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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: israfans

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סיפורה של עמותת האוהדים של סוונסי שהוצג במסגרת כנס מעמד האוהד 6/3/14 מכללת נתניה

From a Pound to The Premier Swansea City – The last 12 years Swansea City Supporters Trust Alan Lewis “Here for a long time - not just a good time”

Swansea City sold for From this one pound !! to this In 12 years – How?

Some Background

How the Supporters’ Trust got started – in 2001 Supporting the Swans has always been akin to riding a roller coaster

We had to fight for our football club

People got together & made our voice heard peacefully

And in 2002 We along with others took over the club and started to build 25 Jan 2002 Trust joins Consortium of businessmen primarily locally based fans - via a legal agreement

It wasn’t easy! Our ground was falling apart & we couldn’t get any lower


So what 5 aspects were key to the football club succeeding

The Chairman & Board had a clear vision on and off the pitch

We worked with the local community & key stakeholders

We were careful with off the field expenditure & had budgets which we stuck to ‘I think in 99 per cent of the clubs that have problems, the issue is they forget the simple things. That’s probably true in life as well. If you bring in £80, then don’t spend £100. That’s not hard, is it?’ Huw Jenkins: Chairman Swansea City

We recruited the ‘right type of people’

We were patient but any risks we did take were calculated

All of this resulted in….

We achieved excellent results in a sustainable way

So what 5 aspects were key to the Supporters’ Trust succeeding

Our Supporter Director’s worked hard to build trust but became one of the team Today our Supporter Director is part of the DNA of the club Involved in every key decision

We respected our past

We work to keep our club & fans connected – Fans Forums

We work to keep our club & fans connected – Engaged with exiles

We work to keep our club & fans connected – Annual Ten Pin Bowling Evening

We listened to our fans in difficult economic times

We communicate regularly & engage to measure views

Our Success? • We are instrumental in the running of the club • We have helped ensure our club is debt free and well run financially • We are maintaining our shareholding even with new share issues • We continue to raise on average around £40k per year • We can ensure that no ‘speculator’ can come & gamble with our club

What we have learned? • If your club means something to your community then work for it • Communicate, communicate & communicate • Not everyone will like you & support you • Get yourself organised & look professional • Seek out and listen to advice – Supporters’ Direct and others • Be clear about what you stand for • Remember its a marathon and not a sprint

We’re working to extend our stadium Plan to increase to 32,000 – Paid by SCFC

Investing off the pitch in a state of the art academy/training facility

We came up at the same time but….. £65.2m turnover £14m profit 9th place Major trophy! £63m turnover £22m loss 20th place Relegation?

Our message • • • • • Get involved and be involved Your club, your future Don’t think it will never happen – Cycles! Become the hub of your community Stand up for the most important people at your club • Think about 10/20/30 years time – What is the only common link in your club!

With the hard work & team work comes achievements Swansea City Supporters’ Trust Management Board 2012/13

Thanks for your time Good luck with the plans you have! ‫תודה לך על זמנך ובהצלחה עם‬ ‫התוכניות שלך לעתיד‬ Any questions? www.swanstrust.co.uk info@swanstrust.co.uk Twitter.com@swanstrust

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