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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: amishatyagi



raipurivf India provides affordable quality infertility treatments with all advanced reproductive technologies. Specialize in Surrogate mothers,Surrogacy treatment in chhattisgarh,Surrogacy processes in Raipur and have various options in Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand,India. 

Surrogate Mother Surrogacy is a unique concept of serving on payment as well as a non payment basis, which really fill up the deficit of barren or a childless state of the couple. At the least you will find a case or bunch of infertility cases among those who visit the maternity, infertility centers. The medical definition of surrogate mother is that, as surrogate is a woman who conceives usually by artificial insemination or surgical implantation of a fertilized egg for the purpose of carrying the fetus to term for another woman.The potential parents can either be biological or traditional, but in both the cases the role of surrogate mother doesn’t change. In Indian set up we have plenty of surrogate mothering options as explained below 1. Traditional surrogacy In this case the artificially inseminating surrogate mother is taken care by the clinics through the entire pregnancy and the sperm of an intended father is injected through IUI, IVF or home insemination. This will allow a close biological or genetic relationship between the future coming child and the potential parents. 2. Traditional surrogacy & donor sperm A surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with donor sperm where the potential father might have had a known defect in the productivity leading to a non biological child because a donor has to donate sperms here and this is being injected into the surrogate mother via IUI, IVF or home insemination. 3. Gestational surrogacy

In this case the intended mother would fail to carry a baby till the term due to physiological and disease factors like hysterectomy secondary to mass or cancer, type2 diabetes, etc. The egg of that mother and intended father's sperm are collected together to create an embryo via IVF and then that is transferred into and carried by the surrogate mother. In fact a child is genetically related to these parents while the surrogate mother is passive and has no genetic relation. 4. Gestational surrogacy & egg donation If there is no intended mother or the intended mother is unable to produce eggs, the surrogate mother carries the embryo developed from a donor egg that has been fertilized by sperm from the intended father. With this method, the child born is genetically related to the intended father and the surrogate mother has no genetic relation. 5. Gestational surrogacy & donor sperm This is a practice in case if the intended father fails to produce quality sperms and also the surrogate mother carries an embryo developed from the intended mother's egg (who is unable to carry a pregnancy herself) again there is a genetic relation between the parents and the child because surrogate is passive. 6. Gestational surrogacy & donor embryo This is a better choice in case of potential couple are failing to generate either sperm, or egg, or embryo, then the surrogate mother can carry a donated embryo. The child born can never have a genetic relationship between both. Points to be remembered before being a surrogate mother It was legally passed in the Delhi high court on surrogacy that a surrogate mother or even her husband doesn’t possess rights over a child conceived and delivered once the payment and consents are cleared off from the intended parents and the original act was commercialized In the year 2002.

A surrogate mother can be fit not all the times, but the clinic must look at it keenly so as to allow maximum success in the least number of cycles. Mother needs lot of psychological, mental, physiological and pother preparations before signing the consent or the contract because pregnancy with an artificial instrumentation can never be a joke, it always involves risk, dedication and sincerity fro all the grounds.

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