • Venture leaders list (2007-2011)! • Bilan list (2014)! •

#CH60 Startups Survey A startup. Having a disruptive product that can scale and impact an industry! Having enough traction to motivate investors to increase growth and/or R&D! Taking risks to sell a product with a new business model

#CH60 Startups Survey Does your company 
 still exist ? 80 % 20 % Yes, growing Yes, but struggling Zero NO

#CH60 Startups Survey Did any law (725Co, bills) put once your company in serious troubles ? 80 % 20 % No Fiduciaries and taxes don’t wait Yes

#CH60 Startups Survey Is there any chance that your company 
 will generate more than 
 10mio of revenues per year in 3 years ? 28 % 72 % Yes No That’s a ±700Mio opportunity

Startups business plans are complex

#CH60 Startups Survey Sector 7 %2 %5 % 7 % 7 % 8 % 7 % 5 % 52 % IT Biotech Medtech Cleantech Micro/nano Electronics/mechanics Material-chemicals Financial services Others

It’s not only about innovation

#CH60 Startups Survey Funding phase <100k 010203040 Région 1 >100k >400k >800k >2mio >4mio >10mio A: missing some angels here! B: missing some bold Series A A B 15% 18% 3% 34% 10% 14% 5%

#CH60 Startups Survey Did you do any pivot ? 31 % 32 % 37 % A small one No 69% had to change A big one

#CH60 Startups Survey Did you have any direct sales discussion with a CEO from a SMI company ? 81 % 10 % 9 % No, only on other stock exchanges such as Nasdaq, Cac40, Nyse No While startups are strategic for future growths Yes

#CH60 Startups Survey Are SMI employees motivated to use innovative swiss technologies through internal programs ? 63 % 37 % No What about the Swiss made ? Yes

#CH60 Startups Survey Do you expect them to have their own funds ? 32 % 68 % No We need more corporate funds such as Ringier, Zuhlke, Debio, Swisscom… in order to avoid conflict of interest Yes

#CH60 Startups Survey Did you have a pilot 
 within a SMI company 78 % 7 % 15 % No Note: not applicable for all startups Yes, pilot only Yes, a full extended project still in production

#CH60 Startups Survey Région 1 0 15 30 45 60 Could Swiss government do more to help in priority? Smaller but quicker r&d support (automatic) ! ! 47%! Bigger but restricted r&d support (as it is now) ! 16%! More funds through 1% “pension funds” allocation ! 53%! Fiscal incentives at commercial level ! ! ! ! 39%! Fiscal incentives for rich foreign residents to invest! 37% Fiscal at swiss investors level ! ! ! ! ! 37% A A: New model of subvention distribution to design! B: US allocation model is 5%. In CH we have 0% B

#CH60 Startups Survey How much Swiss VC funds did you consider ! as strategic for your business ? 2 % 7 % 91 %1 to 5 We need more competition and attract foreign funds 11 to 15 6 to 10

#CH60 Startups Survey How quick are Swiss VC investors in their analysis process? 5 % 49 % 45 % Medium Fast Slow Not enough competition, again

#CH60 Startups Survey How many strategical angels did you meet ! and shared with you more than 4 phone calls ? 12 % 38 % 50 % 1 to 3 We need 10x more angels, supported 
 with qualified crowdfunding 8 to 15 4 to 7

#CH60 Startups Survey If you could restart your company and story from scratch, would you do it in Switzerland again ? 27 % 10 % 2 %61 % Asia Other regions were also available North America Here, in Switzerland EU

#CH60 Startups Survey Does the votation "no mass immigration" ! will have a direct impact on your startup ? Région 1 0 12.5 25 37.5 50 Yes, on employment Yes, on fundraising No Yes, on my startup localization Yes, on sales 44% 5% 15% 15% 44%

Join the conversation! ! Find the full extended report here! Now you can give us your own opinion through the Twitter hashtag: #CH60 Special thanks to the entrepreneurs who took time to fill the survey, instead of doing sales #CH60 Startups Survey

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