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Information about Sunil Healthcare Limited Capsule Manufacturer In India

Published on December 16, 2016

Author: sunilhealthcare


1. First Capsules Manufacturer in India To Receive GMP Certificate As Per NSF/IPEC/WHO-GMP/ANSI 363 Guidelines. An ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

2. Sunil Healthcare Limited was incorporated in the year 1976 and since then it has strengthened its position in the industry as a Capsule Manufacturer of a wide range of Gelatin Capsules and EHG capsules. We have a well-equipped manufacturing facility, which makes us capable of manufacturing our complete range without even compromising the quality. These capsules are always highly demanded in various cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and food industries. We upgrade our technologies on a constant basis to meet the requirements of international quality standards. We have been serving capsules for more than 40 years for the satisfaction of our clients. Our entire team works for high-quality, integrity and client satisfaction. Quality is the real identity of our company, which stand us apart from our competitors. We make sure our clients will never regret their decision to choose for their capsule related needs.

3. Types Of Capsules Offered By Sunil Healthcare Limited

4. Sunil Healthcare Limited is a name that is leading by offering a wide range of Capsule shell in the worldwide market. They have a great recognition because of their commitment to quality, quantity, improvement and innovation. Being an ace Capsule Manufacturer they offer different types of capsules and some of them are as follows. So you should scroll down and take a look because they may help you to improve your buying decision. Gelatin Capsules: One of the highly popular and demanded of its type is Gelatin Capsules that are made up of Gelatin derived from the collagen of animal bones. The secret behind their high-demand is tasteless nature, easy swallowing, simple filling process and much more. HPMC Capsules : Another important of its type that is manufactured by Sunil Healthcare Limited is HPMC Capsules. The reason behind their manufacturing is that these are suitable for vegetarian peoples and make us able to satisfy the demand of every customer. These are manufactured with natural ingredients, so, these are safe to use and never disrespect your religious in any manner.

5. EHG Capsules: These EHG or Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules manufactured by Sunil Healthcare Limited is highly demanded in the market because of its easy filling method and huge capacity. Moreover, they also mask the unpleasant smell of drug inside it. Hard Gelatin Capsules: These are probably used because swallowing is easy, look elegant, available in a number of colors, size, shape, dimension and filling capacity. These are used not used for the material that is highly soluble. Pearl Capsules: These are a very good source of nutrition and mineral for the skin that enhances your look far better than the expensive chemical products out in the market. Along with this, their demand is very high in the cosmetic sectors. So, now you know what type of Gelatin Capsules manufactured by Sunil Healthcare Limited. However, the list never ends here, it goes on, so, you can buy the one as per your need at a wallet- friendly price. Pick your phone to place an order now.

6. Gelatin Capsules - Benefits

7. Easy To Swallow: Capsules which are made from Gelatin a compound, which is originally derived from animal products. These types of capsules have no taste and therefore, these are easy to swallow. Therefore, its demand is always high in the market. Easy To Digest: Another major benefit of eating Gelatin Capsules is that these are highly dissolvable in nature and can easily get digest within a few minutes it reaches to your stomach and won't pass without being absorbed. Increased Bioavailability: It is really beneficial to increase the bioavailability of poorly absorbed nutrients and increase their function.

8. Safe To Use: These capsules are made of animal waste and give your body a little bit of amino acid and therefore, it is safe to consume and never affect your body in any manner. Available In Different Specifications: Last but not the least, Gelatin Capsule easily accessible in the market in different sorts. Therefore, you can buy the one as per your need. After knowing all its benefits, if you want to purchase it, you can contact the Sunil Healthcare Limited a Delhi-based Capsule Manufacturing company. We offer laboratory tested capsules as per your demanded specifications that meet your requirements adequately.

9. HPMC Capsules - Benefits

10. HPMC capsules are made up of plants extracts and are free from any animal by-product. It has numerous benefits when consumed daily and is the perfect substitute of gelatin capsules for the vegetarians. The HPMC capsules are also called Vegetarian capsule and it has same benefits as the gelatin capsules has. People usually prefer HPMC caps because they are free from animal content. Sunil Healthcare Limited is the leading manufacturer of HPMC Capsules in the market. Benefits Of HPMC Capsules For The Manufacturers And Buyers:-  The HPMC capsules are easy to store for the longer period of time because it is made with the plant extracts which has longer shelf life. They can be used up to 5 years if handled carefully.

11.  The capsules are free from any preservatives which do not leave any ill impact on your health if they are taken as prescribed by the physicians. The two hard piece capsule is completely healthy and natural and free from GMO and gluten.  The capsules are low in the moisture content which ensures the shelf life of the capsules. They are easy to store and keep chemically stable for a long time.  They are easy to dissolve because they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The natural compounds are easily dissolved in the stomach and start the action of the medication faster.  The capsules are easily filled with the manual method as well as the machine method. This is the biggest benefit to the manufacturers.

12. Hard Gelatin Capsule - Benefits

13. Gelatin is a compound formed by animal waste and most probably used to manufacture the capsule shells. It has many health benefits and therefore, it is used in various pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food industry. It is available in two basic types Soft and Hard Gelatin Capsule. To know the benefits of Hard Gelatin Capsule before you start consuming is a must, so, here below-mentioned points help you for this. No Taste: One of the major benefits of consuming Hard Gelatin Capsule is that it helps to mask the unpleasant taste of the drug. It has no taste, which makes it easy to swallow and therefore, one can easily intake it without tasting it. Flexibility: Another benefit of this capsule is that it allowed the physician to add single chemical substance or accurate dosage level for a patient according to the need. You can easily fill the capsule at your own.

14. Safe: This Hard Gelatin Capsule is made up of gelatin, which contains 12-16% moisture, which makes it safe to use. Anyone, with complete guidance and advice, can take benefits from it. Specifications: Hard Gelatin Capsules are available in different sizes and colors, which allowed the buyer to pick the one that suits their needs. Different Uses: Hard Gelatin Capsule not only used personally but as commercially as well. Most of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry used these capsules for various applications. Concluding from the above, it is clear that Hard Gelatin Capsule is very beneficial for you. To buy it in bulk quantity and unbeatable quality and as per your demanded specifications, you can consult Sunil Healthcare Limited a leading Capsule Manufacturer nationally as well as internationally.

15. Flavored Capsules - Benefits

16. The Flavored Capsules come in various sizes and colors with different flavors that are specially made for you to take your required supplements in a tasteful and odorless way. They are efficient to mask the medicinal odor and taste of the medicine and provide a tasteful flavor to the consumers.. The target audience for such capsules may include specific sections of consumers who may be attracted towards consuming supplements in a more appetizing manner without inhibiting the efficacy of the dosage form.

17. Sunil Healthcare Limited Contact Person : Anil Kumar Khaitan Address : 17/18, Old Industrial Area , Alwar- 300 001 Rajasthan ,India. Address : Vijay Tower, 38E/252-A, Shahpur Jat Opp. Panchsheel Park Commercial Complex, New Delhi -110049, INDIA Telephone No: +91-11-49435555/00, : +91-144-3014222-23-24 Email: Website:

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