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Information about Suricata

Published on January 28, 2016

Author: tex_morgan


1. An Introduction to Suricata By Tex Morgan

2. What is Suricata? Open Source IDS / IPS / NSM engine IDS – Intrusion Detection System IPS – Intrusion Prevention System NSM – Network Security Monitoring

3. But Wait, There's More ● Off line analysis of PCAP files ● Traffic recording using PCAP logger ● Unix socket mode for automated processing ● Automatic Protocol Detection ● JSON event and alert outputs – Logstache, etc.

4. Command Line (Weeee!) ● suricata • -c <yaml configuration file location> • -i <interface to sniff> • -s <signatures file> (runs in addition to -c) • -r <pcap recording file location> • -l <default log directory location> • -D }:-) suricata -c suricata.yaml -s signatures.rules -i eth0

5. Default Files (/etc/suricata) ● suricata.yaml ● Signatures (aka Rules) – decoder-events.rules – dns-events.rules – files.rules – http-events.rules – smtp-events.rules – stream-events.rules – tls-events.rules

6. Staying on Top ● Edit /etc/oinkmaster.conf – Add url = .gz – save ● $ sudo oinkmaster -C /etc/oinkmaster.conf -o /etc/suricata/rules – Cronjob this for up-to-date rules ● Update the Classification and Reference file – /etc/suricata/rules/classification.conf – /etc/suricata/rules/reference.conf

7. Configuring for Rules ● Not all rules are loaded from /etc/suricata/rules ● You can add rules easily to suricata.yaml • - <rule name>.rules • # to comment out the rule temporarily ● To change a specific rule, edit oinkmaster.conf – disablesid 2010495 – modifysid 2010495 “alert” | “drop”

8. EVE Logging - eve-log: enabled: yes type: file #file|syslog|unix_dgram|unix_stream filename: eve.json types: - alert - http: extended: yes # enable this for extended logging information custom: [Accept-Encoding, Accept-Language, Authorization] - dns - tls: extended: yes # enable this for extended logging information - files: force-magic: no # force logging magic on all logged files force-md5: no # force logging of md5 checksums - ssh

9. Multiple EVE Logs - eve-log: enabled: yes type: file filename: eve-ips.json types: - alert - drop - eve-log: enabled: yes type: file filename: eve-nsm.json types: - http - dns - tls

10. Custom HTTP Logging custom: yes customformat: %h - Host HTTP Header (remote host name). ie: %H - Request Protocol. ie: HTTP/1.1 %m - Request Method. ie: GET %u - URL including query string. ie: /search?q=suricata %{header_name}i - contents of the defined HTTP Request Header name. ie: %{User-agent}i: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0 %{X-Forwarded-For}i: outputs the IP address contained in the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header (inserted by a reverse proxy) %s - return status code. In the case of 301 and 302 it will print the url in brackets. ie: 200 %B - response size in bytes. ie: 15789 %{header_name}o - contents of the defined HTTP Response Header name %{strftime_format]t - timestamp of the HTTP transaction in the selected strftime format. ie: 08/28/12-22:14:30 %z - precision time in useconds. ie: 693856 %a - client IP address %p - client port number %A - server IP address %P - server port number

  • 11. Saving to MySQL mysql>create database filejsondb; mysql> create user 'filejson'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD123'; mysql> grant all privileges on filejsondb.* to 'filejson'@'localhost' with grant option; mysql> flush privileges; mysql> use filejsondb; mysql> CREATE TABLE filejson( time_received VARCHAR(64), ipver VARCHAR(4), srcip VARCHAR(40), dstip VARCHAR(40), protocol SMALLINT UNSIGNED, sp SMALLINT UNSIGNED, dp SMALLINT UNSIGNED, http_uri TEXT, http_host TEXT, http_referer TEXT, filename TEXT, magic TEXT, state VARCHAR(32), md5 VARCHAR(32), stored VARCHAR(32), size BIGINT UNSIGNED); mysql> show columns from filejson;
  • 12. Follow JSON s/suricata/wiki/Script_FollowJSON
  • 13. Common MySQL Queries s/suricata/wiki/Useful_queries_- _for_MySQL_and_PostgreSQL
  • 14. Rule Format ● Action: drop, alert, pass, reject ● Header: protocol address port direction address port – Protocol : ip(all/any), tcp, udp, icmp – Address: IPv4, IPv6, $HOME_NET, $EXTERNAL_NET – Direction : →(from to) or <> (bidirectional) ● Rule Options
  • 15. Address ● Suricata.yaml config – $HOME_NET: [,] – $EXTERNAL_NET: !$HOME_NET #very good idea ● ![,] ●
  • 16. Ports ● !88 ● [80:85] ● [80:85, !84]
  • 17. Rule Options ● Meta-settings #no effect on inspection ● Payload Keywords ● HTTP Keywords ● DNS Keywords ● Flow Keywords ● File Keywords ● IP Reputation Keywords
  • 18. Meta-Settings ● Msg: “hello” ● Sid: (signature id number) ● Rev: (revision of signature) ● Gid: (group type id) ● Classtype: trojan-activity – Use classification.config values ● Reference : <type>, <value> ● Priority: 1-255 (normally 1-4, smaller = higher) ● Metadata: “faniofarnogirai”
  • 19. Payload Keywords ● content : “abc” ● nocase ● distance: 3 #only with multiple content ● within: 3 ● dsize ● replace: “def”
  • 20. HTTP Keywords ● http_method ● http_uri / http_raw_uri ● uricontent / urilen ● http_header / http_header_raw ● http_cookie ● http_user_agent ● http_client_body / http_server_body ● file_data ● http_stat_msg / http_stat_code
  • 21. DNS Keywords ● dns_query – Inspects DNS response – all contents following it are affected by it!! ● Example: alert dns any any -> any any (msg:"Test dns_query option"; dns_query; content:"google"; nocase; sid:1;)
  • 22. Flow Keywords ● Flowbits ● Flow: [<direction>] [<state>] [<stream>] – Direction: to/from_client, to/from_server – State: established or stateless – Stream: only_stream, no_stream (packet only) ● Flowint ● stream_size
  • 23. File Keywords ● filename ● Fileext ● Filemagic ● Filestore: <direction>, <scope> ● Filemd5 ● Filesize: <value>
  • 24. IP Reputation Keywords ● iprep: <side>,<cat>,<operator>,<value> – side to check: <any|src|dst|both> – cat: the category short name – operator: <, >, = – Value: 1-127 ● Disabled by default
  • 25. Simple Example Rule alert ip $EXTERNAL_NET any → $HOME_NET any (msg: “Probably not a good idea to accept these packets”; geoip: any, CN, RU, FR, A1, A2, O1, BR, IQ, IR, KP; sid: 999999999; rev:1)
  • 26. Detect SYN Flood alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"LOCAL DOS Unusually fast SYN packets inbound, Potential DOS"; flags: S,12; threshold: type both, track by_dst, count 5000, seconds 5; classtype:misc-activity; sid:5;) alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET any (msg:"LOCAL DOS Unusually fast SYN packets outbound, Potential DOS"; flags: S,12; threshold: type both, track by_dst, count 5000, seconds 5; classtype:misc-activity; sid:6;)
  • 27. Pass and Suppress ● Pass for safe traffic – pass ip any <> any any (msg:"pass all traffic from/to"; sid:1;) ● Suppress is a bad idea – Stops alerts – Only considered post matching – suppress gen_id 0, sig_id 0, track by_src, ip
  • 28. Snort.conf → Suricata.yaml s/suricata/wiki/Snortconf_to_Suricatayaml
  • 29. Kibana/Logstash JSON Output: ects/suricata/wiki/_Logstash_Kibana_and_Surica ta_JSON_output Template: plates
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