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Information about Surgery Social Media Presentation

Published on May 5, 2009

Author: BradleyJ07631


Social Media Applications in Health Care April 28, 2009 Brad Jobling

Social Media Defined Information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies 4/28/2009 2

Types of Social Media Communication Collaboration • Blogs • Wikis • Bulletin Boards • Social Bookmarks or Tags • Micro-blogging • Social News • Social Networks • Review and Opinion Sites • Event Sites • Q&A Sites • Discussion Groups 4/28/2009 3

Types of Social Media Multimedia Entertainment • Photo Sharing • Virtual Worlds • Video Sharing • Online Gaming • Art Sharing • Livecasting • Audio and Music Sharing • Podcasts 4/28/2009 4

Social Networks • Link Up or Connect • Email and IM Tools • Profiles • Public and Private • Hybrid of Social Media Tools • Aggregation Tools • Open Standards for Interoperability 4/28/2009 5

Common Social Media Sites • Facebook • LinkedIn • YouTube • Twitter • Flickr • Wikipedia • Delicious • Second Life 4/28/2009 6

Robert Scoble Social Media Starfish 4/28/2009 7

Social Media Qualities • Customer Centric • Dialog Oriented • Opportunity for Feedback • Open and Not Controlled • Used for Outreach and Listening 4/28/2009 8

Using Social Media Facebook Twitter • Create Profile • Sign up for Account • Friend Someone • Write Message (140 char) • Post Pictures • Create Small Link • Write Notes • Broadcast • Send Email • Reply • Take Quizzes • Digsby • Receive Feeds • TweetDeck 4/28/2009 9

4/28/2009 10

4/28/2009 11

Facebook Application • Developers can program applications for Facebook using basic web development tools. • Examples include birthday calendars, games, causes, event listings, movie rankings. • Usually creates a bookmark or tab on user’s profile. • Used to post, share, spread information, or add functionality to Facebook that is not in usual set of tools. • Facebook Developers 4/28/2009 12

Why Understand Social Media • Listening Capability • Audience Growing • Patients & Doctors Using Internet for Information • Formation of Online Tribes • To Guide Conversation 4/28/2009 13

A recent Manhattan Research survey says that 60 millions US consumers are using social media to research health information online Dr, Jason Bahn, creator of physicians’ social network Ozmosis – “Social Media Making Its Mark”, April 2009. 4/28/2009 14

Traffic Rank of 4 Sites 4/28/2009 15

4/28/2009 16

Examples of Medical Social Media • Mayo Clinic Facebook site • Cleveland Clinic Facebook site • Cleveland Clinic Twitter • yRoswell Blog site • Prostate Cancer Info Link • Breakaway Games Simulation games • Ozmosis • Harvard Medical School YouTube • Mass Eye and Ear Twitter 4/28/2009 17

4/28/2009 18

4/28/2009 19

4/28/2009 20

4/28/2009 21

4/28/2009 22

4/28/2009 23

4/28/2009 24

4/28/2009 25

4/28/2009 26

How to Create Social Media Plan • Define Business & Marketing Objectives • Research Usage of Social Media by Target • Choose Approach (Outreach vs Listening) • Articulate Rational for Particular Approach • Select Social Media Tools and Providers • Select Social Media Metrics & Define Successes • Establish Procedures, Best Practices & Guidelines • Deploy, Measure & Refine 4/28/2009 27

Define Objectives • Current Marketing Programs • Current Marketing Success Metrics • Current Audience Touchpoints 4/28/2009 28

Choose Approach • Budget • Web & Media Assets • Current Social Tools 4/28/2009 29

Cornell University Ubiquitous 4/28/2009 30

4/28/2009 31

4/28/2009 32

Notes • Go to them, they won’t come • How would you attract your audience if you could not interrupt them? • Look at competitors • KPIs not page views • Be prepared to wait • Social media cannot be controlled • Make something good, not something viral • Understand privacy issues • Understand regulatory issues • Practice customer relationship management 4/28/2009 33

Possible Projects • Micro-blog surgery news, blog entries, press releases, clinical trials and events • Create an instructional or informational video channel • Build a private social network application around a particular topic 4/28/2009 34

Next Steps Would Be • Determine Legal Issues and Possible Workarounds • Review Current Marketing Programs • Inventory Available Assets for Social Media • Establish Budget 4/28/2009 35

Additional Information • Health 2.0 Conference - • Appendix • Articles 4/28/2009 36


Outreach Channels Channel Group Channel How Applied Representative Tools Social Platforms Social Networks Prescence Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace White Label Networks Web Site Extension Ning, Pluck, Jive, Broadband, Mechanics, KickApps Wiki Collaborative Content JiveSoftware, Wetpaint, Twiki Social Content Photo Sharing, Video Common Interest Flikr, YouTube, Kyte, Sharing Topics, Learning, Photobucket Education, Information Sharing Podcasting Odea, Blogs, MicroBlogs Publishing Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress, Twitter, Plurk, Seesmic Social Interactions Event Services Event Organization, Eventful, Meetup Meetings Location Services Dodgeball, Brightkite Update Aggregation Content Stream FriendFeed, Facebook, Publishing Minggl 4/28/2009 38

Listening Channels Channel Group Channel How Applied Representative Tools Social Platforms White Label Platforms Support Forum, Pluck, Jive Software, Research Group Lithium, KickApps Service Provider Communispace, Platforms Passenger Social Content Blogs Gather Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions Social Interactions Email, RSS Feeds Competitive Google Reader, Intelligence, Market Newsgator Intelligence 4/28/2009 39

Market Fundamental Metrics Metric Source Ties To Audience Blog Posts, Blogpulse, Google Relative measure of Recommendations, Alerts, Cymfony, interest and awareness Tweets, Widget Views Techrigy, Blogsearch, of brand, product or Technorati, Net service. Promoter score, Social Media platform dashboard 4/28/2009 40

Brand Fundamental Metrics Metric Source Ties To Influence Time on Site, Bounce Web Analytics, Google The value of brand in Rate Analytics, Omniture generating interest. Web Trends Engagement Pass Alongs, Comment Web Analytics, Google The value of brand in to Post Ratio, Digg, Analytics, Omniture maintaining interest. Stumbles, Bookmarks Web Trends, DoubleClick Podcast Listens,, Delicious, Feedburner Loyalty Blog Posts, BlogPulse, Google The value of brand in Recommendations, Alerts, Cymfony, retaining current Tweets & similar Techrigy, Blogsearch, customers and building Technorati long term relationships. 4/28/2009 41

Sales Fundamental Metrics Metric Source Ties To Audience Referrers, Web Analytics, Google Uptake measures in Demographics Analytics, Omniture key segments. Web Trends, DoubleClick Influence, Loyalty Time on Site, Bounce Web Analytics, GoogleHow likely customers Rate Analytics, Omniture are to buy from you. Web Trends, repeat The degree to which customers you need to incentivize sales or leads. Action Conversions, Reviews, Web Analytics, Google The number or dollar Recommends, Tweets Analytics, Omniture value of sales or leads. & similar Web Trends, review platform, Net Promoter score 4/28/2009 42

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