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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: dsatnik



I've given different versions of this presentation to a number of audiences, local through national. This version was presented to a class at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo ON (my home area).

The intent of this presentation is to provide an overview of how to plan energy projects, where different technologies fit and thrive, what challenges to expect (and how to overcome them), and where to get help.

This presentation is a useful overview of the entire sustainable energy sector, and focuses on commercially available technologies that are available in Ontario Canada.

Comments welcome. Contact me with any questions.

Sustainable Energy Systems WLU, 2014-02-28 Derek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED® AP Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. Photo from © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. - Wayne Gretzky

Agenda A “101” style walk-through of real-life project experiences: •Context & Planning •Challenges to Expect •Pitfalls to Avoid •Where to Find Help •Lessons Learned Picture from

Derek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED AP Managing Partner & Chief Innovation Officer • • • • • • • • • • • • • ® Electrical Engineer, renewable energy / LEED® specialist: Consulting with Stantec / Enermodal since ’99 (various capacities on facility design teams), Managing Partner at Mindscape since Oct. 2006 Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC): LEED for Homes, Real Estate, Neighbourhood Development, and Mid-Rise (sub-)Committees Canadian Residential Energy Services Network, Founder & Advisor Net-Zero Energy Housing Coalition, Technical Advisor Built Green Canada, Technical Standards Committee Chair Natural Resources Canada’s “Solar Ready” program, Advisor Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Past Vice-Chair Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Board of Advisors Green Energy Act Alliance, Management Committee Community Renewable Energy Waterloo, Past-President Conestoga College Program Advisory Committee helping create a renewable energy trades program Local Initiative for Future Energy Co-operative Inc., Founder Sustainable Waterloo (regional carbon market), Advisory Board Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Ulsan © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Conservation Roadmap & ROI Chart From book Smart Power: An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency, © William H. Kemp © Mindscape Innovations

Energy Efficiency 101 Step 1: Learn what you’re using (metering, watch bills) Step 2: Identify opportunities to use less Step 3: Identify applicable incentive programs Step 4: Consider hiring an energy audit professional Step 5: Retrofit – Start with the low-hanging fruit Step 6: Use min 50% of the savings to finance further efforts (build an increasing project budget year after year) Repeat! Walmart, McKinney, Texas, with white roof, wind & solar: Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Implementation of Renewable Energy Systems Step 1: Scoping – determine technology options Step 2: Feasibility assessment(s) Step 3: Research permitting requirements Step 4: Research grants and incentives Step 5: Hire RE consultant or turn-key OEM/distributor • Mindscape provides renewable energy resource assessments to determine which forms of renewable energy will best fit your needs and location • Mindscape also has partners involved with many different renewable energy technologies (check and OSEA members list) Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Lions Head © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Profitability Comparison for RE Technologies Relative Cost ($/unit) 15 BIPVT PVT BIPV Solar PV Solar DHW walls net metered Conservation 0 10 Payback (yrs) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. 25

Examples of Solar Energy Converters © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Building Integrated Solar © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Profitability Comparison for RE Technologies Relative Cost ($/unit) 15 Geo solar Bio Conservation 0 Wind <30kW Wind >1MW Hydro 10 Payback (yrs) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. 25

Wind Energy Picture from Slide © Mindscape Innovations

Myths & Misunderstandings About Wind Energy ( ) Myths • Infrasound • Bird / bat kill Misunderstandings • Land use - farm up to tower base - more likely to die from a cat, car, or building • Ground vibrations … A long list of unfounded and unprovable silliness • Audible noise - quieter than the wind • Intermittent (“blows when it wants to”) - geographic diversity - supply mix planning - pair with PV / hydro / biogas Picture from Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

The Truth about “Aesthetics” & Wind Turbines… • NIMBY (“not in my backyard”) – General reaction from everybody that has to watch you make money off their wind • POOL (“please on our land”) – General reaction from everybody that gets invited to co-invest and own part of the wind project • “Your own pigs don’t stink…” • Share the equity (even just 1%!) Picture from Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Micro-Hydro • Uses turbines to extract power from the flow of a current Vigor Clean Tech Grolov Helical Turbine © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Geothermal Heat Pumps • Take advantage of the ground's thermal stability to heat or cool entire buildings • Heat 'exchange' between the ground and the building is accomplished by using standard pump and compressor technology © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Biogas • Burn “biogas” as a fuel, heat produced is used to rotate a turbine • E.g., gases (mostly methane) produced by the Erb Street Landfill in Waterloo are used to produce electricity • On-farm biogas plants are much larger • Burn smell, make heat, power, compost © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. Erb St. Landfill 3.7 MW Biogass Facility: supplies ~2000 homes in Waterloo, ON

Profitability Comparison for RE Technologies Relative Cost ($/unit) 15 Geo solar Bio Conservation 0 Wind <30kW Wind >1MW Hydro 10 Payback (yrs) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. 25

Flashback to 2008… Things are steadily improving! BIPV 15 Relative Cost ($/unit) PV Geo PV PV w/ Wind thermal trackers or <30kW hybrid Solar conc. walls Solar DHW Bio Wind >1MW Hydro Conservation 0 10 Payback (yrs) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. 25

Profitability Comparison for RE Technologies …To Fossil Fuels… Relative Cost ($/unit) 15 Geo solar Bio Conservation 0 Wind <30kW Wind >1MW Hydro 10 Payback (yrs) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc. 25

Challenges / Pitfalls • • • • Transmission/Distribution Constraints Utilities adapting differently – CIA / CAE OPA: politics, unaccountability, targets Finances – Industries maturing: costs improving, incentives maturing – Markets still unstable: risks changing, lenders skittish • • • • Clear contract documents CSA equipment certifications ESA approval (plans review, arc fault, islanding) Social friction & misinformation… Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Prescott-Russel © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Managing Social Friction Social friction is emotional: fear, uncertainty & doubt • Be proactive: understand the likely issues – Media, recent/current events, relevant science & myths • Respect the people regardless of their concerns • Have a process – Share your plan – Listen to concerns • Choose your battles – “Walk softly, and carry a big stick” – Be well informed, and boldly challenge mistruths – Don’t make mountains out of mole-hills © Mindscape Innovations

Know who You’re Talking With Respect for them, and for you • 70+% are Honest John & Confused Kathy: have concerns, maybe heard rumours, need information and to be heard and respected • NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) – often resolvable • BANANA (Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone) – unrealistic and often selfish • NOPE (Not On Planet Earth) – willfully ignorant Know when to disagree and let go © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Selling the Benefits of (Distributed) Renewable Energy • Local revenue & jobs: keep the farm, own energy • Helps stabilize cost of electricity (assets only: no fuel) • Distributed electricity generation increases grid stability, reduces transmission losses, and dismantles electricity monopolies – energy independence • FIT = reduced risk for ratepayers (no yield, no cost) • Electricity without emissions • Tourism • Remember: he who complains the loudest is always a statistical minority. Get others heard. Picture from Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Where to Get Help • REFO (advice) • OSEA (advice, resources) • CEPP ($10k-$200k grants for eligible co-ops) • Tax Incentives (class 43.2 depreciation) • Consultants (Mindscape or other) Picture from Slide © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Are you fit for the FIT? • Pricing designed to achieve 10% ROI – Price declines every round: rooftop PV dropped >50% • Why a Tariff? – – – – No payment made until energy delivered All risk on the generator: protect the consumer No secret deals or special favours Create industry momentum: build volume, drop price • Preferred groups and ranking points • Four more years of FIT until not needed (ie: drop procurement costs to market rate) © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Lessons Learned • • • • • • • • • Plan Early Spend 1% on feasibility Use available support Ask lots of questions (early and often, especially of approval agencies), and push for real answers Talk to the neighbours and be willing to share Expect delays Have clear roles & bid documents Don’t neglect CSA / ESA / Conservation Authorities Sometimes net metering is better than FIT Photo from © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Key Points • • • • • • • • • • Energy is politics: be wary of what you hear Conservation before generation Green power is popular & feasible Social friction is everybody’s responsibility Social friction is emotional: fear, uncertainty & doubt Technical problems can always be solved: be skeptical, but not cynical (ask real questions, and expect and accept real answers) Be active in policy: join OSEA / CanSIA / CanWEA Turn enemies into allies Have competent help Plan ahead Photo by K. Stevens, 2009 - Toronto © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

Mindscape Innovations Group • In this new library of ideas, we’re the librarians. • Turn-key full lifecycle solutions for environmentally and technologically enhanced homes, businesses, and communities. • 15 awards since ‘07, municipal through international • Core enabling services to both the green building sector and the renewable energy sector: policy and incentive program development, Community Energy Plans / Sustainability Plans, feasibility studies, renewable energy system solutions, processing grants and incentives, permits and approvals, managing public stakeholdering and social friction, and much more... © Mindscape Innovations Group Inc.

NATURE… …does not know GOOD… …does not know EVIL… knows only Consequences

Thank you! 877-394-6589 Slides @

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