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Published on February 27, 2014

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.” Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in today’s society.

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"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world " "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world " Nurturers of boys , are now their sex toys !! For the most part of the last year and half, our regular dailies have been inundated with news on molestation of women in our society . For most part of this tenure, we have been talking about means to contain it and for the rest of it , aghastly , we have been a mere spectator. We , the residents of a nation , which we consider to be of a feminine gender , have been witnessing the same gender being harassed by certain weeds of human society and are helpless towards it . Such slayers of humanity have made our values a butt of ridicule in their own world and now,there is the dire need to resurface from our hibernation and launch a toll over such social germs before they eat up the architects of our society , the women society.

It is appaling to see that in a phase ,where women are heralding the success of our country in every field possible, thought of even looking at them in a disgusting manner can strike the nuerons of such sociopaths. Women have always laid the foundation of our society . Ranging from giving birth and nurturing the harbingers of our country's future , to fighting for her natives freedom in war , to standing up as a prime minister of the nation , they have given their soul in and soul out to build our society. "If you want to get something said , ask a man ; If you want to get something done , ask a woman " , albeit a cliche , is a staring truth at face of our society , and yet , we fail to protect them . We , as a unit, fail to protect their purity , fail to protect their selfless gesture, fail to even respect them in many instances by publicly cracking jokes on them , and yet , expect them to walk on broken glass for us . It gives me nausea to even think of people, who commit the heinous act of raping them . It fails all my logical reasoning on how can a guy even think of doing something so destructive and ugly , to the gender that actually gave him the right to live . Not even considering their contribution to the country he lives in , but reflecting on a personal level , had he known the pain his mother went through to bring a scur like him in this world , had he pondered about the pain his teachers took to teach him , had he even considered the maids that work to provide him comfort or had he even glanced at those who worked at fields to provide him cereals he eats , he would have crushed under the weights of their doings for him. A mere moment of sexual intensity under his clothes would have been stamped under his gratitude and respect for them . Such an act unleashes the fact that such entities have all their values marred and their conscience died, and we need to poach such social animals , who are

preying on the nurturers of society . In the modern epoch , it is actually the fairer sex that is ruling the world , and yet they are facing the wrath of such crimes . In our society , where sports sector is marked with splendor of Sania Nehwal, Business is marked by the charisma of Vintia Bali, and even politics is morever ,under the arms of Sonia Gandhi, we have people who see them as "pleasurable goods" . Contemplating on the situation at hand, if these inhuman acts are not contained, the society would be stranded for long. If women stop coming out of their houses , we would find ourselves ushering into a limbo of oblivion , where our society would be in utter chaos , with the next generation being a distant dream . The time has come , when each one of us swear to protect the sanctity of feminine gender , when we do not hesitate to butcher "those" who eye their purity , to harm "those" who stain their personality and to murder the "those" that aim to even mess with the nuturing hands of our society . This could be achieved either by peacefully counselling people and making them aware of women's critical position in our society , or by brutally punishing the offenders , leaving a terrorising impact on the minds of all others, who would even consider such an act as an option to satisfy their desire. The clock has struck, the hour has come , to doom all the rapists wih our actions , because when noble actions take the floor, even the mightiest of inhuman deeds has to back off. - Suyash Harlalka

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