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Published on February 27, 2014

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.” Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in today’s society.

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The epitome of Fearlessness "Where the mind is without fear & the head is held high" In these lines Rabindranath Tagore brought forth his dream of what our India should be. But the striking reality seems to shatter his dreams regarding the ideality of our nation. This presents today’s scenario : A girl gets allured by the glare & glitter of super modern lifestyle. In an urge to be its part, she puts all her efforts to look an eye candy & she puts immense efforts to portray that. With joy of getting loads of appreciation for her gorgeous looks, she steps out. But the world judges her contrary to her expectations. Instead of raising her head proudly to have a glimpse of people watching her in admiration, she has to bow her head down in shame to pretend to ignore the offensive remarks of gormless set of eve teasers. That girl speaks nothing on this nonsense because she is bound by the so called “decorum” for a girl by the society..because these have

now become a part of happening –with –every-girl acts with no actions…because it has become a common act like an advertisement of “keep your city clean” which everyone watches but never pays heed..because she knows that a complaint against this will be a yet another addition to piles of pending cases’ file..That girl somehow gathers courage & moves ahead ignoring this nuisance & wearing a plastic smile ahead.. It’s not that she’s unaffected by this, rather she’s left horror struck every time she leaves home. The frequent rape cases add to her fear.Yeah the same rape cases that leave rape survivors a living corpse because they know that expecting justice on these grounds is like yelling & displaying the proofs of signs of cruelty by criminals in front of deaf & blind law makers. The postponing decision dates for the culprit shatters her even more. This leaves it being just a fickle news channel telecast & soon lost in anonymity. “Exploiting her respect had been the cheapest commodity, She is the symbol of strength, not a usable entity, Enough have been the dreads of women unfriendly society, It’s now a payback time for the suppressors of her identity”.. She was ‘Nirbhaya’ whose fearlessness to endure the dehumanizing ordeal brought a courage to womankind. Declaring oneself incompetent to fight against wrongdoings just because you can’t bring a law to acquire control over it, is like turning a blind eye to the irresistible wounds & bruises just because you can’t afford a specialized doctor to cure it. There lies a way to cure these fear of brutalities.. 1) The girls can have pepper sprays as the must carrying accessories in their bags. This gives them the power to spray off the intolerable abusers & time to escape safely. 2)There are apps that send distress messages to special assigned contacts in one’s phone list along with the track of your location whenever one is

in danger. 3)There are NGO’s & helpline no’s that work in order to ensure safety for girls. There are many initiatives being undertaken to equip girls for emergency situations.. Women power is actually the name of infinite charisma, boundless potential to rise against all odds. All she needs is to mend her terror & let the world behold the heights she can reach.. ‘Girls all you need to stay is “nirbhaya”.. It’s a wakeup call for the nation.. And this one’s for all.. We need to create a nation where the mind is without fear & the head is held high! & we are optimistic enough.. because now India stands together.. You & I stand together!’ Long live women power, Long live her fearlessness… - Surabhi Singhai

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