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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: Ander050

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Power Point about Swimming

 Butterfly  Breaststroke Freestroke or crawl Backstroke

 The Freestyle or front crawl is often  the preferred stroke of seasoned  swimmers.   Your arms execute alternating  movements. One arm moves  backwards in the water from an  overhead position towards the hip and  provides propulsion. The other arm  recovers above water from the hip  towards the overhead position.  Atferwards your arms exchange their  roles. The legs execute a flutter kick .

 The breast stroke is the best  known and most popular of  the competitive swimming  strokes.   In breaststroke, both arms  execute half-circular arm  movements at the same  time under water in front of  the swimmer. The arm  recovery also occurs under  water. The legs  simultaneously execute a  whip kick..

The butterfly stroke stands out  among the competitive strokes  because of it's unique and  spectacular technique.   It uses a symmetrical arm stroke  with an above water recovery. It  also uses a wave-like body  undulation and a dolphin kick.  Butterfly is the second fastest swim  stroke after freestyle. It has a  reputation of being hard to learn  and is quickly exhausting 

 As its name suggests, backstroke is swum on the back. It uses alternating circular arm movements and an above water recovery. The legs execute a flutter kick similar to the one used in freestyle.  Backstroke is faster than breaststroke but slower than butterfly

Length 50 Width 21 m (minimum) 25 recommended Number of lines 10, (normally used 8 to prevent the other two waves) Line width 2,5 m Water temperature 25–28 °C (77–82.4 °F) Light intensity > 1500 lux Minimum depth 2,0 m Volume 2500 m³ o 2500000 litros (depending on depth)

 Why is it good swim?  Swimming is one of the few physical exercises that benefit the body and which enhances overall strength, endurance and flexibility at the same time .  Swimming uses most muscle groups and is a demanding exercise that helps maintain healthy heart and lungs.  Swimming also helps keep joints flexible , especially the neck , shoulders, and pelvis. The muscle groups that are used particularly when swimming motion vary chosen.  However, practice varieties wave back, breaststroke crowl and involve a greater number of muscles : abs , biceps and triceps , glutes , hamstring , and quadriceps.  .  Who can swim?  Swimming is an activity that can be practiced by people of any age and any level of fitness.  From sedentary person making their first water " first steps " to competitive swimmer who trains for a test, swimming is a physical exercise that anyone can develop at their own level .

 When swimming you increase the level of physical activity and this increase the amount of energy you burn , what makes this sport ideal for any weight management program component.  Swimming is generally better for your body than land exercises because your natural ability to float in water helps prevent the inevitable bumps that can cause injury.  In water, the weight of a person is about 10 % of normal weight, and the range of motion is much higher , especially for people who need to get fit and have limited mobility because the water supports weight of the members.  Therefore, it is a good choice for those who want to exercise, and may have problems with the practice exercises on land . For example , swimming can be ideal for pregnant women, for those who suffer arthritis or for those with back problems and weight .  On the other hand , people with lung conditions such as asthma , as the atmosphere of a normally wet pool, breathe more easily

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