Sweet Dirty Truth about Diet Products

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Published on July 12, 2009

Author: englance.com

Source: slideshare.net


Little dirty truth about diet products in our supermarket...

Sweet Dirty Truth  about Diet Products    

Definition Sweet diet products usually contain: - Aspartame (E951) → Foods - Acesulfame-K (E950) → Drinks - Polyols, Xylitol, Sorbitol & others... → Chewing- gum, sweets... To Say it Simple: Artificial Sweetener    

What's the Danger ? - Stomach ache, - Depress, - Dizziness, - Memory lost - and... Cancer (EHP experience)    

Why we are not ready to see it  disappear ? 1) Because it's Cheaper than using Real Sugar 2) Because, people will always believe that drinking/eating artificial sweetener product is good for their health/body shape without effort 3) Because Aspartame & Artificial Sweetener are used in more than 5000 products around the world = $$$$$$$$$    

How About Low FAT ? Ever wonder how to make a 20% Low FAT Meat ? → Inject water or air & azote to dilute. → Use anabolic hormones in animals (USA) → Use proteins (white egg & milk) to substitute the FAT in foods → Extraction of Fatty Substance from Starch technique … and so on...    

What's the Mistake ? Low Fat + Artificial Sweetener = Make you FAT ! Why ? → Increase your appetite to eat more without feeling guilty (because it's 'diet') → Your brain is 'cheated' by aspartame, and cannot regulate your appetite signal → will force you to eat more fatty stuff → Obesity.    

How about  'Made from Concentrate' Juice ? Real Basic Ingredients: Water + Powder (of so called 'Natural Juice') + Sugar (Fructose Corn Syrup or Sweetener) = Made from Concentrate    

Beware of  'Natural & Artificial Flavour' Coconut aroma ? Comes from real Coconut... But Trichoderma viride mushroom fermentation ! Peach aroma ? Comes from real Peach... But Castor oil ! Raspberry aroma ? Comes from real raspberry... But anal glands of a beaver !    

Conclusion It's not too late to open you mind and choose what's the best for you & your family ! Be Real, Choose Real, Eat Real... The Best Thing in Life is Not in Artificial, nor Diet Products. Slides compiled & made by Anan. OUPRAXAY    

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