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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: DejanRadonjic



Book regarding easy ways to dirve traffic to your websites or links

SURF TRAFFIC EXCHANGES LIKE A PRO Written by Dejan Radonjic You are free to distribute this book without changes This small book is for the newcomers in Traffic Exchange. When I started to use Traffic Exchanges I was thought that I need to surf whole day to get some interesting number of clicks to my sites. Also I have noticed that big percent of surfers doing the same, or surf hour or two daily, for really small number of traffic they get. Traffic Exchange has small tricks (same as any other business or job) and if you know those tricks, you can make much better results for the same working time. In first part of the book I will explain how you can get up to 2000 clicks for the same surfing time. With one hour of normal surfing, you can get about 100-200 clicks to your site. So definitely is worth of reading. In second part of the book I will mention free method I am using to get the traffic from the Facebook. It’s the simple method that I have personally invented and its working great.That is long run method but after one year you will have about 300-500 clicks daily on anything you promote, without any effort. So once when you finish preparations, you will have 300-500 fresh hits to your site every day! FOR FREE AND BY DOING APSOLUTELY NOTHING! In third part of the book I will be free to suggest you one business, where you can exchange traffic hits (now you will have plenty of it from traffic exchanges and Facebook) into really nice sum of money. I will never promote some “get rich quick schemes”. Simple true is that 95% of people never make money in online jobs. They are just jumping from offer to offer, losing money on every step they make. Internet is full of scams, and businesses that last just few days or weeks. So you need to be really careful.

PART I - Fast Surfing If your surfing was based on one or two traffic exchange sites, I must inform you that you will need much more TE sites. Sites need to be similar (to have clicking icons on same place), not to lose time searching for icon location. I have chosen few good sites for fast surf: Startxsurf Top1surf Dragonsurf Soaring4traffic Hitsafari Proclickexchange Hope that I don’t need to explain sign up process, it’s really simple  When you finish with sign ups, add your websites, and finish with credit allocation, we can go forward. Next step is to download and install small software, which will help you to change browser tabs quickly. This software is FREE, so you don’t need to accept any offers before download. You can download it from this link: QUICK TAB CHANGE OR Now when you have similar Traffic Exchange sites and Quick Tab Change software, this is video that show new way of surfing: As you can see on video, I have made 20 credits on each of 10 sites, that gives me 200 credits=100 clicks to my site. I made it less than 4 minutes ( its slow because of screen recording )

PART II - Facebook traffic Before you start promotion you need to know possibilities of any social network. You will notice that any tactic or business I am promoting will take at least 2-3 months to build. In some cases even one year. But once when you finish the job, you are done with it, and can use it for anything you want. There are many Facebook groups where people promote their business. But with hard posting you can get 30-50 clicks to your link daily. That is because people really don’t want to read other peoples posts. They just want to promote their job and that’s the true. Only if your ad is attractive enough you will get few views. On other side you don’t need to be social network spammer to make your post be viewed. It’s obvious that if you just post bunch of ads, you will be blocked and ignored on social networks and that defeats the purpose. Let’s talk about FREE Facebook traffic. It’s really easy to make Facebook group for business promotion. I won’t explain that here. If you don’t know how to make group, just search for you tube video about it. Add few people to the group, and start promoting the group in other groups. It will be hard at beginning, because only newcomers join to group with small number of people. But by time, when your group get 500 persons, it will begin to grow by itself faster and faster. From that moment you can make new group. But there is one catch. Probably you noticed that in some groups there are pinned posts. Only admins can pin the posts at the top of the group. So this way you can promote second group in the first one. So what after that? Every group you make you will build faster and faster. Because every new group you will promote from more and more groups. Here is example. Here are some my Facebook groups: You can notice that every group has pinned post at top. And all post are promoting new Facebook group for business promotion. In this moment I am promoting: Now it’s Feb 2014 and new group have only 120 members. You can check growth by time. As I have said this is slow process that will last let’s say one year. But let’s say that after one year you have 100 groups. Of course you can make more Facebook profiles and speed up the process. On the top of each group you can pin the post. Meanwhile your groups will have from 2000 to 20000 members. Probably 100members will see your post daily, but only 3 or 5 of them will click on it. So with 100 Facebook groups you will easily have 300-500 clicks on anything you promote. 300-500 FRESH HITS TO YOUR SITE EVERY DAY FOR FREE AND BY DOING APSOLUTELY NOTHING! Few words about Facebook pages. It’s much easier to rank Facebook page high on Google, than any website or blog. But it will need some time until it gets high. Let’s say 3-6 months. If you want to promote any business or link with Facebook page, first you need to do is to choose words you want to promote. With Google keyword planner you can check how many people search for your words monthly. Why this part is important- because if nobody looks for your words, no need to promote it. Also important is to choose words that are not mentioned in some other Facebook pages. It’s much easier to rank on first page of Google if there is no competition from other Facebook pages. Now here is example. I was doing business named Stiforp. And I wanted to make Facebook page, for words about Stiforp that people search. In this case those are words “Stiforp review”

As you can see about 590 people monthly look for these words. I made Facebook page, promote it (it’s easy and free when you have Facebook groups), and easily get to first page of Google. Also there is no other Facebook page as competition for these words. So hope that this few lines about Facebook pages and groups, should help you in building your business in future. PART III - Business I Recommend If you struggling making money online, joining program after program with no results, if you have problems with recruiting new members… Business I recommend is game changer for sure. I can guarantee you this is the last job you will ever need. First I want to mention that company working 14 years already, have a great product and a low join fee.

Probably you noticed in other programs, that some persons can recruit hundreds of people, while others cant make minimum recruitment. Thats why we are working as a team here,and each member working together to help others succeed. So everyone is more than satisfied. We have probably the best online team that will help you in any moment and if you willing to promote team page 15 minutes per day,we will do all the rest. You will not find anything better anywhere !!! I am talking about Traffic Wave. This company offers you great auto-responder. If you planning to do any online business, you will need auto-responder for sure. But product was not part that break me to do this job. Personally I can recruit lots of people, but problem was alwayshow to help them to do the same. Now it’s really easy. Whole business is based on promotion of team and your personal page. You need to get 1000 weekly views of team page. If you have read first part of this book, now you know it’s just one hour of weekly job. So with one hour of weekly work, you can easily make up to 88000$ monthly in year or two. Let’s say that you make just 1/10 of this amount. Would you be satisfied with 8000$ monthly? What can be problem not to success? 1. 17,95$ ? This is just first month payment. If you use any of tactic mentioned in this book, from second month you are making more than you spend. 2. Problems recruiting new members? Don’t forget that we work as a team here. So forget this problem too  3. Security of program? This company is online for 14 years, and will be at least 14 years more. Have great legal product, with best price on the market. So simply forget about any problems. As I already said I can guarantee you this is the last job you will ever need. To get the all informations about this biz, simply fill the form on this link: If you need any additional informations, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to work with you! Facebook: LinkedIn:

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