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Information about Superheroes

Published on March 8, 2009

Author: angeal


Slide 2: My name is Aitor. I am 1,47 cm tall. I weigh 33 kilograms. I can run very fast.I run 17 kilometres in ten minutes. I can fly and I can swim 5 metres in 3 minutes. Slide 3: I’m a superheroine. I’ve got long hair. I’ve got three eyes,one mouthwith two tongues and twenty teeth. I’ve got four arms and four hands. I’ve got four legs and four feet. I can fly and jump very high. I can run very fast. I’m not dangerous! Slide 4: Hello! I´m Antía. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve got superpowers: I can jump very high and I can run very fast. I’m wearing a cloack and a tight dress. Slide 5: I’m Super Brais. I’m twelve years old. I live in As Pontes. I’m 1,57 cm tall. I weigh 50 kilograms. I’m very strong and fast. I’ve got x-ray sight.I can see through walls. I can fly and jump a lot. Slide 6: I am a Superhero. I´m very strong. I can fight against my enemies. I swim very fast, that’s one of my powers. I can fly like Superman and I can also run very fast. Look at me! Slide 7: I am a superhero. My superpowers are: super high speed, invisibility and transformation. I can fly and I am very strong. I help people in danger. Slide 8: I’m a Superheroine. I’m very tall and thin. I’m fun. I can fly. Slide 9: Hello! I’m D.A., a Superhero. I live in As Pontes. I have got thousands of lifes. I’ve got elasticity, speed and super strength. My legs are very strong.My arms are long and elastic. I can see through walls. I can run very fast and I can fly. Bye! Slide 10: I am a Superhero. I am wearing a big yellow cloack and a mask. I throw rays with my eyes. I can throw fire with my left arm and water with my right arm. I can’t fly but I can dig with my feet. Slide 11: My name is Ivanhero. I’m wearing short blue trousers and a red cap. I’ve got sunglasses. I’ve got two arms, one in my stomach and the other in my leg. I’m very very strong. I can lift a car up with my hands. I can fly.I’m not fast but I’m very agile. Slide 12: My name is Superheroine Alba. I’ve got long black hair. I’ve got ….. And I’m wearing a cloack. I can fly and I can talk with animals. Slide 13: I’m a superhero. I come from the space. I wear a short T-shirt and short trousers. I’ve got a cloack. I’ve got long hair and I’m vey tall. I can break iron.I can fly and I’m very fast. Slide 14: I’ve got powers: I can fly and run. I can jump very high. My dress is brown, orange and yellow. I’m tall and thin. Slide 15: Hello! I’m Nerea, the superheroine. I’ve got a big head. I’ve got long hair, little ears and little eyes. I’ve got long arms and long legs. I’m very famous. I’m tall and young. I can fly and my head turns around 360 degrees. I live in New Zealand. Slide 16: Hello! My name is Juan. I am a superhero and my powers are: I can throw fire with my eyes and I run very fast. I save people in danger and I must be careful because my enemies want to kill me. Slide 17: I’m Laura and I’m a superheroine. I’ve got superpowers: I’m very strong. I can run fast. I can break books. And … I can’t die. It’s great to have superpowers! Slide 18: Hello! I’m Batgirl, Batman’s girlfriend. My dress is blackand yellow. It’s tight. I can fly and jump very high. I can see at night. I’m very strong though my legs and my arms are short. Bye! Kisses. Slide 19: I’m a superhero. My name is Oscar. I’m very strong. I can swim and run very fast. I’m a lifeguard in the swimming pool of my town. I save children and look after the babies in the small swimming pool. I’m not like the other superheroes. THANK YOU SUPERHEROES : THANK YOU SUPERHEROES Aitor Javier Brais Andrea Jennifer Elois Antía Eva Óscar Iván Juan Laura Diego Iago Nerea David R. Daniel

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