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Published on March 11, 2014

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Surgery Treatment for cancer Cancer is the disease which is caused due to the unwanted growth of cells. In this disease, cells grow uncontrollably and form the malignant tumors. Cancer can spread in distant parts of the body like brain, organs and blood. We can say that cancer is the only disease which can attack in 200 different ways on a person. Tobacco, infections, overweight, radiation, lack of physical activities, obesity and environmental pollutants are some of the things which increase the risk of cancer. Cancer can be detected by the many symptoms like extreme weight loss, fever, headache, extreme tiredness, eyes and skin looks yellow, pain in the cancer existing part, nausea, vomiting etc. Surgery treatment is the most effective treatment of Cancer or other disease. Surgery is the physical removal of any affected organ tissue from the body. Rarely there is a risk occurs with surgery treatment that cancer cells with surgery treatment may spread to the another parts of the body. Surgery is the primary treatment for any type of cancer. Physical Removal of cancer cells from the body is very important because it reduces the risk of recurrence of cancer. The type of surgery treatment varies according to the type of cancer. Surgery plays many roles to the cancer patients. Patient may have surgery prescription for many reasons such as: 1.) To diagnose the disease:. In biopsy, surgeon removes a small piece of tissue to diagnose the issue. In the reports, if cancer cells are found in biopsy than it can be found that what type of cancer patients suffering and what will be the rate of growth of tumor. Biopsy is the only and efficient way to diagnose cancer. 2.) To cure cancer as treatment: Surgery is the first treatment to cure cancer. After surgery, there are some additional treatments also. Early stages of cancer are easy to cure with surgery treatment. In some cases, additional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy takes place before the surgery to shrink the tumor. 3.) To reduce the risk of cancer: Surgery reduces the high risk of occurring particular type of cancer.

Like in women, high risk of occurring cancer is in breast so breast can be removed with surgery to lower the risk of developing cancer. 4.) Reconstruction of the part: It is possible to reconstruct the part which are removed to cure cancer. The part of the body can be recreated with the help other tissues of the body. Like breast reconstruction is possible after breast removal for breast cancer treatment. Surgery treatment generally depends on many factors like type of cancer, stage of cancer, other health issues of the patient, etc. Cancer treatment are generally indulge with surgery and other treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, tomotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy etc. Cancer hospital in Arizona treats the cancer with surgery treatment, Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, tomotherapy, etc. These are some of the effective treatments for cancer which can be prescribed by the specialist according to the stage, age and type of the cancer on the prescription of Oncologist. Some More effective cancer treatments are targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy, stem cell transplant, lasers, Transfusions of blood, etc.

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