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Published on June 4, 2010

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“There is indeed a good model for you in the Messenger of Allah – for the one who has hope in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah profusely.”
– Chapter 33- Surah Al-Ahzab:21.

'Reviving the Sunnah Awakening the Ummah' “There is indeed a good model for you in the Messenger of Allah – for the one who has hope in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah profusely.” – Chapter 33- Surah Al-Ahzab:21.

Sunnahs Upon Awakening From Sleep 1 2 Rub the face & the eyes Say ”All praise is to Allah with both palms. who gave us life after death, and to Him is the final return.” 3 4 Clean your mouth When wearing any with miswak. garment or shoe, first put the right then the left. Related Hadiths: • Immediately upon awakening rub the face and the eyes with both the palms in order to remove the effects of sleep. (Shamaail-e Tirmidhi) • When the eyes open in the morning say ‘La Ilaha illa Allah’, then ‘Alhamdulillah’ three times, then given dua:

Sunnah Way Of Sneezing Prophet ((Saliallahu’ Alayhi Wasallam ) said, "Allah loves sneezing and hates yawning”. (Reported Abu Hurayra) 3 2 1 َ ُُ ِْ َِ ُ َ ْ ُ ‫َيهديكم َّللا‬ َ َ ُ َ ‫ويُصْ لِح َبالَكم‬ ُْ ُ َ ُ ‫َيرْ حمك َّللا‬ ‫الحمْ د ِلِل‬ Who Sneezed should say Who hears should Who saneezes should above du’aa say “Yarhamukallah” say “Alhamdolilah” Related Hadiths: • When one sneezes, one should say ALHAMDULILLAH. (Bukhari) • In reply to this, one who hears (the person who has sneezed say Alhamdulillah) should say YARHAMU KALLAH. (Bukhari) • The person who has sneezed must reply by saying: YAHDEE KUMULLAHU WAYUSLIHU BAALAKUM. (Bukhari)

Sunnahs Of Eating 1 3 2 To recite Bismillah • To eat with the To wash both right hand. hands up to the 4 5 • To eat with 3 Wrists. fingers. To clean the plate, bowl, etc. To lick the fingers. 6 7 8 • Not to blow in food. ‫الحمْ د ِلِلِ الَذِي أَطعم َنا‬ ََ ْ َ ُ َ ْ • To eat from that ‫وسقا َنا وجعلَ َنا مِن‬ َ َ َ َ ََ َ which is in front of you. َ ِ ْ ‫المُسْ لِمين‬ • To pick up and eat a fallen morsel, • Not to lean while To recite the du'aa To wash the hands eating. after the meals. & • Not to find fault in To gargle the mouth food. Aayeshah radiyallahu 'Anha says: "Rasulullah Sallallahli 'Alayi Wasallam said: 'When one eats and has forgotten to recite 'Bismillah', then when one remembers while eating, one should recite 'Bismillahi awwalahu wa aa-khirahu'".

1. To recite 5. To recite َ ِ‫بسْ م َّللا‬ َِ ُ ْ َ ْ ‫الحمد ِلِل‬ ِ ِ 2. To hold the glass in right hand. 3. To sit down . 4. To take 3 sips without making noise. (Separate the utensil from the mouth each time). He is sitting But drinking with LEFT hand The way the Prophet Muhammad (Saliallahu’ Alayhi Wasallam) drank water was: • holding the glass in his Blessed right hand. • He would sit down and pray “Bismillah” • To take it in three small sips by sucking the water without making any noise and • moving the glass away from the mouth each time and say “Alhamdulilah”.

Right Way To Drink Milk And verily! In the cattle, there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, from between excretions and blood, pure milk; palatable to the drinkers. Qur'an 16:66 1. To sit down 2. To hold the glass in right hand. 3. To recite “Bismillah” 4. To take three small sips without making any noise. 5. Separate the utensil from the mouth each time. 6. Say “Alhamdulilah” and then given dua. 7. Rinse mouth after drinking milk. Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated the Prophet ((Saliallahu’ Alayhi Wasallam) drank some milk then called for some water. Once he got the water he rinsed his mouth then said, “It has fat.” [Collected by Bukhari 211 and Muslim 358] O Allah (SWT), grant us blessing in it and grant us more of it. (Tirmidhi)

Sunnah Way Of Yawing Prophet (SWS) said, "Allah loves sneezing and hates yawning”. (Reported Abu Hurayra) •Resist yawing as much as possible. •Place the back of the left hand over the mouth. •Do not make a sound. “Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (Saliallahu’ Alayhi Wasallam) said, "Yawning is from Satan and if anyone of you yawns, he should check his yawning as much as possible, for if anyone of you (during the act of yawning) should say: 'Ha', Satan will laugh at him.” (Bukhari: Book 4: Volume 54: Hadith 509 )

Sunnah Of Going To The Bathroom 1 Recite Dua ‫اللُّهم إ ِِّني‬ َُ ‫أَعُوذ بك مِن‬ َ َ ِ ُ ِ ُ ْ ‫الخ ْبث‬ ِ ِ َ ْ َ ‫والخ َبائث‬ 2 Cover your head Step out with the 6 right foot. 3 Enter with left foot Wash 5 hands Up to the Wrists thrice. 4 Wash in odd numbers i.e. 7 Be very careful about the splashing of urine - Use left hand for cleaning - Do not talk in toilet. Recite Dua ‫الحمد ِلِل الَذِي أَذهب عني اْلَذى وعافانِي‬ َ َ َ َ ْ ِّ َ َ َ ْ َِ ُ ْ َ ْ ََ َُْ َ ‫غفرانك‬ 'O Allah I seek Your pardon. All praises are due to Allah who has taken away from me discomfort and granted me relief.'

Sunnah Of Using Miswak (Tooth Brush) Aisha (RA) said:’The Prophet (SWS) said, ‘It ( Miswak) is a purification for the mouth and it is a way of seeking Allah’s pleasures.’ (Sahih Bukhari) 1 3 2 َ ِ‫بسْ م َّللا‬ ِ ِ To recite Bismillah Do miswak with the To peel it 5mm right hand. or half inch from the tip. 4 5 Chew the tip gently Start brushing from until brush-like the right side of mouth 6 Brush teeth horizontally. Brush tongue vertically. Do 3 times gargles during maswak

Salaam unifies the hearts and strengthens bonds When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, meet it with a greeting still more courteous, or (at least) of equal courtesy. Allah takes careful account of all things. Quran (004:086) َ‫السالَمَعليكم‬ 10 Rewards ‫السالَمَعليكمَوَرحمةَهللا‬ 20 Rewards ‫السالَمَعليكمَوَرحمةَهللاَوَباركته‬ 30 Rewards Shake hands to attain purity The prophet Muhammad (Saliallahu’ Alayhi Wasallam) said, "If Muslims meet and shake hands with each other, they will be forgiven before they leave.“ (Reported by Imams Abu Dawood and At-Termithi )

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