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Information about SUPPLY CHAIN OF DELL

Published on May 27, 2009

Author: vivek259


SUPPLY CHAIN OF DELL : SUPPLY CHAIN OF DELL by NANDA IBA, Bangalore Slide 2: INTRODUCTION: DELL FOUNDED IN 1984 It is a multinational technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells and supports personal computers and other computer related products. Products: personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software and computer peripherals. Slide 3: The supply chain of dell includes: The customer Dell’s Website Dell assembly plant Dell’s suppliers Their suppliers Slide 4: Types of supply chains: depending on timing of execution Pull process (reactive process) Push process (speculative process) Slide 5: Process cycle of DELL: Customer order and manufacturing cycle - pull process Procurement cycle - push process Push/Pull View of DELL Supply Chain: : 1-6 Push/Pull View of DELL Supply Chain: Procurement cycle Customer Order and Manufacturing cycle Customer Order Arrives PUSH PROCESSES PULL PROCESSES Slide 7: Competitive strategy : DELL To provide large variety of customizable products at Reasonable price. New product development strategy: DELL Designing products that are easily customizable, i.e designing common platforms across several products. Slide 8: Supply chain strategy: DELL To achieve high flexilibility and responsiveness Supply chain responsiveness: DELL (capabilities of DELL’s supply chain) Respond to wide range of quantities demanded Try to meet short lead times Handle a large variety of products Build high innovative products Handle supply uncertainity Slide 9: 2-9 High Low Low High Responsiveness Cost Slide 10: Drivers of supply chain: DELL Facilities: low facility costs Inventory: low inventory costs Transportation: high transportation costs Information: high information costs Slide 11: Inventory Costs Number of facilities Slide 12: Transportation Costs Number of facilities Slide 13: Distribution in the supply chain: Distribution refers to steps taken to move and store a product From supplier stage to customer stage in the supply chain. Types of distribution networks: Manufacturer storage with direct shipping Manufacturer storage with direct shipping and intransit merge Distributor storage with carrier delivary Distributor storage with last-mile delivary Manufacturer or distributor storage with customer pickup. Retail storage with customer pickup. Slide 14: Distribution network: DELL Manufacturer storage with direct shipping Manufacturer storage with direct shipping and intransit merge Manufacturer Storage withDirect Shipping : Manufacturer Storage withDirect Shipping DELL assembly plant DELL web Customers Product Flow Information Flow In-Transit Merge Network : In-Transit Merge Network units website Product Flow Information Flow In-Transit Merge Customers

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