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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: shashijain1



Dos and Don'ts for presenting at Startup Camp PDX or for a Startup Weekend.

We believe in the power and potential of student innovation Clear16 launch!! Sunday Presentation

Basics • 5 minutes presentation – Powerpoint, Keynote – Demos, Props, etc • 5 minutes Judge Q&A – They will ask you tough questions

Dos • • • • • • • • Tell your story Show us your hard work in demos Have the whole team participate in Q&A. Know who speaks on which topic Practice with a mentor Be Pithy in your Q&A responses Use tools like Prezi Do a Tech Check before presenting- make sure everything works! • Learn about your judges

Don’ts • Have more than one presenter. Your team will get a chance to come up during Q&A • Make a video-only presentation. We want to see you • Title your slides Business Model, Execution, Customer validation • Need to respond to every piece of feedback • Think that you won’t get tough questions

Sample flow 1. Tell your story – What problem do you solve? 2. What is your Startup? This is your Customer-Validated Solution 3. Demo – Live vs. Video 4. Business model – How / How much do you earn? 5. Competition – Who are they? Direct? 6. Secret sauce – What makes you special/Defensible? 7. The Team – What makes you the right Why will you be memorable? team?

Tech Check • Bring all your gear. We will test it out. – Demos – Presentation laptops • Sign up for a 5 minute slot in Dant Lounge

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