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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: Purdicom



Presentation from the Superfast Wireless Roadshow Edinburgh

Superfast Wireless Roadshow Hosted by Purdicom With MLL Telecom, Siklu, Ceragon & Cambium Networks #SuperfastWireless SSID: SMWSLeith_Members Pass: SMWS1982

Purdicom and MLL Introductions Superfast Urban Wireless Edinburgh City Council Superfast City Centre WiFi Coffee Break Superfast Rural Wireless Community Broadband Scotland – An Introduction Wireless CCTV MLL Professional Services Q&A Close #SuperfastWireless

Purdicom: Brief History Founded: January 2005 Future: 2014 Focus: Wireless Infrastructure & Hardware #SuperfastWireless

Purdicom: Company Success #SuperfastWireless

Purdicom: Solutions #SuperfastWireless

MLL Telecom: Brief History Founded: 1992 USP: Own 32GHz spectrum & advanced services team Focus: Network Solutions & Professional Services #SuperfastWireless

MLL Telecom: Success Stories Enabled North Lanarkshire Council to support 30 mobile CCTV Cameras Partnered with O2 WiFi to provide Westminster CC with fast, reliable WiFi Built a high speed fibre optic core network for Suffolk CC connecting 700 sites

MLL Telecom: Exclusive 32 & 40GHz spectrum, NOC services Purdicom & MLL Telecom Purdicom: Best of breed wireless products & channel partners #SuperfastWireless

MLL Telecom Purdicom & MLL Telecom Purdicom Unique value add + #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: History 1997 Mid 2000s Now onwards ##SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: Challenges Wireless Interference Listed Buildings Urban Landscape #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: Technology Advances cost of wireless speed and performance of wireless Unjustifiable Justifiable We are here! #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: Technology Advances 5GHz Unlicensed 2.0 Millimetre Wave Licensed Microwave #SuperfastWireless

For specific information, email:

• Part of UK government’s £150m Super- Connected Cities Project • Edinburgh was one of 5 pilot cities for the voucher scheme • Full scheme went live Dec 2013, now Edinburgh has £5.5m of broadband vouchers to give away to SMEs for high speed internet connections New UK voucher scheme that covers the costs of high speed internet connections for SMEs in Edinburgh

• It employs between 1 and 249 persons • It has an annual turnover not exceeding £40m • It must have a trading address registered in Edinburgh • It must be willing to sign up with a supplier for at least 6 months • It can switch from a current supplier, but it must be for a connection about 30mbps and they cannot already have a connection above 30mbps. SME Eligibility:

How to apply: • Visit to contact suppliers directly with your needs and use the jargon buster if you want more detail regarding types of connections • Head to for the full application and Edinburgh- Specific info • Get two quotes from registered Edinburgh suppliers of your choice from the online list • Submit quotes with your completed application • Enjoy the benefits of high speed internet!

Urban Wireless: Metronet UK Who: Manchester based ISP Revenue: £1million per month (50% yearly growth) USP: Unique wireless-fibre hybrid services #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: Metronet UK Metronet chose Siklu to deliver 100s of gigabit E band links Primary focus on the Siklu EH1200TL E band link Metronet UK connected over 100 voucher customers to date #SuperfastWireless

Urban Wireless: Siklu Field proven quality: Carrier grade performance: Over 7000 links installed worldwide Used by tier-1 carriers as well as enterprise MTBF >70 years Survived monsoon season in India and Hurricane Sandy Rich feature set: 1Gbps over the air TDD & FDD Embedded powerful L2 switch (VLAN, QoS etc) Advanced security encryption #SuperfastWireless

New Product: Siklu EtherHaul-600T Operating in 57-66GHz license-exempt band 1000Mbps (1Gbps) throughput TDD technology Size: 15cm2 (66Mbps per cm2 or 169Mbps per inch2) Advanced modulation: QPSK – QAM64 @500MHz Super low latency: 350usec #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: The Problem Councils want to generate revenue No (or bad) Mobile Signal Individual Rural Homes #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: The Solution MESH Backhaul Option Phased Projects Capable Wireless Access Points #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: The Funding Economic Development: Councils seeking to improve the “Digital Divide” Projects fall into either Funded or Concessions Rush for Cash: Councils selling use of street furniture Mobile operators only interested in large footfall areas (London, Manchester etc) Business model based on long term use / rental from sales of sites #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: Market Direction People need to use it! Better, faster, stronger WiFi Share the backhaul #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: MLL (Tendring) Who: MLL Telecom for Tendring Council Revenue: 15 minutes free Wi-Fi & pay-as-you-go service Project Scale: 1st phase in August 2013 for Clacton air show #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: MLL (Tendring) #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: MLL (Tendring) #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: MLL (Tendring) #SuperfastWireless

Town Centre / Metro WiFi: MLL (Tendring) #SuperfastWireless

Ruckus Wireless 7782 #SuperfastWireless Tech Specs: Industrys most powerful outdoor access point 3x3:3 MIMO 802.11n 30°, 120°, omni directional, or external antenna options for very high-density deployments in arenas, stadiums, airports, etc

Coffee break – 15 mins #SuperfastWireless

Rural Wireless #SuperfastWireless

Rural Wireless: The Problem Forgotten Rural Business Parks Slow Speeds Individual Rural Homes #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: The Funding Commercial: E.g. BT’s Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) rollout Many Wireless ISPs across the country operation in rural areas State-Aid: Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) Rural Communities Broadband Fund (funded by DEFRA) Superfast Extension Programme “Last 5% / Innovative Solutions” Super-connected Cities #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: The Pitfalls Need for [more] Speed Long Decision Making Process Time is Running Out #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: Technology & Approaches Mobile 4G (and 5G) Networks Fixed Wireless Access Local Fibre (FTTC) Whitespace Frequency #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: The Future #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: Airband Who: Worcestershire based ISP Coverage: Urban & rural (Total coverage 672 sq miles) Funding: £700,000 from Worcestershire County Council #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: Airband Airband chose Cambium Point to Multipoint & Point to Point Delivering 30Mbps to 14 parishes accounting for 2000 residential and 200 business connections Future expansion of rural network for High Speed Business & connection vouchers #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: Airband Ewhurst – a Surrey County Council Intervention Area #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Rural Wireless: Cambium Networks Field proven quality: Other Notable Deployments: 60oc to -40oc temperature range 2.2billion field hours logged Survives wind speeds up to 202mph Dundee City Council Total Oil & Gas rigs AllPay Broadband (Wireless ISP) Aberdeenshire Council Superior 5GHz performance: 450Mbps PTP 125Mbps per sector PMP Line of sight and non-line of sight Long distances (up to 30km+) #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Cambium Networks PMP 450 High Spectral Efficiency GPS Sync OFDM & 2x 2 MIMO enables nLOS / NLOS Triple Play Data, Voice & Video V Low Latency & QoS Sector capacity of 125+Mbps DL of 60-65Mbps 3.5, 3.6, 5.4 & 5.8 GHz In 5, 10 & 20MHz channels #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Cambium Networks PMP 450 Quick and simple to install MTBF of 141 years CCTV SC Backhaul Last Mile access DR Low cost, reliable and secure broadband and backhaul #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Cambium Networks PTP 650 Carrier Grade Reliability IP66 & 67 50 year MTBF Rural & Urban Broadband CCTV & WiFi backhaul Enterprise Less time to deploy Minimal disruption to environment #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Cambium Networks PTP650 High Spectral Efficiency 10Bs / Hz Max 450Mbps aggregate in channel sizes from 5 to 45Mhz Wide band 4.9 to 6.05GHz V High link reliability with DSO to enable 99.999% Secure with FIPS 197 and FIPS 140-2 #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow


Why? • “an ambition for Scotland to become a world class digital nation and requires that people living, working and visiting Scotland can communicate and connect instantly using any device, anywhere, anytime.” • Scotland’s World Class 2020 Vision #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

Why? • “Delivering Next Generation Broadband capability to our most remote and rural communities WILL have a transformational impact on how those communities Live, Learn and Work” #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

What? •Help Communities Who Want To Go Faster and Further •Help Fund Those Communities Who Are Unlikely to Benefit From Step Change •Closing The Digital Divide

CCTV & Surveillance #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

CCTV & Surveillance: History The Past The Present The Future #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

CCTV & Surveillance: Challenges Wireless Interference (Again) Changing surroundings Flexible Architecture #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

CCTV & Surveillance: Future of Backhaul Licensed Technologies Mobile Architecture 5GHz Ain’t Dead #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

MLL Professional Services #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

MLL Professional Services #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

MLL Professional Services • UK Tier 2 Network Operator • Radio backhaul specialist • Over 22 years experience • Solutions: – Managed radio and fibre mobile backhaul solutions – PtP / PtMP Microwave radio – Fixed wireless access – Fixed access (EFM, NGA, fibre) – IP/MPLS network solutions – E2E professional services • National UK spectrum owner – 32GHz & 40GHz – High availability , Reliable and Interference free – 10-1000Mbps – Upto 10km – Low latency – MLL Telecom controlled and assigned

MLL Professional Services 1: Network Design • Full Design Capabilities – PtP & PtMP • Above 80% success DLoS to LoS (55% MNO average) • MLL Telecom and OFCOM controlled spectrum • 50,000+ database of sites • Hybrid Design expertise - Bringing fibre and Microwave together • Access to Openreach products, national fibre providers and wholesale resellers

MLL Professional Services 2: Site Acquisition • Full Turnkey service & Professional services – Site owner negotiations – Planning applications – AONB specialist • Code Powers Tier 2 operator (OFCOM “Electronic Communications Code”) • Experienced in Multiple site types – Arqiva, WIG etc – MNO – Community – Streetworks / Greenfield • Linked and RAG’d against design options

MLL Professional Services 3: Site Enablement, Installation & Migration • Chosen partner for MNOs & Rural Broadband • 20-50 LoS/I&C a week • Experience in 20+ vendor hardware includes – Microwave – Ethernet – Outdoor WiFi – EFM/FTTC – MPLS

MLL Professional Services 4: Project Management • Prince 2 & PMI certified Project managers • ITIL Processes • ISO 9001 / 27001 • Service Assurance + Project governance

MLL Professional Services 5: Network Operation Management • UK on-site 24/7/365 – 126 contracts, – 33 customers, – 1,743 UK wide sites and – Average 3.5 hours incident resolution – 250+ incidents managed by NOC each month • Marlow Based • 35+ different vendors on-boarded • In and out of band management • Dedicated SPOC

MLL Professional Services 6: Field Maintenance • MLL Telecom in-house resource • Fully UK Mainland coverage • Standard 4+4 service • Multi skilled – Microwave – Ethernet/IP – Climbers + Rooftop • Annual service or Ad-Hoc callout

MLL Professional Services • Access to national spectrum below Ofcom rates • Bespoke or turnkey solutions in partnership with Purdicom – Network Design – Site Acquisition – Site Enablement, Installation & migration – Project Management – Network Operation Management – Field Maintenance

Thank you Any questions? #SuperfastWirelessRoadshow

#superfastwireless presentations

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