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Published on October 7, 2007

Author: Marigold


SUPERCELL MORPHOLOGY:  SUPERCELL MORPHOLOGY Key Parameters:  Key Parameters Upper Divergence Flow Aloft (speed and direction) Surface Trigger (dry line, warm front, etc.) CAPE Moisture Shear Flow Aloft:  Flow Aloft Flow Aloft:  Flow Aloft This is the flow on Friday May 4 at 7pm CST. Note the divergence in southwestern Kansas. This divergence aided in rising motion in this region and surface low development. One thing to note on May 4 versus May 5 is the strength of the 500mb flow. Friday saw flow in the 40-50 kt range while Saturday saw flow up to 70 kts. This is one reason why Saturday saw more tornadoes than Friday. Flow Aloft:  Flow Aloft Surface Trigger:  Surface Trigger This is a SPC mesoscale discussion image from Saturday, May 5. The dryline served as the initiation line for supercells. During the afternoon, the dryline progressed westward, reinitiating storms as it propagated. Surface convergence was maximized along this boundary in the warm sector southeast of the surface low near the Kansas/Nebraska/Colorado border. Surface Trigger:  Surface Trigger Surface Trigger:  Surface Trigger Convection initiates along the dryline during the afternoon of May 5. Dodge City, KS Sounding:  Dodge City, KS Sounding Note the impressive wind shear from the surface up to 500 mb depicted by the wind barbs on the right hand side of the sounding. Good convective instability exists also from around 700 to 500mb. Note the very impressive indices in the table on the right side. CAPE is over 3000 J/kg and the lifted index is -7. Slide11:  This is a storm relative velocity loop from the Dodge City radar. The impressive TVS (Tornado Vortex Signature) to the southeast of Dodge City produced the destructive F5 tornado in Greensburg, KS.

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