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Published on October 2, 2007

Author: Sudiksha


Slide1:  Monday, May 1, 2006 Al Harvey – Regional Sales Director TurboChef Technologies, Inc. Cell: 469-222-5499 Email: Tom Johnson – President and CEO Johnson Commercial Agents Office: 651-686-8499 Email: PRESENTS Rapid Cook Ovens What is “RAPID COOK TECHNOLOGY”?:  What is “RAPID COOK TECHNOLOGY”? TurboChef rapid cook ovens utilize patented combinations of high-speed forced air impingement heating and microwave energy to cook food up to 12 times faster than conventional methods. TurboChef ovens employ a catalytic converter and are listed to the new UL KNLZ which allows for the TurboChef C3, Tornado, and High h Batch ovens to be installed and operated ventless. (For all food items except for fatty, raw proteins such as bone-in, skin-on chicken, raw hamburger, or raw bacon.) Product Line Review – click on images for web pages:  Product Line Review – click on images for web pages How does it work?:  How does it work? Adjustable Speed Fan Jetplates Oscillating Rack Catalytic Combustion Recirculation Adjustable Speed Fan Jetplates Heater Catalytic Combustion Microwave Adjustable Speed Fan Jetplates Bottom IR Element Heater Catalytic Combustion Microwave Slide5:  EDIT GROUPS EDIT GROUPS Ease of Operation 1. Place food to cook in the oven. 2. Select the group key for that item. 3. Then push the item key for the product you are cooking. 4. The oven will start. Wait for the countdown timer to beep, remove food. Slide6:  Combo Subs COUNT 0 COOK TIME 2:30 IR SETPT 1150°F SAVE TEST %TIME %AIR %WAV 1 50 100 100 2 25 100 90 3 25 100 30 4 0 10 0 5 0 10 0 6 0 10 0 1) Group Name 2) Item Name 3) Cook Cycle Count 4) Total Cooking Time 5) IR Setpoint 6) Item Program – Recipe events 1 through 6 7) Test key to trial a cook setting 8) Save key to save the current setting. Cooking Profiles – The Key to Success The “edit mode” is password protected so employees cannot change your gold standard cook settings. Cook settings can be adjusted to achieve specific, repeatable results. The “EDIT” Screen: Once programmed, staff only press the item key to cook. They never see this edit mode screen. No Hood Needed :  No Hood Needed UL KNLZ specifies that unit exhausts less than the minimal limit of grease laden air, and smoke required for Type I Unit is sealed so even moisture is contained. Managed latent heat gain. Units are well insulated. Heat gain in space is equivalent to gain from 2-Door freezer. No need for Hood over freezer, so no hood over oven. TurboChef defends its listing. TurboChef uses Food Safety and Code Compliance specialists at Johnson Diversified Products Technology :  Technology Catalytically scrubbed recirculating air path Benefits of TurboChef Ovens:  Benefits of TurboChef Ovens Product Quality: High quality, less shrink, minimize hot holding Consistent results: Repeatable, push-button operation Cooking Speed: Up to 12X standard. Cook fresh, on demand. Menu Expansion: Add new items w/o needing new equipment Small Footprint: Less than 30”, countertop design, stackable Total Cost of Ownership: Payback is measured in months, not years. Food Quality:  Food Quality Ask Brakebush, La Nova, Schwans, McCain, Simplot, Tyson, Sara Lee, Conagra, Concerto, Ruiz, Kraft, or Moreys. They will tell you their food never tasted so good. Why? Many foods are fried to get speed, not for flavor FOG (fat/oil/grease) degrade holding time and product quality Excess fat ( especially transfats) are considered unhealthy Even veggies are great, too fast to dry out Fish evenly cooked from outside in and inside out TurboChef gives you fryer speeds at conventional oven quality Cooking Speed:  Cooking Speed Menu Expansion:  Menu Expansion Single Platform can cook a wide variety of products, with NO CHANGE TO UTILITIES or EQUIPMENT PROFILE! Have you noticed that a national chain installed TurboChefs, and overnight they had toasted sandwiches . . . . … then they had pizza … then they had a breakfast program … then they had … ALL WITH NO ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT. Slide14:  Tornado and High H use Reprogrammable Smart Cards to send menus to or from the oven. Simply insert the card into a slot on the oven, push a button on the keypad, and in seconds the new menu is loaded. Consistent product from location to location to location Add new items to the menu easily, as often as your market needs demand Menu settings How do you get new menu items to 25,000 locations? Uploading/Downloading How about Labor Costs?:  How about Labor Costs? Menus can be preprogrammed by manufacturer prior to shipment. Smart cards for menu changes can be programmed by corporate headquarters and loaded into ovens by location manager. Operator just places food in oven, pushes the appropriate button, and takes food out when cycle is complete – 5 minute training to cook entire menu. Cleaning requires 10-15 minutes per day. No FOG to filter, no filters to change, no deliming! Safe to use. Bottom line, entry level staff can produce high quality food! Small Footprint:  Small Footprint Tornado and High H are 1-phase, 208/240V, 30A, 60Hz (NEMA 6-30R) C3 at is 208V is 35A. C3 at 240V is 30A (NEMA 6-50R) No unit bigger than 30x30x21 (WxDxH) All ovens are stackable, enabling growing or high volume locations to double throughput without using more floor space. Complete kitchen/kiosk can be installed in as little as 50 sq. ft. including sales counter. “Ignorance is bliss, but only for the Ignorant. For the rest of us, Ignorance is Expensive!”:  “Ignorance is bliss, but only for the Ignorant. For the rest of us, Ignorance is Expensive!” Total Cost of Ownership How Much Does it Cost?:  How Much Does it Cost? Type 1 hood $13,090 Stack conveyor $5,000 Panini grill $900 Limited menu capability, slow speed of service and low output - PRICELESS! INITIAL COST (EQUIPMENT ONLY): $18,990 The new model:  The new model TOTAL COST (EQUIPMENT ONLY): $7,900 TurboChef C3 – Operating Cost:  TurboChef C3 – Operating Cost Conveyor oven:  Conveyor oven Conveyor with hood:  Conveyor with hood Summary - energy usage:  Summary - energy usage “How much did you say it Costs?”:  “How much did you say it Costs?” For first year of operation While these calculations were just estimates, there are significant costs savings. The first year this calculation shows you will SAVE $16,646, and $5646 every year thereafter. Using these numbers and a 5 year amortization, this totals to an additional $39,230 in profits on direct equipment related cost reduction. Slide25:  Optimized Rapid Cooking by Presented by Design Services Group, Al Harvey, and Tom Johnson

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