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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: matthewlawhead

Source: authorstream.com

Swagalishious Hatz: Swagalishious Hatz Our hats will be sold for 10-15 dollars depending on the style and what they want on the hat. Our slogan is walk around with swag on your head. Types of hats. : Types of hats. Bennies Flat hats Snapbacks And any other at you could think of and we will make them. You can buy our product by calling (343)- 688-6939 or visit 330 Queen Elizabeth Drive. Why we are selling our Product.: Why we are selling our Product. We are selling our product a lot of teens wear different types of hats and we want them to have stylish hats that when people walk by they stop and ask where they got it. We are going to sell our product by shipping or send our product to stores around the country and have them sell our product. Our main sellers are teenagers because they are the main people that wear hats. Quebec is where our company is located we put our company there because Quebec has a lot of festivals with would bring tons of people to our store and buy our product. Also Quebec has annual carnivals and the carnivals involve skiing, ice sculptures and ice castles which we could sell our hats there. Quebec also has a great trading group with America which would help us get more business. PowerPoint Presentation: This is what our hats might look like if you were to buy one. Bennie Snapback Flat Hat

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