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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ACOTechnologies



ACO have developed a programme of continual improvement which seeks to ensure that, where practicable, all products manufactured are made from sustainable materials – recycled and recyclable.

The leaf represents the significance of ACO’s connection to the natural world; the custodial role of managing surface water and returning it to the ground is essential for a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. The tick is a simple means of verifying sustainability credentials have been met for the product and the processes employed in its manufacture, or to verify the product has a particular sustainability function within water management .

In the annual cycle, the leaf develops every spring, provides energy for growth, plays a key role in the water cycle through transpiration whilst also making a valuable contribution to the ecosystem before returning to the earth in the autumn to nourish the soil for the following year. This process generates no waste and symbolises the company’s long-term sustainable aspirations, which it hopes to achieve by continually measuring, improving and evolving the processes [sustainable business] integral to delivering product designed for sustainable management of water [sustainable drainage].

Sustainable drainage ACO has unrivalled experience in design support in the creation of integrated and sustainable surface water management network. Whatever your requirements, we can help you deliver an effective SuDS solution and support you with best practice, relevant information and dedicated resources on an ongoing basis.

Sustainable Business Sustainability is the single most important issue that the construction industry will face over years to come. ACO have developed a programme of continual improvement which seeks to ensure that, where practicable, all products manufactured are made from sustainable materials – recycled and recyclable. ACO’s research and development programme aims to maximise use of sustainable material but, importantly, also strives to improve manufacturing and administrative processes that impact our environment. ACO products themselves are designed to assist in delivering sustainable water management.

Standards • ACO adheres to PAS 99, an Integrated Management System. • ACO Technologies plc has been certificated and registered by BSI to operate Environmental Management, Quality and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems that comply with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 respectively • Carbon Trust standard

Carbon Trust certification From an efficiency point of view, a product carbon footprint is inherently inclusive – it involves all stages of production and use. Therefore it can be a powerful driver for integrated thinking about products and for cooperative actions between producers, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.

Materials ACO VIENITE™ is a Polymer Concrete that has been developed by ACO. It is manufactured using postconsumer waste. It is 100% recyclable. Metallic or polymeric items procured by ACO Technologies are required to have maximum possible recycled content. For thermoplastic and cast iron components the target recycled content is 100%, whilst the specialist stainless steel used in ACO Building Drainage products is typically delivered with 70% recycled content. The company has a programme for management of residues, ensuing that all packaging, palleting and office residues are segregated and managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Power and Fuel ACO has a growing environmental awareness of the need to reduce its carbon footprint. To this end ACO has installed large heat energy reclamation units in its factory, energy that is used within the organisation. ACO has an ongoing programme considering the purchase of fuel and heating oils and electricity originating in full or in part from renewable sources. The purchase of power-efficient IT equipment and the application of the IT industry best practice to minimise power consumption continues. Packaging & Pallets ACO Technologies plc recognises the need to manage and reduce packaging waste to a minimum and uses recycled and re-useable packaging wherever appropriate. ACO is fully committed to implementing the ongoing improvements required by the Packaging and Waste Regulations of 2007 and is a member of a registered compliance scheme.

Transport Transport of products is often a major element of an organisation’s business. ACO’s major transport partners are “very aware” of their responsibilities to improve and control operating efficiencies. All their drivers are regularly trained and coached to drive in a way that will conserve fuel. Following trials they are still actively considering the use of bio fuels and have been using efficient trunking between hubs and depots for many years. Sustainable Office Practices ACO now produces 100% of all marketing literature printed on material certificated in accordance with the rules of the FSC® who provide a means of assuring that products come from responsibly managed forest. All office stationery is sourced from a supplier committed to eco-friendly products. Residues of office stationery, cardboard and plastics – including plastic and paper drinks’ cups – are segregated for recycling by specialist processors.

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