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Published on December 27, 2008

Author: annedalupang


Slide 1: Super Natural Health Sense! Co. Slide 2: Introducing.... Slide 3: What is an Herbal Liniment Oil? Slide 4: Herbal oils, also called herbal oil extracts, are traditional herbal remedies used to relieve muscle & joint pains and treat, nourish and revitalize the skin. Beneficial effects are achieved through the combination of herbs using gentle nondestructive oil extraction techniques. Slide 5: Liniment From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Liniment, (or embrocation) from the Latin linere, to anoint, is a medicated topical preparation for application to the skin. Preparations of this type are also called balm. Liniments are of a similar viscosity to lotions (being significantly less viscous than an ointment or cream) but unlike lotion, a liniment is applied with friction; that is, a liniment is always rubbed in. Liniments are typically used to relieve pain and stiffness, such as from sore muscles or from arthritis. These liniments typically are formulated from alcohol, acetone, or similar quickly evaporating solvents, and contain counterirritant aromatic chemical compounds such as methyl salicylate, benzoin resin or capsaicin. Opodeldoc is a sort of liniment invented by the physician Paracelsus. Absorbine Jr is a trade name for a brand of liniment for human use widely sold in the United States. Traditional Chinese medicine features a wide variety of different liniments with applications ranging from topical anaesthetics used in bone setting to simple sore muscles and bruises, such as Dit Da Jow or Ligusticum. Slide 6: Herbal oil extracts are 100% natural and contain no artificial additives, preservatives or stabilizers. Slide 7: Super Natural Bio-Oil Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO™) is a Neutralizer Herbal Oil that is compatible to all Blood Types. Slide 8: Not all Herbal Oil Liniments are compatible to our Blood Type according to the “Wahiman Method” [The Science of Brain Dominancy & Blood Type Nutrition] **Pioneered in the Philippines by Prof. Edd Wahiman, Master in Fitness & Nutrition; A Filipino Scientist; Father of Natural Medicine in the Philippines. **Read also “Blood Type Nutrition” by Peter J.D. Adamo, a famous Nutritionist Slide 9: For you to understand better about the compatibility of plant ion to our blood ion, please take note on the COLOR CODING chart for each specific blood type… Food Colors Blood Type White Green Gray Black Blue A & AB Slide 10: Food Colors Blood Type Yellow Orange Red Violet Brown B & O Slide 11: SuperNatural Bio-Oil (SNO™) is prepared from plant parts which are neutralizers or compatible to our blood types. Incompatibility of plant ion to our blood ion will result to coagulation of the blood thus it causes weakness of the body system. Slide 12: SuperNatural Bio-Oil SNO™ Is a mixture of: Zingeber officinale Roscoe (ginger) Zingeber officinale has been used for the past 5,000 years. It is a natural antibiotic and has anesthetic effect. It is best for muscle spasm; arthritis & rheumatism Slide 13: Andropogon Citratus Lemon Grass - Its phytochemical geranoid and citronellol are antiseptics. It relieves nervous tension & stress. It has a calming effect and is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Slide 14: Sambong Sambong is an amazing medicinal plant. It can treat colds, fever, mild hypertension, rheumatism, and treat skin disorders like leprosy and psoriasis. Slide 15: Neem In Ayurvedic Medicine, it is used for skin diseases, inflammations, fever, rheumatism, and as insect repellent Slide 16: Curcuma domestica Turmeric has been used since the ancient time. It has anti-inflammatory property. It also helps treat rheumatoid arthritis. Slide 17: Gotu Kola Gotu Kola has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in India, China & Indonesia. It has the ability to heal wounds and treat skin disorders. Slide 18: Marigold Marigold has calendic acid that treats acne, reduces inflammation, controls bleeding and soothes irritated tissue Slide 19: Lagundi It alleviates pain; relieves cough, colds and asthma Slide 20: It is used to treat ringworms and skin fungal infections. Cassia Alata [Akapulko/Asunting] Slide 21: Kelp Kelp has a rich source of natural vitamins & minerals including essential trace minerals. It improves skin textures. Slide 22: Graviola Graviola helps treat neuralgia, rheumatism, and arthritic pain; also treats bacterial and fungal infections. Slide 23: Corn Silk Corn Silk is anti-inflammatory; clears boils, treats edema and carpal tunnel syndrome Slide 24: Yacon Yacon is a tuber plant used thousands of years ago. It has wonderful healing capabilities being anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. Slide 25: Mangosteen Mangosteen has anti-inflammatory properties and also cures skin cancer Slide 26: Rice Bran Rice Bran is rich in Vitamin E Slide 27: Peppermint Peppermint eliminates gas, bloating & abdominal cramps. It improves blood circulation, relieves headache, cools down the body and relieves a variety of respiratory conditions. Slide 28: Lemon & Orange Peel Lemon and Orange Peel has therapeutic aroma that is soothing to the nerves Slide 29: Sunflower Oil Sunflower Oil has smoothing properties. It is high in essential vitamin E and retains moisture in the skin. It also fights skin infection Slide 30: Olive Oil Olive Oil has a high level of antioxidants (Vit. E). In ancient Greece, it is rubbed all over the body and is called “liquid gold”. Also works as anti-aging. Slide 31: Palm Oil Palm Oil has high amount of beta-carotene; aids in the healing of wounds and has antimicrobial effect. Slide 32: Moringa Oil Moringa Oil is anti-bacterial. It relieves joint pain and protects the skin due to its emollient properties. Slide 33: SuperNatural Bio-Oil Slide 34: Additional Instructions on how to use Super Natural Bio-Oil (SNO™) Slide 35: 1. Apply a little amount of SNO™ on the affected area and massage gently. Slide 36: 2. To prevent stress, put a little amount of SNO™ at the medulla oblongata using the middle finger before going out for work or play. Slide 37: 3. Place a little amount of SNO™ (using the middle finger) into the opening of nostrils to prevent inhalation of carbon monoxide, dust and other free radicals. Slide 38: 4. Too much exposure to the sun will cause sun stroke. To prevent sunstroke, place a little amount of SNO™ on the forehead to regulate body temperature. Slide 39: 5. If it is too cold, place a little amount of SNO™ in the plantar area. Slide 40: 6. To prevent headaches and restore the normal sleeping habit, use SNO™ for cranial massage. Slide 41: 7. For paralysis, and numbness in the lower extremities, use SNO™ for whole body massage. Slide 42: SNO is also best for: Arthritis Slide 43: Back Pain Slide 44: Chest Pain Slide 45: Joint Pain Slide 46: Rheumatism Slide 47: Muscle Spasm Slide 48: Headache Slide 49: Numbness Slide 50: Psoriasis of the Skin Slide 51: Gas Pain Slide 52: Fungal Infection Slide 53: Insect Bites Slide 54: Sinusitis Slide 55: Stress Slide 56: Fever Slide 57: Inflammation Slide 58: Skin Allergies Slide 59: Stiff Neck Slide 60: Dizziness / Travel Sickness Slide 61: Vomiting Slide 62: Warts Slide 63: Hypertension Slide 64: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Slide 65: Dysmenorrhea Slide 66: Varicose Veins Slide 67: Colds Slide 68: Here are some facts... Slide 69: Latest development in Natural Medicine says that not all Liniment Oils particularly those herbal extracts are Neutralizer Oil or compatible to four [4] blood types. Slide 70: Prof. Edd Wahiman who pioneered the Wahiman Method explained that there are specific parts of medicinal plant which are neutralizers and are compatible to all blood types. Slide 71: Scientific Explanation:   If the plant ion is not compatible to certain blood types [ blood ion], the blood will coagulate and the body system weakens thus it is susceptible to diseases and allergies. Slide 72: Placing SNO in the Medulla Oblongata twice a day prevents stress. Right-handed persons and left-handed persons according to Wahiman Method have different movement patterns, exercise counting, etc. All messages are transported to the brain through the nerve and passes thru the spine. With SNO at the Medulla Oblangata, the message that passes through it is corrected before it reaches the central nervous system or the “brain” Slide 73: Placing small amount of SNO at the Nostrils filters carbon monoxide and other free radicals. SNO as neutralizer oil has moving negative ions that screens or filters free radicals – the positive ion. Slide 74: PHARMACY IN YOUR POCKET Typical Family Set-up (Usual Medications taken for 1 week) Father (Body pain: Alaxan q8h @ P8 x 2days) P48 Mother (Cough: Carbocisteine 500 mg q8h x 7days @ P10) P210 Daughter (Fever: Paracetamol 250mg/5mg bot @ P100) P100 Son (Colds: Neozep q4h for 3days at P5) P90 Grandfather (Arthritis: Diclofenac 50mg bid @ P25 for 7days) P350 Total Cost of Medicines (Synthetic) P798 SNO 15ml Classic (Natural) P100 Savings P698 The above medications are specific to each patient and cannot be shared to other family members whereas SNO can be shared by all family members that is why SNO is like a Pharmacy in your pocket and a first aid kit. Slide 75: You have to decide from now on… to continue using liniment oil that is harmful to you or switch to that is compatible to you and in harmony with Nature. The Choice is yours… Super Natural Bio-Oil Slide 76: Testimonials Slide 77: Kidney Problem “Maglisud ko ug pangihi ug sakit ang pus-on. Akong gihaplasan ug Bio-Oil akong pus-on kay gihatagan ko sa akong anak. Natingala ko kay pagka kadlawon nangihi ko ug pwerte ka lubog ug nagbalas-balas nga ihi. Nawala ang sakit sa akong pus-on ug wala nako maglisud ug pangihi. Kahibulongan kaayo. Mr. Bayno Brgy Carreta, Cebu City Stress Prevention “Akong gisuwayan pagsunod sa instruction unsaon pag gamit sa Bio-Oil, lami gyud akong paminaw ug walay kapoy sa tibuok adlaw. Nakusgan ko. Primitiva Ontong Provincial Treasurers Office Bohol Slide 78: Joint Pain “Kaniadto nag gammit ko ug vibrator para mawala ang sakit sa akong tuhod ug hawak, pero karon pag sugod nako ug gamit sa Super Natural Bio-Oil, wala nako nag-vibrator kay wala na mag-sakit akong tuhod ug hawak.” Text Message of: Engr. Virgilio Yu General Service Office Provincial Capitol Province of Bohol Slide 79: Text Message from Atty. Roger Amante IBP-Cebu Chapter/ December 9, 2008 “Na opaw nako for 2 years koz of colon cancer. Gi try nako haplas ang bio-oil sa akong opaw. After 3 weeks nitubo akong buhok…” Slide 80: Stiff Neck Amancio Sumampong Retired DENR Employee Tagbilaran City 9 Years na nga dili makalingi tungod sa stiff neck. After 1 week sa pag gamit niya ug Super Natural Bio Oil makahimo na siya pag lingi. Adunay dakong kalambu-an sa dugay na niyang gi-antos.” Slide 81: Chest Distress Rolando Paloso Anchorman “Pandayan” Station DYTR, Tagbilaran City “Nag gu-ot ang dughan ug naglisud pag ginhawa. Magpadala na unta sa hospital. Apan sa dihang iyang gihaplasan ang iyang dughan ug Super Natural Bio-Oil, nahibulong siya kay nawala ang kalisud sa iyang pag ginhawa.” Slide 82: “Na lata akong tiil gumikan sa diabetes. Mag sge ug basa tungod kay mag sge ug nana. Daghan na ko na suwayan nga tambal pero wa gihapon na ayo. Gi pa suway kog Bio-oil sa akong husband. Dako kayo nga kahibulungan kay after 2 days na uga ang akong tiil. Di gayud ako maka to-o sa epekto. Dako nako ug gasto pila na ka libo pero ang Bio-oil nga perting baratoha P100 lang, mao hinoon ang naka ayo.” -From: Lani J. Ybanez. Department of Justice, Budget officer, Cebu City Nov. 15, 2008 Cel no. 09208823764 Slide 83: “Hands up ko sa super natural bio-oil. Last night nagka boyinggit ko so, ako gibutangan ug Bio-oil kay hubag man akong mata. In the morning, na tingala ko kay na ayo na ang hubag. Wala ko nag take ug tambal like anti-biotics kundi Bio-oil ra akong gi butang.” -From: Doc Jake, Philam-Life underwriter, Jones, Cebu City, Nov. 16, 2008 Cel no. 09233007924 / 09233007924 Slide 84: “Nag sakit akong ulo padung uli sa amo balay, gi butangan nako ug Bio-oil ug gipahid sa akong ulo, natingala ko kay nawala na dayon ang sakit then ako pud bukton nga nag sge ug ngol-ngol nawala na ang sakit u gang pag pamanhod. Naa jud alibyo sa sakit. Salamat kayo Jun.” -From: Lucy of Cabilao island, Loon, Bohol, Nov. 17, 2008 Slide 85: “Naa koy sakit na arthritis ug panakit sa lawas. Dugay na pud ko nga nag antos ni ini. Gani, nag gamit ko ug vibrator para ma alibyo ang sakit sa akong tuhod ug lawas. Sa dihang naka suway ko sa bio-oil, wala na magsakit akong tuhod ug kalawasan. Karon ako ng gihipos akong vibrator. Bio-oil na akong gi maintain karon.” -From: Engr. Virgilio YU Tagbilaran City, Bohol Oct. 18, 2008 Cel no. 09262558611 Slide 86: “For 30 years nag agwanta ko sa pag pamanhod sa akong till tungod kay na putlan kog ugat sa bagtak sa ulitaw pako. Kada adlaw nako ni gi antos sulod na sa 30 ka tuig, adunay nag introduce nako sa Bio-oil sa akong radio program kay usa man ako ka anchor man sa radio. Sa pag sugod nako ug pahid sa Bio-oil, sa moto-o mo ug sa dili, nawala gyud ang pag pamanhod sa akong tiil. Karon pa ni na hitabo sulod sa 30 ka tuig nga pag antos nako. Very effective gyud.” -From:Rolando Paloso, anchorman DYTR Pandayan Radio Program, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Oct 11, 2008. Cel no. 09185473037 Slide 87: “Nag ka sprain akong tuhod kay nag dulo ko ug basketball, right after the game, nag sakit akong tuhod. So, akong gipahiran ug Super Natural Bio-oil kay nagsakit man. After 15 minutes, nawala dayon ang sakit, nakabalik ko ug duwa. I really believe sa therapeutic effect sa Bio-oil.” -From: Fabio J. Ontong, Jr. Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Nov. 7, 2008. Cel no. 09195500755 / 09225965451 Slide 88: “Na curios lang k0 kay ang usa sa formulations sa Bio-oil is ang YACON ROOT CROP. Nag promote man ko aning YACON, im just amazed kay naa sa Bio-oil. So, when I tried using it ug gipahid sa akong likod nga 1 month na kapin nga nagsakit, maglisod ko ug soot ug high heel then sakit akong likod kung mag lingkod ko. Gibutangan nako ug Bio-oil, natingala dayon ko kay after 5 minutes, nag basa akong likod then morag ni bugnaw akong pamamti. After pila lang ka minutes nawala na ang sakit sa akong likod. Believe kaayo ko.” -From: Evelyn Kileste Team Leader of Doalnara Restoration Society Aposkahoy, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Nov. 15, 2008 Cel no. 09295567840 Slide 89: Proven jud nga effective kay gipaak ko ug insekto, wala ko kabalo kun unsa to. Nahubag akong tibuok leg, nangatol ug gikulani na ko. Gisuwayan nako ug haplas sa SNO Bio-Oil, tulo ra ka haplas, mora gyud na-erase ang katol-katol ug nawala ra pod ang kulani. From: Dra. Leonida B. Dalupang Family Medicine Doctor Cel No. 09289611254

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