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Published on January 14, 2016

Author: mirtousif12

Source: slideshare.net

1. www.swasthyafoundation.org www.swasthyafoundation.com www.Swasthyafoundation.in swasthyafoundatinorg@gmail.cominfo@swasthyafoundation.org

2. Swasthya Foundation New Smile... New Life...swasthyafoundatinorg@gmail.comwww.swasthyafoundation.org

3. Dr. Manu PrasaD .sDr. Manu PrasaD .s PRESIDENT & CHAIRMAN SWASTHYA FOUNDATION Head of the Department Centre for Cleft Services St JOSEPH’S HOSPITAL Centre Director DCKH/SHfS CENTRE – MYSORE Professor Farooqia Dental College Rajiv gandhi University

4. Swasthya Meaning  “SWASTHYA” is a sanskrit word which has two components "SWA”(‘The being’) and "STHA"(‘centered’)  No word in english can define health to its fullest as SWASTHYA does- it means ‘Getting Centered to one’s own being’  “SWASTHYA” - as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual's body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature.

5. Vision:  To reintegrate children born with cleft lip palate and other facial deformities into mainstream society. Mission:  To establish state-of-the-art cleft centre to treat children born with cleft lip palate across the country. To train and impart surgical knowledge to surgeons and medical professionals to support these unfortunate babies.

6. What does Cleft mean? It is the most common congenital facial deformity in the world The term “cleft” refers to a gap in the lip and palate , can affect the face in severe forms


8. How we help… • First contact at cleft camps: Dr. Manu Prasad.S examines a patient in the cleft camp at K.R.Nagara, Mysore .

9. How we help… • 7-8 Surgeries are required for complete rehabilitation • Free surgery to close the cleft Lip & palate

10. Eating/drinking difficulties Hearing difficulties Facial disfigurement Speaking difficulties Usually the cleft palate will be closed in the 2nd operation three to six months after the closing of the cleft lip. How we help…

11. How we help… • But surgery is only the first step in a long process: • Speech therapy to ensure normal speaking & hearing abilities • Functional & psychological therapy to make them live a normal child’s life • Educating the parents how to support the further development of the child

12. How we help… • Orthodontic treatment • Other treatments: • In some cases besides Cleft also ENT surgery required• Awareness • Setting up new high quality and self sustainable ‘Cleft – Centres’ in India • Train the local surgeons, therapists, staff to the newest and highest standards – partly in Germany, Europe • Application of vitamins to pregnant women to prevent cleft formations

13. How we help… • Swasthya Foundation is accompanying each patient and their family in every single step of this journey!

14. How we help… … because our aim is high: A happy & normal child who can live an independent and self-responsible life!

15. And now…. • A dedicated and comprehensive centre in Mysore Mysore Dr. Manu Prasad.S Launched in 2013 at St.Joseph’s Hospital , Mysore The centre is headed by Dr. Manu Prasad.S

16. All that it costs… 15.000 INR for change of a life! How can you help…

17. Thank you Swasthya Foundation “New smile... New life...”

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