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Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Julie


Slide1:  VOLKSWAGEN OF SOUTH AFRICA PURCHASING AND QUALITY SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT SUPPLIER HANDBOOK ISSUE June 2005 Slide2:  Introduction This handbook has been prepared to give a broad outline of some of the requirements and expectations that Volkswagen of South Africa has of its supplier base. As well as in hard copy format, it is also available on the VW Purchasing website :- This web-site also gives the current organisation structure within the Purchasing Division Its primary function is to provide a reference for new suppliers to understand the implications of supplying to a motor manufacturer in a global environment. Current suppliers may also find some points of interest. The content of the handbook focuses on the basics of our quality management system requirements as well as data sheets for inclusion of a suppliers portfolio details in our Supplier Information System (SIS) Any additional information can be obtained by contacting the following departments: Purchasing Supplier Development:041-994 5596 Supplier Quality Development: 041-994 4757 Purchasing Administration: 041-994 4291 To register as a new potential supplier please visit page 26. Geert Jansingh June 2005 Slide3:  INDEX Cover Page Page 1 Introduction Page 2 Index Page 3 Volkswagen global locations page 4 Guidelines page 5 Introduction to becoming a VWSA Supplier page 6-11 VWSA Purchasing Website page 12-15 Quality Management page 16-17 Core Quality Management System page 18 Joint Purchasing/Quality Strategy page 19 Quality Management Requirements for page 20-21 “A” grade status Manuals for Formel Q-Konkret, Q-Capability, page 22 Q-modules, QPN, and IMDS Checklist for Process Audit VDA 6.3 page 23-26 Dun’s Number Registration Process page 27 Hazardous Materials Ban (IMDS) page 28 Prototype, and First Sample Reports page 29-36 Supplier Information System page 37-41 The VWSA Supplier Builder System page 41-44 Slide4:  VOLKSWAGEN GLOBAL Shanghai Uitenhage Spanien Portugal Changchun Japan/Korea Taiwan Belgien Polen Ungarn Italien United Kingdom Deutschland São Carlos Cardoba Pacheco Anchieta Resende Taubaté Puebla USA Tschechien Slide5:  Guide Lines The relationship between OEM and supplier has dynamically changed in the context of the global manufacturing society. In addition to the formal qualifications required by the OEM such as audited quality management systems, source design technology and just in time capability, it is necessary that partnerships be developed between OEM and supplier. A supplier to VW would be expected to have the following capabilities:- Be registered with Dun & Bradstreet and have a valid DUNS number. Certified valid Quality management system VDA 6.1 or ISO/TS 16949 Have achieved or be committed to an ‘A’ quality capability grading according to the VW Formel Q capability manual. (VDA 6.3 and 6.5) Be environmentally responsible by obtaining ISO 14001 certification. To be conversant with protocols covering part and process acceptance. To take a pro-active role in project management To have access to technology via business partners with either by joint venture or know-how transfer agreements. License agreements are not encouraged. To be responsive to the socio-economic realities of society in respect of BEE/BBBEE initiatives. To be up to date with the ever increasing role of electronic communication in interacting between OEM and Supplier and recognise that the majority of business transactions are handled electronically. Register with the International Material Data System (IMDS) Obtain a 3 digit manufacturing code from VWSA Purchasing upon acceptance on Bidderslist. Registration on Website: Slide6:  INTRODUCTION TO BECOMING A NEW SUPPLIER The following forms are to be filled in and faxed or e-mailed through to the Supplier Development Department. Our Purchasing Supplier Development representative may decide to visit your company to check out your company’s strength’s and weaknesses, and will request our Supplier Quality Development Department to perform a potential analysis check or process audit before any business may be placed. Subsequently you need to register on our Group Website: “” Once our Administration Department has entered your supplied information onto our Database, you will be sent your “user-id” and password to view and update the information whenever a change in your organisation occurs. IE.: changes in telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, organisational changes, name changes etc. The updating becomes your responsibility, and failing to do so could result in communication problems between our companies and potentially result in trading problems. Changes in Quality Certification need to be submitted to the Purchasing Supplier Development department who will forward this information to our Quality to update that part of the database. Slide7:  . Slide12:  WEBSITE This attachment is a background to some of the features available via our website For details on focused training, contact Tokkie Manefeldt at : While the website containes generic information as public domain, there are protected sites for VW suppliers to access their profiles Slide13:  Logon to the Purchasing Web Site: Slide14:  Click on the Supplier Console button Slide15:  After completing: Click You will be required to enter your username and password Slide16:  The Quality Management System and Process Audits plus Product Audits to Qualify as a new or existing Supplier Slide17:  Quality Management in the automotive industry Existence/application of QM-system based on the norms Existence/application/effectiveness of automotive-specific additional requirements Application and effectiveness of process requirements against own products. Suitability of process/procedure (customer/product-specific) Compliance with all the Important quality characteristics of the product Certification and auditing Certificates DIN EN ISO 9001/2000 Certificates VDA 6.1/TS 16949 Potential analysis/process audit (VDA 6.3) Product audit (VDA 6.5) Practice related additional requirements, product creation/series manufacture customer requirements/service Basic requirements of the norm and of the automotive industry VDA authorised certifying authorities Car manufacturer/supplier QM - manual Process/operation instructions QM - system application Customer-specific product, process specifications Continuous Improvement + + Slide20:  QUALITY MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR ‘A’ GRADE STATUS BACKGROUND. It is the clear objective of VWSA to develop its local supplier base with the intention of progressively increasing the proportion of ‘A’ graded suppliers within this base. This protocol gives a brief overview and checklist of the specific elements necessary to satisfy process audit requirements in respect of achieving the ‘A’ grading. Further clarification of these requirements will be found on the Website: “”, sub-heading”Quality”. REQUIRED ELEMENTS VDA 6.1-Systems Audit A successful systems audit to VDA 6.1\TS 16949 conducted by an accredited third party certification body (SABS ; TUV etc.) It should be noted that a systems audit conducted by an OEM is classified as a second party audit and is not accepted. VDA 6.3-Process Audit A 92% minimum achievement from the VWSA process audit as conducted by the VW auditors. VDA 6.5-Product Audit The auditor will select a component ready for despatch to the customer and subject it to dimensional and process checks. This audit also verifies the integrity of technical specifications and the result will have a direct mathematical correlation to the audit rating if an ‘A’ or ‘B’ fault is found during this audit. This may result in a downgrading to a ‘B’ supplier. Slide21:  PROCESS AUDIT REQUIREMENTS (CONTINUED) The balance of the process audit is conducted under the following groupings:- Section A :- Product / process development 1 Product development - Applicable where a supplier has design accountability 1.1 Planning - Implication of the design on the product 1.2 Implementation - Control of engineering changes / FMEA’s 2 Process development 2.1 Planning - Planning the manufacturing process 2.2 Implementation - Developing / approving the manufacturing process. Section B :- Full scale production 1 Suppliers and purchased materials - Assurance that incoming goods, materials and services meet consistent quality standards. 2 Production - Assurance that the manufacturing process is controlled. 2.1 Personnel and qualifications 2.2 Machinery and test equipment 2.3 Transport and handling 2.4 Defect analysis and corrective action. 3 Customer care and satisfaction - Assurance that only acceptable quality products are supplied to the customer. To achieve an ‘A’ rating, an overall rating of 92% or more must be scored with none of the above elements scoring less than 75%. Slide22:  Quality Manuals For your additional information about available Quality Manuals, please go to our WEBSITE: “” Click on the sub-heading “Quality Manuals”, which will show you a selection as follows: -Formel Q Konkret (Systems) -Formel Q Capability Rev 5 2005 (Process) -Formel Q-Modules (Modular Supply) -QPN -Guideline for IMDS These modules are also available on the Group Web site as follows: “” Slide23:  CHECKLIST FOR PROCESS AUDITS The attachments are intended as a guide and checklist off all the elements that will be covered during a process audit conducted by Volkswagen of South Africa auditors. Its purpose is to focus the specific requirements of the audit in a format that is easy to work with and capable of duplication if necessary. The individual points are expanded in the Formel Q Konkret and Formel Q Capability which should be used for further clarification of each point. In all cases, the formel Q Konkret is the authoritative document. Please take particular note that VWSA now expects a successful “Self Audit” to VDA 6.3 by the Suppliers before any VWSA auditor will perform an audit in future. Also take particular note of the Quality Program for New Parts (QPN), which amongst others focuses strongly on Project Management. Slide27:  DUN’s Number Registration DUN & BRADSTREET PROCESS Due to the increasing business globalization, communication standards have become more important. In order to improve communication with our suppliers we plant to introduce a standard supplier number within the VW Group. The well known consultant DUN & Bradstreet administrates such a number, and has nearly 49 million companies registered in their database. The nine digit number is referred to as a “DUNS-Nr”. What makes the DUNS-Nr. So important for you and VW? This number is an essential requirement for any potential export into the VW Group and is a requirement for new Suppliers registering via the website. The operating activities (delivery/accounting) will stay with the well known local number. In purchasing we are going to introduce the “DUNS” number as a first step in our enquiry/offer process. There-after we are looking at implementing the DUNS-Nr. (step by step) in order operating activities. We will keep you informed about the introduction of the next steps. Please contact your local DUN & Bradstreet office/agent as soon as possible and they will provide a DUNS-Nr. For your company. You can contact the Information Trust Corporation (the local agent for DUN & Bradstreet) on: Tel.: 011 488 2334 Fax.: 011 488 2092 or write at the following address: For attention: ITC 8 Junction Avenue Parktown 2193 On receipt of your DUNS_Nr. Please advise our Mr T Manefeldt per fax (041) 994 5465 or e-mail Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Tokkie Manefeldt on 041 994 4291 or as per above. Slide28:  HEAVY METALS BAN In line with worldwide trends, VW is a forerunner in ensuring environmentally sound manufacturing processes and products. In this regard VWSA requests its suppliers to obtain certification to ISO 14001. PROHIBITED: from use amongst others are the following materials: Hexavolent Chromium, or Chrome 6 Mercury Cadmium Lead (was exempted till 2005) Our Suppliers are to make separate official declarations about any of these materials contained or not contained in their proposed supplied components or assemblies, as part of the First Sample Report supplied with the first samples. To do this you MUST register on the International Material Data System (IMDS) by going to the website : You will receive a release number which must be inserted on the ISIR. Further details can be obtained from our Website under Heading: “IMDS” Slide29:  PROTOTYPE AND SAMPLE PARTS If your company is being considered, or has been selected to perform a new development for any component or assembly, please familiarize yourself with the PROTOTYPE MANUAL as available by clicking “HERE”. For the submission of Prototypes (development parts), if for local use, these must be submitted to the VWSA Product Engineering Division via Purchasing. For new developments done for Export purposes-dealing with a VW Group company-prototypes and samples must first be sent to VWSA for an initial check before forwarding to the Group company. To supply VWSA with the correct FIRST SAMPLE REPORT, please study the next 2 pages of the sample report, as well as the compilation instructions for your ease of understanding. For an electronic copy of the report please click on ” FSR”. Slide34:  Insert your release number from the IMDS Slide37:  The Supplier Information System (SIS) Is a SAP linked data base containing all the relevant data concerning a specific supplier Can be updated very simply by a supplier with secure access to the site Updates of the SAP database are the suppliers responsibility. We propose an update every three months to prevent any “mishaps” in communication which today is mainly electronic. Please note the “username” and the “password” are NOT the ones used for ESL or Call-off’s! Nb.: When updated by supplier, and “saved”; the data then becomes available to our administration staff, who check it and then “release” it on to the SAP database, before the supplier can see the updates after renewed “log in”. Also be aware of an “automatic log out” which occurs after some 30 minutes; so please “save” before that. Slide38:  Supplier Survey - Account settlement Click on SIS to update your company’s details Slide39:  VOLKSWAGEN OF SA 0000 041 994 5206 041 994 5465 ALGOA STREET UITENHAGE UITENHAGE 80 6230 6229 Click on Update Details and then change the required information Slide40:  0000 VOLKSWAGEN OF SA 041 994 5206 041 994 5465 ALGOA STREET UITENHAGE UITENHAGE 80 6230 6229 You many change the information in any of the white blocks Slide41:  Once you have made your changes, click on Save Details Slide42:  THE VWSA SUPPLIER BUILDER SYSTEM Allows VWSA to assess its performance perception with its suppliers Automatically transposes data into graphical format Complete evaluation via standard deviation for benchmarking Slide43:  Supplier Survey - Account settlement Click on the survey you wish to complete Slide44:  Fill in your rating for each question Submit your form Reset your form

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