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Information about Supply of technology by l'obel solar power system

Published on July 5, 2016

Author: lobelpower


1. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Technology for Solar Power Projects SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES (25 Year Warranty) Photovoltaic Modules High efficiency, Mono or Multi crystalline solar cells with high transmission and textured glass delivering a module series efficiency of up to 18%, minimizing installation costs and maximizing the kWh output of your system per unit area. High quality, low iron, high transmissivity, tempered and toughened glass to ensure high light absorption. Tin Copper interconnect increases Solder ability and Conductivity. This also results in maximum output efficiency from the Module. Premium quality encapsulation material ensuring high quality lamination leading to better performance. Polyester tedlar used as a back sheet prevents from moisture and mechanical damage. Weather resistant frame - seal helps preventing water seepage and protects the system from humidity. Anodized Aluminum frame gives the system strong, corrosion-free structural support. Produced in an ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified production facilities. Product quality confirms to IEC 61215 standards. • 25-year limited warranty on power output & 5-year product warranty • 25-year performance warranty 10 years: 90% minimum performance - 25 years: 80% minimum performance

2. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Solar protection unit (AC & DC BOTH) (5 Year Warranty) Complete electrical solutions for solar photovoltaic systems to help you minimize delays, hassles and post installation O&M costs. With a range of AC Distribution box (ACDB), AC Grid Interfacing panel (GIP), DC Distribution box (DCDB), DC Combiner box (DCCB) in variety of input/output configurations, we have a box for every need.

3. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Lightning Arrestor Lightning conductor is a categorized based on area or radius within which it provides protection. 100 / ATS – TP Protection of 100 m in level III / 90 m in level II / 80 m in level I at the 3 m Height

4. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Solar Cables Flexible Dc Cables with XEPO & XEPI Insulation Our Cables are CE and RoHS Certified. And manufactured to meet relevant international standards like BS, ASTM, IEC, IS, VDE, UL. Cable Customization can be made on specific request.

5. “Promise for Continuous Power …” SOLAR STRING INVERTER (5 Year Warranty) 1) Maximum input voltage without damage: 1000 V 2) The maximum apparent AC power value indicates the power an inverter might be able to deliver. However, such a maximum apparent AC power may not necessarily be achieved 3) AC voltage and frequency range will be programmed according to the individual country requirements 4) Continuous nominal active power in the range of Cos Phi = 0.9 cap ... 0.9 ind 5) IP65 for electronics / IP54 for cooling area Product Features ● Transformer less Inverter ● Dual MPP Trackers ● Peak Efficiency up to 98.3% ● Wide Voltage Range (200 ~ 1000Vdc) ● Reactive Power Control ● Ergonomic Grip Design ● Ultra Compact Size ● Built-in Energy-logger ● IP65 Protection Level ● Built-in AC/DC Switch

6. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Micro Level Monitoring System (5 Year Warranty)  Generation Graph per day  Measurement of Current, Voltage, Ah.  Shows the Fault in the Event Manner  Annual Graph for Generation  Calculation of Saving of Rupees.

7. “Promise for Continuous Power …” SOLAR PV PANEL MOUTING STRUCTURE (10 Year Warranty) We Provide foundation layout so you can easily & faster do foundation work. Base frame & upper Channel for fixing panels will get fixed by Nut Bolts and that is also with slots so you do not get any problem while doing assembly of structure. We have designed specific upper channel & bracket in that panel will get fixed by END CLIP & MID CLIP So there will be no issue of hole matching and also easy to fix panel from top side.  END CLIP & MID CLIP will be of S.S 304 material.  All M.S part will come with Hot Deep Galvanizing.  All Nut, Bolts & Washer will be of S.S. 304 Grade material. You can save lot of time and trouble free installation as we have given adjustable type components with good quality of workmanship.  Our maximum component length is 1.5 mtr so you can easily store it, transport it & easily lifting upto terrace or roof.  Foundation Bolts are not included in above rates. But if you require then we can provide you as per your requirement.  Degree 22 Degree.  Easy to install  Light Weight  High strength and corrosion resistance  Minimum Space Required

8. “Promise for Continuous Power …” Why L’obel Solar ???  Design Expertise: Custom designed by solar engineers as per requirements of IEC 62548, IEC 60364 and CEA guidelines  Reduce installation time: Ready plug and play design with color coded and numbered cables for minimal on site assembling time  Freedom to connect: IP 65/57 rated dust, moisture proof for outdoor/indoor use as per site requirement  Zero failure: Assembled using equipment from industry leading manufacturers and suppliers for minimal failure rate  Ready supply: Low turnaround times with deliveries within 5-7 days of order confirmation  Cost effective: Cost effective customized solutions for kW to MW scale solar systems

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