Supercritical water oxidation process

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Information about Supercritical water oxidation process

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: RakhiVishwakarma




Super Critical Water(SCW)?  When water’s temperature and pressure are above 3740C and 221 bar respectively, it enters a supercritical condition.

Its an additional phase to its more familiar solid, liquid and gaseous phases. Under these conditions the physical properties of water change. Water phase Transition state Super Critical State

Properties Of Super Critical Water Density is less than that of the liquid; Viscosity is the same as the gas; Diffusivity is between the liquid and the gas.

Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO)? SCWO takes advantage of the unique properties of SCW to destroy organic waste. The organic content of the waste feed is quickly and efficiently converted to carbon dioxide, water , etc.

Process Flow Of A SCOW System:

AquaCritox:  Unique method in sustainable wastewater treatment and sludge destruction. Uses SCWO, which destroys organic waste safely, without generating hazardous emissions.

Process: SCW as the reaction medium, and an oxidant such as air, O2, or NO3. High temperature and pressure. Organic wastes and metals are oxidized to inert species. Oxidized to CO2 and H2O along with a release of energy.


Some Facts Of Process: Rapid & complete reaction. Total conversion of organics to CO2, H2O, N2 Halogens converted to the corresponding mineral acids No harmful by-products

Some Facts Of Process: No exhaust gas cleaning requirements Continuous operation Recycling of valuable in organics possible Totally enclosed process

Application of SCWO  The alterative for safe disposal is limited.  Deep well injection, open burning are restricted in many areas.  Many process are costly.  SCWO represents an economic alternative.

Application Of SCWO Surface Treatment Separation Of Process Super Critical Water Recycling Waste Treatment

Applications Of SCWO:  Hazardous & toxic harmless products.

Advantages of SCWO  Combustion efficiency is greater than 99.99 percent.  Excellent process stability and control.

Advantages of SCWO        Very high destruction efficiencies Totally contained process No smokestack Relatively low temperature operation Compact size Competitive cost Combustion efficiency is greater than 99.99 percent.  Excellent process stability and control.

Demonstration and development  General atomics is the world leader in SCWO development.  They have 15 years of experience.  US air force has been sponsoring SCWO development over 10 years.

 Pilot plant built by General atomic to demonstrate conversion of organic waste streams into various forms of fuels and power. Supercritical water pilot plant

 General atomic now offers SCWO for a wide range of applications.  Systems are automated, fast and easily installed.

 SCWO built at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.  use in cleanup of waste streams associated with demilitarization of weapons.  To transition from hazardous waste disposal to hazardous waste conversion.

Current SCWO applications  Evaluation in the Japanese hazardous waste destruction market.  The Bluegrass chemical demilitarization plant will use SCWO to destroy hydrolysate.  Tooele Army Depot for destruction of energetics hydrolysate.  A SCWO system is planned for waste treatment in a facility in Alaska

Conclusion  Powerful technology for transformation of toxic organic waste in inert compounds.  Specially recommended for disposal of hazardous wastes.

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