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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: PPRCayur

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Sweeteners are naturally found in plants due to photosynthetic processes. Various plants naturally synthesize sugar which is much sweeter than sugar that we eat (artificially processed) Discover an array of plants that can be good alternative for patients having diabetes

Plant derived Sweeteners New & Emerging opportunities (Sweeteners: Part – I) Presented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India

Introduction  Sweet taste …. Interest to humankind long before written history  Understanding of sweet taste still very elementary  Ideal substitute for sucrose has yet to discover, matching sweet taste PPRC/INDIA 01

Introduction  Unknown complex mechanism  Sweetness: interaction of population of stimulant molecules with a receptor  Sweet substances found in all classes of chemicals  Conventional sweetener: sugar or sucrose an article of human food PPRC/INDIA 02


World production of Cane sugar and Sugar beet PPRC/INDIA 04

Sugar  High density food  Nature conventional sweeteners  Prime source of energy in diet  It furnishes 394 kcal/kg to maintain body temperature and activity  Sugar: rapidly absorbed PPRC/INDIA 05

Sugar  Sucrose hydrolysed to glucose and fructose  Class of chemically related sweet flavoured substances  Most of them are used as foods  100 gms – 394 cals  Organic compound PPRC/INDIA 06

Sugar  Made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen  Sugars are found in the plant tissues  Main rich sources: Cane sugar, Sugarbeet  Sugar production: >200 million tonnes in the world in 2013  Average person consumption: 24 kgs / year PPRC/INDIA 07

Cane Sugar PPRC/INDIA 08

Sugar Beet PPRC/INDIA 09

Sugar  Scientifically referred to as monosaccharide and disaccharide  Through photosynthesis, plants produce glucose and convert it for energy as an emergency reserve in the form of carbohydrate such as starch PPRC/INDIA 10

Sugar production in Globe in 2011-2012 COUNTRY SUGAR PRODUCTION (1000 MT.) Brazil 35,750 India 28,300 Europe 16,740 China 11,840 Thailand 10,170 USA 7,153 Mexico 5,650 Russia 4,800 Pakistan 4,220 Australia 4,150 Other 3,947 Total 168,247 PPRC/INDIA11

Form & use of sugar FORM USE Granulated • To sprinkle on food, hot drinks, cooked foods • As preservative to prevent micro-organisms Milled • Icing sugar • For dusting food baking confectionary Screened • Crystalline form • To decorate table sugars • For blending in dry mixes & baking confectionary PPRC/INDIA12

Form & use of sugar FORM USE Brown In baking goods confectionary & toffees Sugar cubes To sweeten drinks Liquid sugar In beverages, ice-creams, jam Syrups In baked goods, confectionary, toffee PPRC/INDIA13

Health effects  Blood glucose levels  Obesity  Cardiovascular diseases  Alzheimer’s disease  Macular degeneration  Tooth decay PPRC/INDIA 14

Blood glucose levels PPRC/INDIA 15

Complications of high Blood glucose levels PPRC/INDIA 16

Obesity PPRC/INDIA 17

Medical complications of Obesity PPRC/INDIA 18

Cardiovascular diseases PPRC/INDIA 19

Alzheimer’s disease PPRC/INDIA 20

Macular degeneration PPRC/INDIA 21

Tooth decay PPRC/INDIA 22

Stages of Tooth decay PPRC/INDIA 23

Research findings about SUGAR  New MRI research reveals cancer cells thrive on processed sugar  Excess sugar & refined carbohydrates found to significantly increase risk of heart failure  Studies link sugary drink consumption to heart disease PPRC/INDIA 24

R & D about SUGAR  Consumption of carbonated soft drinks significantly increase risk of stroke  Sugar is main cause of Type II Diabetes  Sugar sweetened drinks cause high blood pressure  Added sugars linked to risks of heart disease in teenagers PPRC/INDIA 25

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